Stas Marnyanski Death,

Stas Marnyanski Death: How Did Musical Artist Die? Family And Net Worth

The internet is shocked and mourning Stas Marnyanski Death, who left the void among his fans, leaving the world due to his untimely demise. Check out more about his death via this article. 

Stas Marnyanski was the Russia-born Israeli Psy Trance D.J. and music producer famed by his stage name Vibe Tribe had captivated the attention of listeners and musicians for his outstanding electronic-based music production since he was 13.

Vibe Tribe had four years of experience in thorough learning that kickstarted his wonderful professional career, where he released tracks on various compilation releases with a desire to bring something new & fresh to the global scene. 

Fans could see the innovative & breathtaking melodic psytrance style in the tracks of the Producer Marnyanski that gained him global recognition. Later, he became the most demanding stage artist all over the world.

Vibe Tribe’s tracks have been featured in singles and compilations released under top international labels, including Noga Records, Mainstage Records, HOMmega Records, B.N.E. Records, Neurobiotic Records, Crystal Matrix, and Spun Records.

Stas Marnyanski Death: How Did Musical Artist Die?

The 37 years old Russian music producer left the world with an unfilled void at an early age on October 30th, 2022. Sadly, the reason for his death is unveiled in the media.

The music producer was born in 1985 in Israel. He holds dual nationality, Russian and Israeli.

Stas Marnyanski Death,
Stas Marnyanski with his daughter
Source: Instagram

After working for several years with different speakers with Dynaudio and Mackie, the Producer chose Focal’s brilliant Twin 6Be speakers for his recordings & productions.

Besides his established career as Dj, Remixer and Producer, Stas was co-founder of Mainstage Record.

Vibe Tribe is the Psychedelic project of Russian-born Israeli music producer Stas Marnyanski and Elmar Ivatarov (who left the project). Since 2002, his project has been active.

Stat’s remix of Infected Mushroom’s track “Shakawkaw” was released as a bonus track on the L.P. version of the Infected Mushroom’s best-selling album Converting Vegetarians (YoYo Records 2004).

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Meet Stas Marnyanski Family

The music producer has kept his life out of sight of the media. As a result, there is no information about his family available on the various online portals.

Glancing at his Instagram account @vibetribeofficial, the musician has several pictures with his daughter that he has shared among his 64.1k followers.

In 2004, Vibe Tribe gained immense fame for his debut album, Melodrama. Later, he released his second studio album,2016’s Wise Cracks, followed by his third album, 2009’s Destination Unknown.

Besides international labels, Vibe Tribe released numerous remixes and collaborations with some of the leading acts in the Psytrance scenes like Bizzare Contact, Skazi, Sento, Infected Mushroom, Azax Syndrom, Spade, and Space Cat.

From 2003, he began releasing tracks on different compilations with a motto to bring something fresh to the global Psytrance scene. 

Stas Marnyanski Death,
From 2003, he began releasing tracks on different compilations with a motto to bring something fresh to the global Psytrance scene.

Since 2007, his massive international leap, this maestro has been touring around the globe performing in fests like Boom Town, Tomorrowland, Earthcore Festival, Playground Festival, Insomnia, and Burning Mountain. 

How Much Is Stas Marnyanski Net Worth In 2022?

As of October 2022, Stas Marnyanski’s net worth is estimated at around $2-$5 million. However, the artist has not unveiled his earnings in the media.

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According to Salaryexplorer, the median Disc Jockey in Russia typically earns around 57,800 RUB per month. Meanwhile, salaries range from 30,600 RUB (lowest) to 87,800 RUB (highest).

The average music producer’s gross salary in Russian Federation is 1 019 186 ₽ or an equivalent hourly rate of 490 ₽. In addition, they earn an average bonus of 28 231 ₽ as per Salaryexpert.

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