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Pauline Tantot: Boyfriend, Career & Net Worth

Social media provides the marketer with an unparalleled platform that when used wisely, can build an empire. Pauline Tantot is one of the people who has realized the power of social media and has joined the race.

Pauline Tanton is a French model for brands such as Fashion Nova. Not only that, but Pauline is also an entrepreneur.

She has opened her lines of swimwear brand called Khassani Swimwear with her sister. The pair travel all over the world promoting their brand.

Pauline Tantot
                                            In Frame: Pauline Tantot. Picture source: Pinterest

Pauline has a twin sister by the name of Mathilde Tantot, who is equally gorgeous.

Known for their stunning bodies and fashion sense, the sisters have made their empire on social media platforms.

Pauline, despite being in her twenties, has already made a name for herself. She has accumulated around six million followers on Instagram.

In this article, you will find everything that you need to know about Pauline Tantot.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts just in case you did not know about Pauline Tantot.

Full name Pauline Tantot
Date of birth 29th of December in 1994
Age [calculate_years datestring=”12/29/1994″] years old
Birthplace Paris, France
Religion Christian
Nationality French
Ethnicity Persian and French
Education Not Available
Father’s name Fabien Tantot
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Height 5 feet and 8 inches/ 173 cm/ 1.73 m
Weight 59 kg/ 130 lbs
Boyfriend David Cherize Cote
Children Not Available
Body Measurement 38 inches in chest
25 inches in waist
38 inches in hips
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Net Worth $ 800 thousand
Sibling Mathilde Tantot (twin)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Profession Model
Current business Khassani Swimwears
Nickname pop
Salary Not Available
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Debut year 2016 
Merch STRIPLV Issue 0321
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Pauline Tantot: Early Life

Pauline was born on the 29th of December in 1994. She was born in France and raised in the fashion capital of the world.

Her father’s name is Fabien Tantot, who is a business owner. While Pauline has not revealed her mother’s name, she has established that she used to be a model in the past.

Pauline has a twin sister by the name of Mathilde Tantot. The twins grew up together and were each other’s best friends since day one.

They continue to share the bond while working closely with each other to this day. They are truly each other’s cheerleaders.


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A post shared by Pauline (@popstantot)

Pauline’s and Mathilde’s parents were very attentive and nurturing. They supported their daughter’s career choices from a very young age and encouraged them to explore more.

Since their mother was also a former model, she did not hesitate when her daughter entered the profession.

While being very protective of the girls, their father has never stopped them from following their dreams.

For her high school education, Pauline went to a local high school. It has been confirmed that she graduated from high school.

But she did not go to college and started modeling professionally immediately after high school.

Pauline always had an affinity for the spotlight and always was very active as a teenager.

She was interested in the fashion industry from a young age and always was seen scrolling through fashion magazines.

Pauline Tantot: Physical Appearance

Known for showing off her body, Pauline has a beautiful figure. She has a curvy body with a well-maintained butt.

Regarding her height, Pauline is five feet and eight inches tall. She weighs around 58 kgs.

Her exact body measurement is 38 inches chest, 25 inches waist, and 38 inches hips. And her shoe size is a US size six.

But such an amazing body comes at a price, and she is often seen working out at the gym. To maintain her figure, she not only exercises but also sticks to her healthy diet.

Pauline joined the fitness program in 2016. Tantot does 4-5 reps in one session.

She has brown hair with light brown eyes. She has a tanned skin complexion.

Pauline is very cautious when it comes to her skincare routine. She does hydra facial for her glowing skin.

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Pauline Tantot: Personal Life

Pauline is a French citizen. She follows Christianity and is of Persian descent.

Being born in December, Pauline is a Capricorn in zodiac signs. Capricorn is an earth sign and is known to be ambitious.

Capricorn people have traits such as being practical, organized, goal-oriented, and liable.

Pauline is the perfect example of Capricorn when it comes to their worker-bee side.

Pauline is an animal lover. Even as a little girl, she would always try to help the stray cats and dogs in the street.

She has both cats and dogs as her pets. But she has said that she is more of a dog person in general.

People usually get tattoos on their bodies; Pauline also loves the art of ink.

