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Ricky Diotto Edad Wikipedia – Relationship Timeline With Maria Fernanda Callejon

Ricky Ditto is a famous singer who has released many songs on youtube. He is the husband of Maria Fernanda Callejon.

The actual age of Ricky Ditto has not been published or given in search engines.

Who is Ricky Ditto: Ricky Ditto Wikipedia

The films Escape Perfecto in 2014, Como Anillo al dedo in 2015, and Morfi, everyone at the table by Ricky Ditto were well-known in 2015.

She wed Ricky Ditto in 2014. 4 At the age of 49, she gave birth to her first child, Giovanna, the couple’s daughter, on August 14, 2015.

Maria Fernanda Callejon
Maria Fernanda Callejon and his husband Ricky Ditto

After 11 years of marriage and sharing a kid, Maria Fernanda Callejon and Ricky Ditto announced their separation a few weeks ago via their Instagram accounts.

Although who aggressively handled the couple’s divorce, the actress made it known a month ago why they had chosen to call it quits.

More information about him is unavailable.

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Relationship Timeline of Ricky Ditto: Maria Fernanda Callejon

Tonight on LAM, Maria Fernanda Callejon spoke candidly and with her heart in her hands about the specifics of her divorce from Ricky Ditto, the father of her baby.

According to the actress, no one incident caused the end of their relationship. she admitted that they were already in a crisis before the epidemic and were trying to rescue her. Still, the pandemic arrived and ultimately buried what was left of her reaction.

“When questioned several times, I said that we had had a variety of crises, just as in many lengthy relationships.

After eight years of marriage, seven years of IVF treatments, and three years of the pandemic, they had been together for 11 years. Well! Nothing lasts forever; it’s just life.

The actress said this at the opening of her account of divorce and separation marred by adultery.

One separates for various reasons, not just one, the actress confessed, even though there is no single cause. I

n fact, you forget what the trigger was. Like other long-term marriages, ours, too, experienced many crises.

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Eleven years spent together, eight years of marriage, seven rounds of assisted reproduction, three years of the pandemic, and, well, that’s life. Anything is temporary.

He further claimed that the epidemic impacted them: “There is a little girl who sues. Sometimes we were unaware of the situation while it was happening. We recognize that some problems are personal and that we sacrificed everything to rescue the family. However, other things do occur. Love is changing, and so are we.

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