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Palenkova Accident: How Did 17-Year-Old College Student Die? Video Viral On Twitter

Rina Palenkova accident is a topic of trend. She committed suicide by jumping in front of a train, and many have been interested in learning more.

Rina killed herself in the Russian city of Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai, in 2015.

Other Blue Whale Challenge competitors frequently refer to Palenkova as a “hero.” Many people believe that her visage, in some manner, now stands for the “game.”

Rina Palenkova Accident: How Did 17-Year-Old College Student Die?

Since Rina Palenkova’s family seems sensitive to the subject, no information about her passing has been made public. The cops said that she allegedly had issues with her lover.

Palenkova reportedly used VKontakte, a popular social media platform in Russia, where this challenge, named the Blue Whale Challenge, is said to have surfaced initially.

The motherboard claims that Palenkova uploaded a selfie using the app moments before she committed herself. “Goodbye” was written as the picture’s caption.

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The first hint her brother discovered was a sketch of Rina Palenkova made by Nadia. (Source: CNN)

The first hint her brother discovered was a drawing of Rina Palenkova that Nadia had made.

After her death, her brother asked people not to post condolence messages on his page on a Russian social networking site.

If people didn’t want to put him through any psychological suffering, he begged them not to write to him about it. He stated that those communications wouldn’t be able to make him feel better.

It appears that Rina Palenkova’s passing had something to do with the Blue Whale Challenge and another suicide in Georgia.

In Georgia, a family is mourning the loss of their daughter, and they think she took the Blue Whale Challenge before killing herself.

According to CNN, the 16-year-old sketched a female with the name “Rina Palenkova” written beneath it to hide her identity.

Due to this and a few other hints, the girl’s family believes she committed suicide due to the well-known internet “game.”

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Rina Palenkova Video Viral On Twitter

The video that got viral on Twitter of Rina Palenkova is alarming. 

In the video, she is seen standing next to train tracks with a backpack on and headphones while flipping the camera off. Her middle finger was hidden, it seemed.

In this film, The train’s driver tried to halt the vehicle when he saw the girl close to the tracks. The girl appeared to be deliberately taking her own life as she rushed into the oncoming train rather than dodging it.

People believe that this was because of the “Blue Whale Challenge.” 

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Nadia hid secrets in her paintings that her family discovered after her death. (Source: CNN)

According to accounts, the “Blue Whale challenge” was a 50-task, 50-day online “suicide game” for young people. It was said that the challenge was to blame for many deaths worldwide. But the “game” wasn’t quite what it seemed.

Simple assignments like “Watch a scary movie” or “Wake up in the middle of the night” made up early homework. But the challenges increased daily.

Place yourself on a tower block’s ledge. Slice your arm like a whale. To pass the last test, the user must take their own life.

The challenge is supposed to have started in Russia, but it quickly became known in other countries like Ukraine, India, and the U.S…

According to reports, the alleged “suicide game” has led to hundreds of deaths.

But the additional investigation has led to an unexpected finding. The game doesn’t appear to have ever existed, at least not in how it was first described.

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