Prateek Kuhad And Dr Niharika

Prateek Kuhad And Dr Niharika Thakur Have Parted Ways- Break Up Reason And Relationship

Prateek Kuhad And Dr. Niharika have recently broken their long-term relationship. Fans are curious to know about the reason behind their split.

Prateek Kuhad is a singer-songwriter and musician from India who creates independent music in Hindi and English. He is primarily known for the song “cold/mess.”

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Kuhad discovered Elliott Smith’s music, which significantly impacted him.

He then found other songwriters, including Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie, and newer artists, such as Laura Marling and Fleet Foxes.

Have Prateek Kuhad And Dr Niharika Thakur Have Parted Ways?

Kuhad, previously dating, recently broke his long-term lover, Dr. Niharika Thakur. The singer has not disclosed the reasons behind their breakup.

Many of his fans were heartbroken for their idol and took to social media to express their solace.

Prateek Kuhad And Dr Niharika Thakur
Prateek Kuhad And Dr. Niharika Thakur (Source: Hindustantimes)

The singer, known as a hermit, had never spoken publicly about his relationship. Still, the former couple were frequently spotted holding hands at events and were also fairly active on Instagram, where they posted cute lovey-dovey pictures.

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Kuhad, on the other hand, recently opened out about his split in an interview with a popular English newspaper. He verified his single status but declined to elaborate.

“No, I’m not” (in a relationship). It has been a long time since I’ve been very vocal about it. Some people still believe (I’m in a relationship), but I haven’t been in one for a while. Things came to an end a time ago.”

“I don’t want to get too personal,” the 32-year-old singer added. But I’m not married. “I recently ended a relationship.”

He went on to say that he is presently focused on his music and doing well. He’s been quite busy with new projects and concerts.

What Was Break Up Reason? Prateek Kuhad And Dr Niharika Relationship Timeline

The musician did not specify the cause for his breakup with the doctor, but he did say that it was mutual and that they opted to stay friendly.

According to exclusive reports or sources, the couple’s relationship issues kept them in the limelight on social media for a long time because they didn’t spend much time together due to disagreements.

kuhad 720x340 1
Prateek Kuhad And Dr. Niharika during their relationship (Source: Womansera)

So they were frequently in the limelight, yet they solved their problems by talking to one other. 

Their patience, however, eventually ran out, and they had to decide to part ways. His fans are somewhere praising him for having the courage to leave the dangerous situation.

Despite everything, the Cold/Mess singer said he is doing “well.” “I’m fine. Breakup first assumed the story to be a hoax, but the musician verified it via his social media sites.

Prateek Kuhad Early Years And Work

He was born in the Hindu Jat community of Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has two sisters. He began writing songs in his late teens after learning to play the guitar at 16. 

He was grown and raised in the city of Jaipur. He moved to the United States when he was old enough for college.

He finished high school at Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya in Jaipur. He afterward attended New York University to study math and economics. He subsequently relocated to Delhi to pursue music full-time.

After graduating from New York University, he returned to India and released two EPs before releasing his first full-length album. He also signed a publishing deal with Los Angeles-based Cutcraft Music. 

Elektra Records, an American record label, signed Kuhad as the first Indian artist they had ever collaborated with in 2020.

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