She has around four tattoos on her body. Pauline has a  palm tree on her finger, Arabic words, and a tattoo that says HERE on her left hand.


Pauline is naturally very extroverted and has attracted the eyes of many people. She is also currently in a relationship with David Cherize Cote.

David is also a model. The two announced their relationship on Instagram via a photo of them together.

The couple has been dating since 2020. Ever since they met, it was an instant connection.

They both consider it to be love at first sight. Seeing that there was an undeniable connection, they started dating.


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A post shared by Pauline (@popstantot)

The couple shares their love for traveling and is always seen on exotic vacations. They continue to shower each other with love on their social media.

Their most recent picture was from February 15th of 2021 when the couple celebrated David’s birthday together.

It is clear that the couple is madly in love and probably will soon take it to the next level.

Until now, there have been no rumors of an affair or conflict of any sort. They are going strong as they continue to explore the world together.

Before this, Pauline was in a relationship with Martin Offenstein. Martin is also a French model and was often seen hanging out with the twins.

Despite sharing a lot about their daily life on Instagram, Pauline and Martin kept it a major secret regarding their dating life.

It seemed that they kept their relationship all under the covers. Then after a few months of dating, the couple realized they had too many differences.

And when they could not reconcile, they decided to go separate ways.


Pauline’s sister is Mathilde Tantot, who has taken over social media fame in a short period.

Mathilde is more famous among the two sisters, with a massive following of 9.9 million on Instagram.

Mathilde shares the same birthday as Pauline. She is also a model.

Pauline Tantot with her sister Mathilde Tantot
                      In Frame: Pauline Tantot with her sister Mathilde Tantot

She is known for starting the brand Khassani with her sister. And much like her sister, she is also seen traveling a lot.

Mathilde stands five feet and nine inches tall and weighs 54 kgs. Mathilde charges much more for the brand endorsement deal and has a net worth of one million dollars.

The model is single and is focusing more on her career.

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Pauline Tantot: Professional Career

Pauline started her career with social media. She started to post pictures of herself in swimsuits and soon caught the attention of many.

Her stunning body figure and ability to strike a pose started to bless her with opportunities. She started getting endorsement deals from brands like Fashion Nova.

Her profession allowed her to travel all over the world. She is often seen posting bikini pictures of herself on beaches while advertising famous brands.

After taking on a modeling career, she also decided to be an entrepreneur. It was then that her sister Mathilde and Pauline started their swimwear brand.

Their father helped with the entire process, and so Khassani Swimwear was born. The sisters travel all over the world as they continue to create their empires.

The company’s name is a tribute to their Persian grandfather. The Tantot sisters work day and night to come with all the designs and distribution of their products.

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Pauline Tantot: Net Worth

Social media platforms not only provide you with fame but along comes with wealth.

Pauline, by being in the modeling game for over four years, has gathered quite the fortune.

Pauline mostly earns from her brand endorsement deals. Her brand swimwear line has also been doing very well as it has amassed thousands of loyal customers.

Pauline is said to charge more than ten thousand dollars for just one post for promoting a brand. Her exact salary is currently not available.

Pauline Tantot is worth $800 thousand.

That is a pretty impressive net worth considering her age. We are sure her fortune will rise as the years go by.

Apart from the brand deals and her social media platforms, Pauline also earns a sum from OnlyFans. As rumors suggest, Tantot’s nudes and topless pictures pay her as much as a brand deal would.

She spends a lot on designer products and is seen wearing brands like Gucci and YSL often. Her earnings have surely promised her a comfortable living.

Pauline Tantot: Social Media

Considering social media has given her everything, she is very active on social media.

Her Instagram has over 5.9 million followers. She made her first post in August of 2016 with her sister.

She posts pictures of her beach lifestyle and her pets. Pauline is very fond of flaunting her body, especially her butt.

While her Twitter handle has more than ten thousand followers, she started Twitter in 2015.


Is Pauline Tantot married?

No, she is yet to tie the knot and is in a relationship with her boyfriend, David Cote.

How did Pauline Tantot look before surgery?

Pauline’s twin Mathilde is the one who has admitted to rhinoplasty whereas, Pauline denies all cosmetic surgery allegations.

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