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Meri Brown Illness And Health Update: What happened To Sister Wives Cast?

How is Meri Brown from Sister Wives doing? Learn more about Meri and her health update in 2022. 

Meri Brown is a reality TV personality, businesswoman, and author. She is best known for her role in TLC’s ‘Sister Wives series. 

Meri Caroline Barber, aka Meri Brown, was born January 16, 1971, in Alameda, United States. She is also known as the wife of Kody Brown. 

The couple was married in April 1990, but according to the news, they were separated in 2014. Kody was from a polygamist family, so he matched many other women spiritually when he was with Meri. Also, the couple has one daughter together, Mariah Brown.

Meri Brown Illness And Health Update

Meri brown, a well-known tv personality, is doing fine. In 2020 when she was isolated during Covid, she revealed that Meri had been suffering from “bad” dizzy spells for a very long period, and the doctor hadn’t been able to find out the leading cause of the problem is having. 

But in 2022, she hasn’t updated more about the problem. She looks fine and healthy. 

Meri Brown with her ex-husband Kody Brown
Meri Brown with her ex-husband Kody Brown. Source:

Also, she caught Covid in 2022 and was isolated for a long time. She also mentioned that she has been lonely most of the time after the divorce. Although, the couple always had good relations with each other. 

She was not active on her official social media accounts for a long time, so her fans were concerned about her health. Meri Brown herself claimed she is fine and living a healthy life. 

Many fans were concerned because she had lost weight, but she has been doing fine and living her life healthy. 

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What Happened To Sister Wives Cast?

The cast of Sister Wives Meri’s day-to-day life is going well. Because she has been portraying pain on Sister Wives, many of Meri’s fans have been worried about her personal life.

Meri lost almost 30 pounds just in six weeks, and she was having abdominal pain. She became concerned and visited a doctor and found out she might have cervical Cancer. She finds out she might have cervical Cancer in the year 2015 after the divorce from her husband, Kody Brown. 

But more information about Cancer was not published in the media, so we have only a little information about it. 

But now, in 2022, she has updated that she is doing fine and has nothing to worry about. She has been with Utah since June 2021, and they are still together. 

Although she has separate life, she is still working in Sister Wives. People have loved her performance from the start. She has been gaining more followers from every season of Sister Wives.

And more information about her health is not mentioned, but she has been doing fine. She updated the new herself on the media about her health. 

Sister Wives Cast Meri Brown Net Worth 

Meri Brown’s net worth from Sister Wives is close to $400,000. In the show Sister Wives, Robyn Brown earns more than any other cast.

Meri makes money from a different source. Lizzie’s Heritage Inn is a bed and breakfast that she owns and operates. She is a successful businesswoman and excels in her area.

As a result, the precise figures for her salary and net worth were unavailable. With all of her sources of income, we may calculate that she makes about 0.5 million dollars.

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