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Phillip Rhys: Director, Career & Net Worth

Have you ever seen the movie called Adventure of Tintin? If you have, then you must already know about actor Phillip Rhys.

Starting from a humble beginning to finally reaching heights in his career, that is the story of Phillip Rhys.

While Phillip Rhys is a British actor, director, and producer. He is most known for producing and directing a movie called The Scarecrow.

The actor is not only a good actor on-screen, but his theatre roles are also worth watching. The audience and critiques both have applauded his stage play.

Actor Phillip Rhys
Actor Phillip Rhys (source=Wikimedia Commons)

Despite being an actor currently, Phillip used to be a musician too. He used to jam with his buddies in the band called Egos Aside.

The actor also believes in helping others. He is involved with many philanthropy projects with organizations like BAFTA.

In this article, you will find everything that you need to know about Phillip Rhys.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick and clear facts just in case you did not know about Phillip Rhys.

Full name Phillip Rhys Chaudhary
Date of birth 14th June of 1974
Age 49 years old
Birthplace Upper Norwood, South London, U.K.
Religion Christian
Nationality British
Ethnicity Irish
Race White with Asian hints
Education Westminister College
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Gemini
Height 6 feet and 1 inch/ 185 cm/ 1.85 m
Weight Not Available
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Net Worth $ 1.5 million
Sexual Orientation Straight
Relationship Status Single
Siblings Two brother
Profession Actor and Director
Nickname Phil
Salary $100 thousand
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Debut year 1997 AD
Last Update April, 2024

Phillip Rhys: Early Life

Phillip Rhys was born on the 14th of June in 1974. He was born in Upper Norwood, South London, in the United Kingdom.

His father’s and mother’s name are not available. Nor is any detail about their profession or whereabouts.

Phillip Rhys has two other siblings. Both are brothers, and he is the middle child.

Growing up, he got to travel a lot because of his parent’s occupation, which led him to be raised worldwide. Since they traveled to most of the countries, Phillip was very cultured from childhood.

Phillip Rhys has a good bond with both of his brothers. Since they moved around so often they were the only best friend he had.

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From a young age, Phillip was curious to capture the world. Hence, he often traveled with a camera.

His parents were very supportive and nurturing. They always inspired him to be himself and pursue whatever he wanted in life.


For his high school education, he went to St. Joseph High School in New York. He eventually graduated from St. Joseph in 1992.

Then for his college degree, he joined Westminster College in London. After four years, he graduated in 1996.

He then enrolled at Lee Strasberg Institute in New York, an acting school where he learned method acting alongside actress Marianna Hill.

After which, he joined the Beverly Hill Playhouse, which is one of the oldest acting institutes. Based in Los Angeles, it provides theatre and training facilities.

During his time there, he studied with the successful director Milton Katselas and the comedian Jeffrey Tambor. By the time he got to Los Angeles, he was ready to chase his career goals.

Phillip Rhys: Physical Appearance

When it comes to height, Phillip is six feet and one inch tall however, we do not know his exact weight.

He has black eyes with black hair. Complimenting those features, he has a tanned skin complexion.

Phillip Rhys
In Frame: Phillip Rhys. (source: Twitter)

Rhys has not revealed his exact body measurements or his shoe size.

Phillip Rhys: Personal Life

Phillip Rhys is a British citizen. He follows Christianity and is of Irish ancestry in ethnicity.

Phillip is born in June, so is a Gemini in zodiac signs. Gemini is an air sign and is known to be adaptable.

Gemini people have traits such as intelligence, indecision, enthusiasm, and charm.

Phillip Rhys is the perfect example of Geminis when it comes to their sociable side since he loves being among his friends and family.

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Is Phillip dating anyone?

When it comes to his personal life, Phillip has kept most of it under the rug. He does not like to share details about his dating life.

As of now, Phillip Rhys is single and is not seeing anyone. Despite being in his forties, he has not been married.

While most people feel like their lives are complete when they find their partner. However, that is not the case for the actor.

Relationships are an option and not a compulsion is the mantra Phillip Rhys lives by. Hence he is not looking to settle down right now and is enjoying his bachelor’s life.

While many female fans have a crush on him, Phillip is just focusing on his career. For his upcoming project, it seems that he is too busy to even consider dating.

