Is Wynonna Judd Married To Cactus Moser? Family Kids, And Net Worth

Wynonna Judd and Michael Scott “Cactus” Moser, married in 2012, but their love story dates back much more. 

Wynonna Ellen Judd, better known as Wynonna Judd, is an American country music singer. She is a celebrated and well-known female country singer. 

She is one of the all-time best-selling country music performers with 19 No. 1 singles, including The Judds’.

At the American Music Awards, Wynonna performed solo for the first time on television. She released the first”She Is His Only Need,” a song from her debut solo album of the same name. This album was created by Tony Brown and Wynonna and released in 1992 by MCA/Curb. 

Is Wynonna Judd Married To Cactus Moser?

Wynonna Judd and Michael Scott “Cactus” Moser married in 2012, but their love story dates back much more. It turns out that the two initially met in 1986, a decade before Judd’s first marriage. 

Is Wynonna Judd Married
                                    Wynonna Judd and her husband Cactus Moser Image Source: today

Judd was roughly 22 then, while Moser, born in 1957, was around 29. According to Us Weekly, Moses is a drummer and co-founder of the country band Highway 101. He met Judd while touring with Highway 101 and The Judds.

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She later married and divorced twice, first to Arch Kelley & then to D.R. Roach, her former bodyguard. It wasn’t until 2009 that she and Moser started dating. 

They quickly concluded that they wanted to live together for the rest of their lives. They were wed on June 10, 2012, when Judd was 48 & Moser was 55, on Christmas Eve 2011. Since then, the two have been inseparable.

Wynonna Family And Kids Explored

They haven’t had kids together, but they both have kids from prior relationships. Moser has two children: Sunshine, born in 1979; Cahl, born in 1989; & Wyatt, born in 1994. 

wynonna naomi ashley mc inline
                                               Wynonna with her mother and sister Image Source: today

According to All Music, Judd has 2 children from her marriage with Kelley: son Elijah, born in 1994, & daughter Grace, born in 1996. All five of the children are important in their lives. 

Wynonna’s sister and mother, Naomi Judd, with whom she had a close relationship, were the only ones invited to their parents’ wedding in 2012.

Their marriage also weathered another major hardship shortly after their marriage, when Moser had to have his left leg amputated due to a motorbike accident in which Judd was involved.

How Much Is Wynonna Judd’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Wynonna’s net worth is believed to be $12 million. The singer and her mother, Naomi Judd, rose to prominence as the singing duo The Judds. 

While playing together, they won five Grammy Awards and sold over 20 million records. Judd has made some charitable efforts throughout the years. Among the charities, she has supported American Heart Association and American Stroke Association.

Judd is the delighted owner of a lovely House in Leipers Fork, Tennessee. The country singer resides here close to her sister, Ashley Judd. She has a lot of vacant land between her House and Ashley’s.

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