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Jaylen McCollough Girlfriend: Is Tennessee Vols Safety In Jail? Arrest And Charge

Tennessee safety Jaylen McCollough has been arrested on a Felony assault charge. Learn about Jaylen McCollough girlfriend and his arrest details from this article. 

Jaylen McCollough is a football player who plays for Tennessee Vols as their safety.

McCollough has started the first four games in a row for the Vols. According to Pro Football Focus, he has played the most defensive snaps (353 in total) and is fourth on the team in tackles (23), leading the club this season.

In Tennessee’s 40-13 victory over LSU on Saturday in Baton Rouge, he recorded seven tackles.

Jaylen McCollough, the starting safety for Tennessee, is accused of felony aggravated assault. Get further insights on Jaylen McCollough girlfriend and the assault charges faced by McCollough.

Who Is Jaylen McCollough Girlfriend?

Jaylen McCollough, the starting safety for Tennessee, is dating a girl. However, the identity of Jaylen McCollough girlfriend has not been revealed. 

In addition, her professional life is also not available on the web. However, according to reports, Jaylen McCollough girlfriend called him at the scene before his arrest. 

Jaylen’s victim claimed that a new man and a lady were helping him to his feet when he came. Police were able to identify the woman as Jaylen McCollough girlfriend positively. The steps going up to the flat, according to the Police, had blood on them.

Police said that when Jaylen McCollough girlfriend called him back to the scene, he showed up with his right hand bandaged and blood seeping through.

Is Tennessee Vols Safety In Jail? 

No, Tennessee Vols safety Jaylen McCollough is not in jail. He was released early morning on Monday after his detention on Sunday evening.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Tennessee Volunteers safety Jaylen McCollough was detained on Sunday for severe felony assault.

Jaylen McCollough Girlfriend
Jaylen McCollough girlfriend helped Jaylen’s victim of felony assault. (Source: Reuters)

According to the arrest warrant acquired by Knox News, McCollough, 21, was detained in the afternoon after officers discovered a bleeding male with missing teeth at an apartment complex.

According to reports, the man informed Police after leaving the building to fetch something from his car while drinking with pals.

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He went back to the wrong building and knocked on an open door. According to the Police report, the man apologized for going into the wrong apartment and then left.

He alleges that someone followed him outside and hit him in the face, forcing him to fall a flight of steps and be knocked out.

Why Was Jaylen McCollough Arrested? Arrest And Charges

McCollough was arrested because he would not respond to questioning and had blood on his right hand.

The claimed victim appeared intoxicated when he entered the wrong apartment, drove away, and then returned. He departed after realizing he was in the wrong place, but McCollough pursued him and attacked him.

Jaylen McCollough
McCollough was arrested for not responding to the officials. (Source: The Shadow League)

McCollough can assert that he ordered the intruder to leave but didn’t follow through. Perhaps the alleged victim talked carelessly, they became entangled, and the victim tumbled down the stairs due to his intoxication.

Naturally, that doesn’t explain why he had blood on his palm and why he ran away.

Drunk people frequently stumble into random apartments, especially in complexes in college cities where students live. Police will look into how and why this incident resulted in an assault.

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McCollough Became Third Vols Player To Be Arrested

Jaylen McCollough is the third football player from Tennessee to be detained in the previous two months.

Savion Herring, an offensive lineman, was detained on September 11 after being accused of domestic violence. Linebacker William Mohan was detained on August 21 on suspicion of felony aggravated domestic abuse. The football team fired both of the players.

Senior McCollough might be the next player fired if this trend continues. 

McCollough’s participation in Saturday’s game against No. 3 Alabama (6-0, 3-0) is doubtful, according to Vols head coach Josh Heupel, who also noted that the team was only made aware of McCollough’s arrest on Sunday night.

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