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Dan Price Family And Wife: Children And Net Worth

Daniel Joseph Price is an American entrepreneur and social media personality. Price is currently divorced. He is the co-founder and the former chief executive officer of credit card processing company Gravity Payments. 

Dan Price family

Ron Price is his father. He was the sixth child. He was homeschooled until he was twelve, when his family relocated to Nampa, Idaho, when he was a little child.

After the completion of his studies at Nampa Christian High, a private institution, price played bass guitar in the Christian punk rock group Straightforward while still in high school.

Dan Price Wife

Dan Price was married to Kristie Colon. The couple tied knots on 2005. They were together for seven years before they got divorced. The couple separated in 2012.

Dan and Kristie did not have children throughout their seven-year marriage. One can also infer that the marriage was not a happy one. There have been mentions of domestic violence allegations. 

Dan Price
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Kristie Colon went on to TED X in October 2015 and mentioned domestic abuse allegations. The abuse could be the reason the couple chose to separate. However, neither party has officially declared the reason for their separation.

His ex-spouse Kristie Colon works as an account director at SimpsonScarborough. Before she took on that position, Colon worked for the University of Kentucky. Her role was as a director of communications in the university pharmacy.  

Dan Price Children

Dan Price does not appear to have children since it seems that his romantic engagements have not been all that successful. However, Dan Price may give birth to a kid shortly despite not wanting to do so right now.

Dan Price Net Worth

Dan Price has accumulated a $12 million net worth through various business endeavors.The CEO who determined that his staff should get a minimum payment of $70,000 is Dan Price, who is well recognized for this decision.

Due to being homeschooled, he grew up as a shy child who found solace in music. By the time Price was in his eighth grade, he had formed a band, and record companies were interested in signing him and his buddies. But once the drummer left and the group disbanded, Price was free to concentrate on his job as CEO of Gravity Payments. 

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Dan Price is a remarkable individual who has received several honors and medals, including the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award from GeekWire. Dan Price, a graduate of Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington, is a knowledgeable man.

The most recent former Chief Executive Officer of Gravity Payments is Dan Price.

Dan Price Age And Wiki

On May 13, 1984, Daniel Joseph Price was born in Lansing, Michigan. Price claimed he successfully negotiated lower credit card processing fees for the owner of one location where the band played after the owner voiced his displeasure about the rates. He immediately gave up on music and concentrated on starting a credit card processing company.

Price grew up in Idaho with his five siblings. He revealed to Forbes that he was raised in a traditional environment where serving others was ingrained in him from an early age. Therefore, it makes sense that Price’s mother was one of the pioneers of recycling in their community in the 1980s. When the businessman was 12 years old, he also founded the musical group Straightforward.

The group wanted to uplift and assist individuals. Price, determined to be independent at a young age, landed his first HVAC installation job at 13. The entrepreneur then transitioned to more official employment by working at a Local Restaurant as a prep cook, a bus boy, and a lifeguard.

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