Pele Bennett: Michael Bennett, Controversy & Net Worth

Anyone who is a fan of watching the American football league already knows Michael Bennett, a player from the Seattle Seahawks.

In this article, we will talk about his spouse Pele Bennett.

Pele Bennett is the wife of Michael Bennett from 2012. The two have known each other since high school.

And have kept their promise of spending the rest of their lives together.

Pele and Michael have opened up their foundation called The Bennett Family Foundation.

Similarly, the foundation focuses on healthy living through organic self-grown produce and creative activity without waste.

Pele Bennett in person.

Pele, besides the foundation, is a full-time homemaker and spends most of her time caring for the kids.

Having three kids is difficult, but Pele runs the family without complaining.

In this article, you will find everything you need about Pele Bennett.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts just in case you did not know about Pele Bennett.

Full name Pele Bennett
Date of birth 1989
Age [calculate_years datestring=”00/00/1989″] Years Old
Birthplace Texas, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Samoan
Education Alief Taylor High school
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Not Available
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Spouse Michael Bennett
Children Three daughters
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Net Worth Not Available
Social Media Instagram
Sexual Orientation Straight
Siblings Younger brother
Profession Philanthropist and homemaker
Current project The Bennett Family Foundation
Nickname Pele
Salary Not Available
Michael’s Merch Jersey Swatch Card, Signed Framed Jersey, Trading Card
Last Update [current-month] [current-year]

Pele Bennett: Early Life

Pele Bennett was born in 1989, and her exact birth date is unknown.

She was born in Texas in the United States of America, where she spent most of her childhood.

Her father’s and mother’s name is not available. Neither is the detail about their profession or their whereabouts.

Pele Bennett does have a sibling, a younger brother.

Despite having an age gap, Pele took good care of her brother growing up, and they have a good bond.

Pele was raised in a cultured family. They believed that the kids learned from the world, so the entire family took a world tour when Pele was little.

For her high school education, she went to Alief Taylor High school. She graduated in 2007 but did not go to college afterward.

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Pele Bennett: Physical Appearance

Regarding her exact height and weight Pele has not revealed any information.

We do not know about her body measurements or her shoe size.

Pele Bennett has black curly hair and brown eyes.

She has a curvy body figure with a tanned skin complexion.

Pele Bennett: Personal Life

Pele Bennett is an American citizen. She follows Christianity as a religion and comes from a Samoan heritage.

She has a Samoan family, and it is very diverse.

Once in an interview, Michael stated that whenever he visits his in-laws, it’s like a map of the world- everyone has married someone from a different country; it’s true diversity.

Marriage Life

Pele and Michael are genuinely soulmates and have a fascinating love story. They met when they were fourteen and sophomores in high school.

They attended the same high school and started as friends.

But eventually, they started dating, and it got more severe with the years.

They did not jump into any severe commitment right away. The two met when the couple was very young, and committing to someone was extremely difficult at such an age.

Pele and Michael together.

But despite that, they made it work for the next eight years.

After dating for such a long time, Michael decided to pop the question, and without a doubt, Pele said yes.

The couple got married in 2012 with close family and friends. The wedding occurred in Hawaii, where most of Pele’s family is.

The couple is still happily married. The couple has had no rumors of an affair or conflict.

However, in an interview, the couple shared their hardships. Pele has struggled with Michael being away for matches.

She said that the distance makes things more complicated since you start contemplating many things.

It is one day less spent with your partner and is extremely painful sometimes.


Pele and Michael have three children together. They are daughters named Peyton Bennett, Ollie Bennett, and Blake Bennett.

As Michael has three daughters, he claims that he is a feminist.

He said that all the important people in his life are women, so he understands how to respect them and give them their space and platform.

He does not believe in restricting his daughter and always encourages them to meet their potential.

The children also take active participation in bringing ideas for their family foundation.

The entire Bennett family.

Pele is a very nurturing mother and always takes care of the kids. She wants the kid to have a very healthy lifestyle and does not tolerate sugar in her household.

And the kids have also adapted to the lifestyle. According to their sire, Peyton likes to snack on cheese, Blake likes plain carrots, and Ollie likes blueberries, strawberries, and apples.

