Sonia Montejano

Sonia Montejano: Early Life, Career & Net Worth

Sonia Montejano is a Mexican actress and a police officer is based in America, who climbed to the height with a role on the TV show “Judge Joe Brown” as a bailiff.

The television actress has also worked on another TV show named Hot Bench. The viewers loved her character, and she received a lot of positive comments and encouragement. 

Moreover, her role in the TV series is also related to her real-life career. 

Sonia Montejano
Sonia Montejano.

We must say, Sonia is a charming and talented personality with great acting skills who has a very bright future still waiting for her in the acting sector.

Sonia has been able to get fame quickly because of her outstanding performances in TV series.

Quick Facts 

Let’s look at the quick facts about this charming actress and ex-sheriff, Sonia Montejano.

Full Name: Sonia Montejano
Birth Date: June 5, 1966
Age: 57 Years Old
Horoscope: Gemini
Birth Place: Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: Unknown
Height: 5 feet 9 inches (1.77 meters)
Weight: 64 kg (140 lbs)
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Mexican
Religion: Christianity
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Profession: Actress
Body Measurements: 34-24-35
Gender: Female
Net Worth: $2 million
Marital Status: Married
Husband: Hector
Social Media Presence: Instagram, Twitter
Last Update: April, 2024

Early Life

Sonia Montejano was raised in Los Angeles, California, USA, but she is Mexican by nationality.  She was born on June 5, 1966. Therefore, she is currently 54 years old.

Moreover, Sonia attended California State University in Los Angeles. After that, she graduated as a sheriff from Rio Hondo Police Academy at the age of 21.

Further, Sonia served the nation by being a sheriff for a very long period of time.

Unfortunately, Sonia Montejano has not given much information about her parents and siblings. Therefore, all this information remains in the dark.

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Body Measurements

The 54 years old TV personality has maintained herself very well. She has a very nice body figure, which makes her look young even at 54 years.

Sonia has a height of 5 feet 9 inches or 1.77 meters and a 64 kg or 140 lbs weight. She has maintained herself very well and has a body measurement of 34-24-35. This hourglass body figure of her still puts her in the spotlight wherever she goes.

Beautiful Sonia Montejano
Beautiful Sonia Montejano

Moreover, she has a beautiful pair of black eyes and gorgeous short black hair. These features make her look even more beautiful and spotlight-ready.



This Mexican actress was a police officer before, which gives us the knowledge that she has done many physical training and exercises. Her body figure is the result of her endless training and exercise.

Moreover, she starts her day with a half-hour or 1-hour walk with her dog. She is not doing any physical exercises because of her age, but she jogs about 3 miles every day.

Additionally, she jogs 3 times a week and does not make any cheat on jogging. However, on her non-jogging days, she does yoga, pilates, flamenco, dance, biking, or hiking.


Talking about her diet, Sonia does not know the calorie count. She eats different kinds of foods, but she does watch her portions.

Moreover, she strictly avoids drinking sodas. To conclude, she has a healthy body.


Sonia Montejano has been a bailiff as well as an actress. Her bailiff career is ancient, but she has stepped into acting recently.

Bailiff Officer

Sonia Montejano graduated from the Hondo Police Academy when she was just 21 years old.

After that, she started working for the peace of the state and its civilians. She was a very dedicated officer.

Firstly, she started her law enforcement career at the Los Angeles County Marshal’s Department. 

The Bailiff Officer: Sonia Montejano
The Bailiff Officer: Sonia Montejano

After that, she was assigned to the enforcement of civil judgments. However, after 5 years of her work there, the Department merged into the Los Angeles Sherrif’s Department.

Then, Sonia was promoted from Deputy to Senior Deputy. She was assigned to supervise personnel and courthouse operations in Court Services Division and prepare security plans for high-profile court cases.

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Montejano started her acting career after retiring from the 20 years long Bailiff officer job. She was offered the Bailiff on the CBS syndicated show by producers of the Judge Joe Brown Court Show.

Sonia Montejano was famous for Madam Sonia’s name, her character’s name in the Judge Joe Brown Court Show. However, the show ended in 2013 after working for almost 7 years.

After that, she started to work in Hot Bench, a TV show which Judge Judy produced. She portrays the character of a bailiff named Officer Montejano in this show. The show is still going on. 

Net Worth

20 years of working as a real Bailiff officer has paid Sonia a decent amount of money. However, she saved a lot of money. Later, she was again paid very well for the 2 TV shows.

Sonia has not revealed her salary for any of the two sectors she has worked for.

However, her net worth is $2 million, but she has been continuously working and making a lot of money, gradually increasing her net worth.

Personal Life

Sonia is a very enthusiastic person who pursues various activities in her daily life. Moreover, she likes to spend her spare time with her family members and her dog.

The TV actress is married to an officer who works in the Marshal’s Office, Hector. However, some sources claim that she is unmarried. On the other hand, some sources even claim that Sonia and Hector are parents to a baby girl.

Sonia Montejano with her pet Lola.
Sonia Montejano with her pet Lola.

Sonia likes to keep herself busy as she thinks keeping herself busy makes her fit physically and mentally. The actress has not said anything about her family, parents, and siblings, but sooner or later, we may get to know about them as well.

It was quite difficult for Sonia Montejano to get into acting after 20 years of bailiff’s job, but fortunately, she was given the role of a bailiff in both the shows, which made her feel as if she was not acting and doing the thing she used to do since the age of 21.

Social Media Presence

After being a celebrity, Sonia was pretty sure to be active on social media platforms. She is active on Instagram as @sonia_t_montejano.

However, she has posted lesser photos on her Instagram. Her Instagram account consists of 44 posts and has 2,478 followers. The number of followers is gradually increasing after her work in the TV shows.

Moreover, Sonia is active on Twitter as well. She joined Twitter in February 2016 and has made 135 tweets since then. Her Twitter account is @SoniaMontejano6, and this account has 669 followers.

Likewise, she also has a Facebook page named Sonia Montejano. 3,515 people have liked her page, whereas 3,622 people have followed her on Facebook. She has shared a lot of posts through her Facebook page.

(Reminder: Number of tweets, posts, and followers are as of July 2021.)

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Interesting facts about Sonia Montejano:

  • As a police officer, Sonia has a personality of being punctual.
  • Sonia Montejano is an avid animal lover and has a pet dog named Lola, who is loved and treated like a daughter.
  • The American actress loves outdoor activities like jogging, biking, hiking, etc., to keep herself fit and healthy.
  • Moreover, Sonia is very much interested in historic preservation. She believes that preserving our past is directly related to investing in the upcoming generation.
  • Sonia has also worked as a volunteer in The Glendale Historical Society where, she spent 9 years as the Director and Curator of the Doctor’s House, Victorian House Museum.
  • Moreover, she has also served as a mentor and has supported several outreach organizations that assist youths in under-serviced communities.
  • Montejano also enjoys playing chess, cooking, photography, modeling, and traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Sonja on Hot Bench?

It was Sonia Montejano who played the role of Sonja on Hot Bench.

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