But Phillip loves to be a social butterfly and is acquainted with many big names in the industry.

He also loves listening to music, and his house is filled with old records. Phillip was also a band back in the day called Egos Aside.

The actor has a passion for football, and he has appeared on a football talk show called Soccer AM on November 2nd of 2008.

In the show, he expressed his support for the team Crystal Palace Football Club.

Phillip Rhys: Professional Career


Phillip Rhys started his career in 1997 as an actor in TV series called USA High. He appeared as Prince Nicholas, the ex-boyfriend, for only one episode.

The same year he appeared as Austin Cole in the movie The Others, which was a major hit. Then he was cast in the TV series Hot Springs Hotel.

Phillip has starred in The Adventures of Tintin, which Steven Spielberg and Wilde Salome directed. He got the chance to appear beside Al Pacino.

Rhys has also acted “Undressed” in the 1999 TV Episode Bi- Gones #2 as Jonathan. 

His film credits include movies like Figaro, Magnificient Eleven, and The Space Between with Oscar winner Melissa Leo.

He was seen in the TV series Flatland with Dennis Hopper. It was a 22-episode series entirely shot in China directed by Oscar Winner Albert S. Ruddy.

One of his most known roles was in the TV series 24, which was part of the SAG Ensemble nominations.

He has even made an appearance in Nip/Tuck, the love interest in the post-apocalyptic drama Survivors, in 2008.

Other than that, his Tv series credits include hit series like Glee in 2009, NCIS in 2005, and Bones in 2003. He also appeared in the CSI: Crime scene investigation in 2000.

Phillip played the role of Ramone in the Christmas special of Doctor Who called The husband of River Song.

Likewise, Rhys has appeared in independent films like Woundings, Kill the man, Americanizing Shelley, and Father and sons.

He is widely known for his role as Proto in the Disney channel movie called Zenon in 1999.

Phillip Rhys as Proto Zoa in Zenon
                      Phillip Rhys as Proto Zoa in Zenon. Picture Source: HelloGiggles.

His recent roles include in the CBS all-access series called Tell me a story in season 2.

He also appeared in the adaptation of George RR Martin’s book of NightFlyer in 2019.

At 48, Phillip Rhys appeared in the 2021 TV series “Shameless” as a guest star.


Phillip Rhys has also involved himself behind the camera. He has directed many short movies, commercials, and documentaries over the years.

He has shot the campaigns for Xie Xie, Shanghai, and The Rocky.

Phillip’s best directing work is probably his short movie called The Scarecrow.

It starred Sandra Oh and was nominated for many awards such as Tribeca Film Festival and Grand Prix Best Short Film.

It won the Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Excellence. After that, he was selected for the Disney ABC directing program.

Rhys has also had a stage career. He received much praise for his acting in Dario Fo’s The Devil with the Boobs.

The director even won a Drama Logue Award for his role in Come Back to Five in Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.

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Phillip Rhys: Net Worth

After being in the movie industry for so long, Phillip Rhys has accumulated some fortune to his name.

The actor has starred in some box office hit films that have helped in his financial growth.

Phillip Rhys has a net worth of $1.5 million.

His salary differs with each of his projects. When he is working in the US, he earns about 50 thousand dollars yearly.

But when he is working as an actor in the UK, he earns about 69 thousand dollars. Likewise, he earns close to 100 thousand dollars as a director.

His movie The Others raised about 200.9 million dollars at the box office when the budget was just 17 million dollars. When the movie does well in public, the cast also get paid higher.

Phillip is making a substantial amount of money from his career which has ensured him a quality life.

Rhys is on the Inner City Shakespeare Advisory Board Member. Before this, he was also part of Sundance Institute.

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Phillip Rhys: Social Media

Phillip is quite active on social media. His Instagram is a verified account with over five thousand followers.

He posts about his upcoming projects and his close friends. This enables Rhys to stay in touch with his fans as well as update them about his life.

His Twitter handle has over two thousand followers. He tweets about his favorite movies and promotes his theatre events.


Is Zenon on Disney?

Yes, Zenon is an original Disney movie that is available on Disney Plus.

Is Phillip Rhys married?

No, he is not married and is still single.

Were Phillip Rhys’ nudes leaked?

In 2008, Digital Spy published pictures of Rhys in his grey boxers which technically cannot be considered nudes.

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