Who Is Felicity Steenkamp, Peach Van Pletzen Wife? Kids And Family

The Music Producer Peach Van Pletzen wife has been known to keep her private life private, but we have some amazing details about her. Read the article to know more about Peach Van Pletzen’s Musical family.

Peach Van Pletzen, known famous for his groundbreaking performance at the 2010 FIFA World Cup at Orlando Stadium, Soweto, is a very talented electronic music producer.

He is a member of the music group Bittereinder and worked for the famous ‘sleep room studio’ as a mixer and a producer for more than eight years.

He has had a fair share of amazing performances in his name throughout his career, some of them being the Afrykemara and Oppikoppi music festivals in Poland.

Peach is known as the producer who can turn any singer into a star. He has grabbed Three SAMA awards for his albums, featuring artists like Tumi Molekane, Zaki Ibrahim, and Van Coke Kartel.

Peach Van Pletzen Wife:  How Did He Meet This International Model?

Like many other parts of his life, Peach has scored quite well in his personal life too.

The famous musician is married to a gorgeous model, Felicity Steenkamp. She works as an international model for a famous South African modeling agency called ‘ICE Models.’

The couple duo has been in the limelight since their secret wedding in May 2014. The wedding was held at Felicity’s parents Gill and Ken’s home in Pretoria with only 30 guests.

 Peach Van Pletzen wife
Peach Van Pletzen and his wife Felicity Steenkamp on their big day. (Source: Instagram)

Peach’s mother, Sandra, in an article, says,

It was the most beautiful wedding ever. We could feel the love in the room. Felicity and Peach were very much in love and so happy.

Felicity wore the dress made by her mother on her big day with Peach, Peach Van Pletzen wife did her makeup and had all the flower girls wear purple dresses.

The report says that Peach and Felicity met during a promotional show where Felicity came with a friend working on one of Peach’s music videos.

They automatically hit it off and loved spending time with each other. They would spend almost all their time with each other.

The lovely couple do not have any kids till now but are planning for one. After being married for almost a decade, they are finally looking forward to expanding their family.

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Musical Family: Peach Van Pletzen’s Musical Abilities Is On His Genes

Peach and Felicity seem to have an amazing relationship with both sides of the family, especially Peach’s father, Pierre, stepmother Sandra and his sister Zetskey Van.

Peache’s sister Zetskey Van Pletzen is also a renowned artist like her brother. She mainly introduces herself as an actress, but she is also known for her singing and as a fashion designer.

The relationship between the brother and sister seems really warm and beautiful. Zetskey is seen actively sharing adorable pictures with her brother.

Peach Van Pletzen with Family
Peach Van Pletzen with Family. (Source: Instagram)

Peach and Zetskey might have got their musical abilities through their father, Pierre Van Pletzen, as he is also a very beloved renowned musician.

Pierre has been actively involved in music for over three decades. He has made several albums and worked on many musical projects during his prime.

Pierre lives a laid-back life with his wife, Sandra but hasn’t left his musical enthusiasm. He is seen playing his old classics with his band members.

Pierre is not active on social media like his other family members, but his loved ones often post him. Peach Van Pletzen wife, Felicity, also seems to share a close bond with Pierre.

Together Peach and his family seem to have quite a close bond with each other. They never leave out anyone on a special occasion; from Christmas to Thanksgiving, they are always together.

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