Rasheed Thurmond Death Cause: What Happened To Him? Net Worth Explored

The death of comedian Rasheed Thurmond shocked the entire globe, and his family is still struggling to cope.

In the 2000s, Rashid was one of the top comic stars. He was proud to have made it out of Brooklyn, New York’s streets alive.

Not only that, but He also developed his laid-back comedy style by drawing on his observations of the challenging neighborhood streets and the diverse cultures that surrounded him.

He reportedly gained the majority of his followers via Def Comedy Jam and Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy. He also once gave live performances at The Apollo. 

Moreover, he undoubtedly made the audience laugh with his quips each time he appeared.
Rasheed Thurmond at the stage for comedy purposes

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Rasheed Thurmond Death Cause; What Happened To Him?

At the age of 36, comedian Rasheed Thurmond passed away from a heart attack.

Although comedian Rasheed Thurmond passed away 15 years ago, you may still see his performances on YouTube. 

He was a Brooklyn-born and bred aspiring comic. He tragically passed away on November 27, 2007, at his Queen’s residence.

According to NY Daily News, Rasheed left behind a sizable family, three young girls, and an unfinished career. People still miss him and his shows even 15 years after his passing.

Moreover, Thurmond and his four siblings are said to have been born in eastern New York. 

It was a struggling childhood to know how he was raised by his severe railway conductor father and his token clerk mother.

The late comedian will always be known as a guy from Brooklyn who was proud of his community.

In addition to that, He undoubtedly made the audience laugh with his quips each time he appeared.

Many people think he would have been one of the greatest comedians ever if he were still living today. 

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Rasheed Thurmond’s Net Worth Explored

Before his death, Rasheed Thurmond’s estimated net worth was over $700,000. He reportedly made the most of his money through stage appearances.

Thurmond built a fantastic resume throughout the course of his ten years in the comedy profession.

He allegedly gained the highly sought-after slot in Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy and also had a recurring part at MTV’s Uptown Comedy Club.

Similarly, It is certain of his employment outside of comedy. Furthermore, there has not been any information released about his pay.

But everyone who enjoys comedy wants to view his videos. He made fantastic pitches and would be worth a billion dollars today.

Also, he would have been well-known to everyone and may have been involved in the comedy sector on a bigger stage.

Rasheed’s aspirations, sadly, were never realized, and his brilliance was never revealed to the younger generation.

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