Railey Gilliland Sexuality: Is She Gay? Partner Family Wikipedia And Instagram

TikTok celebrity Railey Gilliland’s sexual orientation is gay. She has been chosen to portray the role of Tegan Quin in the series High School.

High School is a series based on Tegan and Sara’s autobiographical book High School. Tegan and Sara are Grammy nominees and LGBTQ icons who had been searching for the perfect pair of young performers to bring the story of their adolescence to life.

Railey and her twin sister Seazynn portray Tegan and Sara’s roles. The Quin sisters found the Gilliland sisters through TikTok.

Railey Gilliland Sexuality: Is She Gay?

TikTok celebrity Railey Gilliland’s sexual orientation is gay. She is openly gay and has talked about herself in various videos.

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Railey Gilliland During High School Shooting (Source: Instagram)

Her TikTok and Instagram depict her gay characters. Her clothing is slightly different from her feminine nature. 

Besides, she will be seen sharing the screen of High School as a gay adolescent. The series is written and directed by Cobie Smulders and Kyle Bornheimer and co-created by Executive producer Clea DuVall.

The eight episodes of the series have been released and have an 8.0/10 rating on IMDb.

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Who Is Railey Gilliland Partner?

Railey Gilliland has not made her partner’s identity public. She appears to be single right now.

Railey’s previous relationship status is neither known to the audience. The twenty-one-year lady currently seems busy developing her career and living her life to the fullest.

Though she never thought of being in front of the camera, destiny chose her to participate in the series.

Her Instagram @raileygilliland mostly features photographs of herself, her family, and the cast. Any suspicious post regarding her relationship has not been updated.

Railey Gilliland Family Explored

Railey Gilliland and her sister Seazynn were born to their parents on March 18, 2001. Besides the twin sisters, her parents seem to have given birth to a baby brother.

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Railey with her twin sister and mother (Source: Instagram)

Railey has posted her family photographs on her Instagram. However, she has not posted about her Father figure on her social media accounts.

She probably feels grateful to her mother for all the efforts and sacrifices she had made to raise her children. 

Some childhood pictures of Railey with her siblings and her mother are moments to cherish. The Gilliland family seems sweet and generous in growing together.

Railey Gilliland Wikipedia And Instagram Explored

Railey Gilliland has reached the end of her adolescence. Her educational background is unknown to the general public.

She is a food enthusiast and posts various food vlogs through her Tiktok. Similarly, she prefers experimenting with her wardrobe and often shows her haul through her TikTok videos.

Her verified Instagram handle @raileygilliland amasses more than six thousand followers. Her recent posts are mostly related to the High School series.

Gilliland is a lady with the potential to grow and glow in the industry. However, her future steps of either staying or leaving the sector decide her future.

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