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Who Are Ben Kingsley And Alison Sutcliffe? Ralf Little Parents, Siblings And Net Worth

Ralf Little is a talented Actor who has captivated audiences with his performances in numerous films, television shows, and plays. In addition to his acting work, Ralf Little is also a published author and philanthropist. 

This article will delve deeper into Ralf Little Parents and family, discussing his siblings, net worth, and the many accomplishments he has achieved in the entertainment industry.

Ralf is perhaps best known for his roles in Two Pints of Lager & a Packet of Crisps and Death in Paradise, but he has also appeared in a wide variety of other projects throughout his career.

Despite his many successes, Ralf Little has faced a great deal of tragedy in his life, including the loss of his sister Ceri at a young age.

Ralf Little Parents: Ben Kingsley and Alison Sutcliffe

Ralf Little Parents, Ben Kingsley and Alison Sutcliffe are both bookkeepers from Bury, England.

Not much is known about their personal lives, but it is clear that they have been loving and supportive parents to Ralf and his siblings.

Ben Kingsley and Alison Sutcliffe, Ralf Little Parents, raised their four children in Bury, a market town in Greater Manchester, and both worked as accountants.

Unfortunately, the family experienced a great deal of tragedy when Ralf’s sister Ceri passed away at 14 after falling 150ft to her death from a cliff during a family holiday to Cornwall. 

The incident profoundly impacted Ralf and his family and was partially to blame for his parent’s divorce, which occurred ten years later.

Despite this tragedy, Ben Kingsley and Alison Sutcliffe have supported their children and helped them find their respective careers.

Ralf Little
Ralf Little Recent post Behind the Scenes: Death in Paradise (Source: Instagram)

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Ralf Little Siblings

Ralf Little is an Actor and philanthropist who has experienced a great deal of tragedy. He has two sisters, Ceri and Rowena, and a younger brother named Ross Little.

Unfortunately, Ralf’s sister Ceri passed away when he was just nine years old.

Ralf has spoken about how he was filled with rage after Ceri’s death and how his sister Rowena struggled to find her place in the world without her older sister by her side.

Despite this tragedy, Ralf has managed to persevere and achieve great success in his career.

He has starred in numerous films, TV shows, and plays, has also written a novel, and actively participated in philanthropy.

Ralf and his brother Ross continue to honor the memory of their sister Ceri by working hard and making a positive impact in the world.

Ralf Little Parents
Ralf Little during the Death of Paradise XI shoot (Source: Instagram)

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Ralf Little Net Worth

According to Lad Bible, Ralf Little has an estimated net worth of $13 million as of 2024!

But it’s no surprise when you consider all of the fantastic work that he’s done throughout his career.

He’s had minor roles in shows like Sloggers, Elidor, and Children’s Ward, but he truly made a name for himself with his portrayal of Jonny Keogh in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.

Since then, he’s gone on to star in several films, TV series, and plays, including Al’s Lads, Massive, and A Day in the Death of Joe Egg.

Ralf Little
Ralf Little Birthday Post on his Social Media (Source: Instagram)

But perhaps his most notable role in recent years has been as DI Neville Parker in the hit show Death in Paradise.

And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also a published author and a generous philanthropist, having donated the proceeds of his co-written novel to charity and raising funds to help stray dogs in the Caribbean.

It’s no wonder that Ralf Little has such an impressive net worth!

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