According to Pele, Michael is a fantastic father. He devotes all his time to his kids despite having a busy schedule.

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Pele Bennett: Career

Pele has a passion for gardening and growing vegetables.

She is the Bennett Family Foundation co-founder, whose objective is to promote healthy living and organic produce.

They provide families with gardening knowledge in their own house without any costs.

They have also used gardening as a creative activity for people in juvenile detention.

The foundation’s main objective is OCEAN: Fighting obesity through community, education, activity, and nutrition.

Pele also owns a kid reading club called Pencils on Paper Club. She has authored a children’s book called The three little monsters.

Besides that, Pele is also the co-host of a podcast called the Mouthpiece with her husband.

She presents her unique vision and voices her opinion of a healthy lifestyle and her travels worldwide.

Pele Bennett: Husband

Pele’s husband, Michael Bennett, was born on the 15th of November in 1985.

He was born in Louisiana, USA, but later moved to Houston, Texas, where he was brought up.

He has not revealed his parent’s name or their profession. But he grew up in a big family with many siblings.

Michael has two sisters named Ashley Bennett and Renekia Leather. He also has three brothers: Donte Bennett, Marcellus Bennett, and Reshaud Bennett.

Among his brother, Marcellus is also an NFL player who got drafted in the 2008 draft by the Dallas Cowboys.

At Alief Taylor High school, Michael played track and football.

Michael was the defensive lineman and won the All-District honors in his senior year. Then for his college education, he went to Texas A&M.

At Texas A&M, he was mentioned in the Big-12 conference at the defensive team ended after registering 43 tackles and six tackles for a loss of yardage. He graduated in 2008.

After college, Michael was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks on the 10th of October in 2009, but then he was let go to make room for offensive player Kyle William.

Then Bennett was taken in by Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He became the team’s essential part of their defensive play. In 2012 Bennett had the best season with 41 tackles and nine sacks.

Then Michael signed a contract with Seattle Seahawks in 2013 and continued playing for them until 2018.

He was ranked as the ninth-best defensive player in NFL during this time.

Michael then played the 2018 season with Philadephia Eagles, the 2019 season with New England Patriots, and his final year in 2020 with Dallas Cowboys.

He retired in 2020 after eleven seasons in the NFL.

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Pele Bennett: Controversy

While they spent so much time helping out other people, they were not as empathetic towards their pet dog.

The couple abandoned their four-month-old boxer puppy at the daycare.

The puppy was named Koa, and the daycare was named Tampa Bay Kanine Facility.

They lived in Tampa, Florida, when Michael played for the Buccaneers. But when they moved to Seattle, they decided to abandon the puppy.

They did not care to pay for the five thousand dollar bill they had racked up on all the charges.

And when the daycare tried contacting them, they did not pick up or return their calls.

The daycare took the matter to court, and the Bennetts were fined eight thousand dollars which they ignored and did not pay.

So the judge sent them a warning saying they would be held in contempt of court if they did not immediately respond to the matter.

So they ended up paying a fifteen thousand fine and were deemed unfit owners for the dog.

Eventually, the daycare people did find a home for the puppy, but it went a year without any owner.

In August of 2017, Michael Bennett was arrested in Las Vegas. It started a controversy between the police department and Michael.

Pele Bennett: Net Worth

While Pele does not have an actual career, she is a full-time homemaker. But her husband is the breadwinner in the family.

Michael Bennett has a net worth of $28.5 million.

But Michael also retired from professional football. The couple spends their time doing charity events.

But what Michael has earned in his years in NFL has assured them a comfortable life.

The family lives lavishly in their 4 million dollar mansion in Hawaii.

Pele Bennett: Social Media

Pele Bennett is quite active on social media. She has an Instagram with 8.01 thousand followers, and it is a verified account.

She posts pictures about her healthy diet and upcoming projects. Pele posts pictures of her adorable children.

Pele Bennett: FAQs

Is Pele pregnant currently?

No, Pele Bennett is not pregnant at the moment.

Does Pele Bennett have any tattoos?

Yes, it is known that Pele Bennett has a tattoo.

Additionally, Pele has a tattoo on her left hand.

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