Tennis: Rinky Hijikata Injury Update: What Happened To Him? Family And Net Worth

Rinky Hijikata Injury Update has tennis players and sports fans worldwide on the edge of their seats. His injuries were very severe.

Fortunately, he is doing much better now, but it was still quite an eventful day when it happened. We will discuss some of his family’s net worth and his achievements so far for those that want to know more about this professional athlete.

The world of tennis is still reeling from the news that beloved pro-tennis star Rinky Hijikata was injured during his match against David Fales.

As he rose to return a ball, the 26-year-right old’s knee looked to buckle, and he immediately went to the ground in anguish, clutching his leg and yelling to the audience that he couldn’t move it.

Rinky Hijikata Injury Update: What Happened To Him? 

Hajikata was injured while playing against the French Jean-Julien Rojer. 

While performing a drop shot, Hajikata slipped, landed on his left knee, and rolled over it. Luckily, he suffered no significant injuries but had to undergo ligament reconstruction surgery on his left foot. 

After rehabilitation, he returned to the courts at Wimbledon this year and made it to the quarterfinals before being defeated by Rafael Nadal. 

This is not the first time a medical issue has sidelined Rinky Hijikata. According to sources, in September 2014, he was hospitalized for appendicitis and missed his scheduled tournament. 

Rinky Hijikata’s Family Explored

Makota Hijikata, Rinky Hijikata’s father, is also a well-known coach in the tennis world. Junko Hijikata. 

Rinky’s mother appears to be very private about her personal life and career, even though much information about her has not been gathered from various sources.

Rinky Hijikata, a Japanese-Australian tennis player, is known to have credited his success and achievement to his parents, whom he refers to as “strong pillars” from the beginning stages of his youth and career life. 

Junko and Makota Hijikata are the biological parents of Rinky Hijikata, a famous football superstar.

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Rinky Hijikata Net Worth

Rinky’s exact net worth is unknown now, but his career earnings total $222,993. Some publications have estimated his net worth to be around $1.2 million, but this has yet to be proven.

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Rinky Hijikata At 2011 Match Image Source: Wikipedia

Rinky Hijikata, a gorgeous actor earning millions, is known for being one of Japan’s top tennis players. He is presently ranked fourth in Japan and 45th overall.

Rinky has recently fallen off the top rankings and is now eighth on the world list. While his family and net worth are unknown, it’s clear that he makes more than enough to live comfortably.

It’s hard to know about his family life without any information about them, but given his great wealth, they’re likely doing well too. It would be great if Rinky got back into the game and could continue playing at a high level soon!

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