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What Happened To Charlie Zelenoff? Family Ethnicity Wife And Net Worth

Charlie Zelenoff is a troll boxer who has gained popularity by thrash-talking and abusing boxers online. 

In 2021, the troll boxer sucker punched famous boxer Floyd Mayweather’s dad, and since then, he has been limited to his Youtube content only.

What Happened To Charlie Zelenoff?

Charlie Zelenoff has made a name for himself in the boxing community by being a troll, and he currently hasn’t been the same after a nasty incident with Floyd Mayweather Sr.

He has rattled up many pro-boxer as well and also some coaches so far.

A famous incident of Charlie is when he goes to learn boxing from Floyd Mayweather Sr., the dad, and coach of pro-boxer Floyd Mayweather, in the year 2021.

When Zelenoff challenged 61-year-old Floyd Mayweather Sr. to a sparring match during an informal session, the footage went viral and splashed.

Then all of a sudden, he started punching Mayweather hard.

Zelenoff received what he deserved, and Mayweather swiftly recovered and fought back, teaching him a valuable lesson.

A furious Mayweather was seen punching Zelenoff both inside and outside the ring, and the footage quickly went viral, garnering 4 million views.

Later, Mayweather claimed that Zelenoff had caught him off guard and that he had been compelled to retaliate because he wasn’t prepared for a fight.

This was not the first time Zelenoff had challenged or gotten into controversy with pro-boxer.

The footage in which Charlie Zelenoff challenged Deontay Wilder, one of the best heavyweight boxers of the present, was another of his videos that went viral.

In a phone conversation with Wilder, Charlie Zelenoff riled him up using profanity and derogatory remarks about his family.

Wilder then gives Zelenoff the beating of his life in the gym, where he usually goes.

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Zelenoff is seen in the video clip attempting to elude Wilder by sprinting about the ring while repeatedly knocked down by him.

Zelenoff was only saved by the spectators’ assistance, who freed Zelenoff from the 6’7″ heavyweight beast.

Charlie Zelenoff Family Ethnicity 

Charlie Zelenoff Family ethnicity is Russian.

His parents moved to the U.S. and gave birth to Zelenoff in Los Angeles, California.

So, he is a Russian-American citizen and holds an American passport.

Not much has been known about his family background; the details about his exact birthplace, siblings’ names, and parent’s name are unknown.

Charlie Zelenoff Wife

Charlie Zelenoff has built a reputation by being a troll and rattling up many professional boxers as a happily married man.

He married his long-time girlfriend, Daria Zelenoff.

Charlie Zelenoff with his wife Daria Zelenoff.
Charlie Zelenoff with his wife Daria Zelenoff. (Source: Instagram@p4pgoat)

The couple did not reveal the details about his relationship with Daria Zelenoff and their marriage place and date at the time of writing this article.

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According to different online sources, his wife Daria is reportedly a huge fan and admirer of Charlie.

At the time of writing, no evidence suggests that YouTuber-boxer Charlie Zelenoff has children.

The couple lives happily and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Charlie Zelenoff Net Worth

Charlie Zelenoff, a troll, and a Youtuber-boxer has a net worth of $550 thousand.

He has made a good following and a nice amount of money from it.

Currently, he runs his youtube channel @Charlie Zelenoff Cutoff which has 85.5k subscribers as of August 2022.

Through the monetization of his videos and by appearing in the different youtube boxing competitions, he has made $550k so far.

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