Pittsburgh Steelers: What Happened To Mason Rudolph? Illness And Health Update

There was news arising about what happened to Mason Rudolph. Mason Rudolph, who plays for the Steelers as the quarterback, was rushed to a local hospital after being the victim of a frightening hit during his squad’s Week 5 game against the Ravens. 

Mason Rudolph, whose full name is Brett Mason Rudolph III, is an American football player. He plays quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League (NFL). The Pittsburgh Steelers selected him in the third round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Rudolph was born in New York City on July 17, 1995, and He was raised in the United States in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He is a USA citizen. His parents are Jamie Rudolph and Brett Mason Rudolph II. His sibling is his younger brother, Logan Rudolph.

What Happened To Mason Rudolph?

It was a terrible situation, particularly for Mason Rudolph’s mates who rushed close to him as he lay on the ground at Heinz Field on Sunday afternoon after being knocked out hard.

Mason Rudolph was Knocked to the ground(Source: The Washington Post)

During the 3rd quarter of Sunday’s match, Rudolph tried to pass but was struck by Baltimore defender Earl Thomas, who could not complete the ball. 

Rudolph instantly fell to the ground as soon as his head made contact with the ground, and he lay flat on his back for a while before getting medical attention on the field from the team’s medical volunteers.

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As the crowd became silent, Rudolph was capable of getting up on his own, but his friends carried him off the ground. Rudolph made 13 of 20 shots for 131 yards and a score before getting hurt. He also did not throw an interception.

Mason Rudolph Illness And Health Update

Mason Rudolph’s injury occurred with some additional complications since, according to sources, the medical carts often used to take the players off the ground weren’t working.

Rudolph was thus obliged to make his way to the locker room while being helped off the field, seeming unusually sluggish and deliberate.

Mason Rudolph
Mason Rudolph During Injury(Source: The Washington Post)

Per the Adam Schefter of ESPN, Rudolph, who was hospitalized with a head injury, was given the all-clear to return home after visiting a nearby hospital. According to Schefter, Mason will put Rudolph into the NFL’s concussion protocol.

Mason Rudolph is said to be doing well after returning from the hospital. Rudolph, as first reported by Jeremy Fowler, is safe and sound with his family. According to the source, the player will stay out of the game until his full recovery.
Many of his teammates and relatives wish him a speedy recovery through their social accounts.

Mason Rudolph’s Net Worth And Career

The estimated net worth of Mason Rudolph is about $4 million.

Football player Mason Rudolph earns a living by playing professionally. He started his professional career in 2018. He signed a $3.92 million deal with the Steelers in May 2018.

His profits come from various sources, including contracts, bonuses, and sponsorships. The estimated amount of his yearly salary is $980,000.

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To complete the contract’s provisions, Rudolph will receive a $3 million basic salary in 2022. His cap for 2022 is $4.04 million after including the deferred bonus of $1.04 million.

Mason Rudolph, the player of Oklahoma State University quarterback, won the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award.

He got named the best senior college quarterback in the nation. He will be Ben Roethlisberger’s backup quarterback for the 2019 preseason. The award is presented each year to the best Senior College Quarterback.

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