Elizabeth Strain And Joe Lee Black

NCAA: Who Are Elizabeth Strain And Joe Lee Black? James BlackStrain Parents: Age Wikipedia And Family Ethnicity

Elizabeth Strain and Joe Lee Black are parents of famous football player James BlackStrain. James is currently playing for Georgia Tech as a freshman.

James BlackStrain is in his late teens playing as a freshman for Georgia Tech. James started his career at an early age. 

James was active in football in his school too. He was also involved in different sports. He won many awards and medals in his school playing tournament inside school programs. 

James BlackStrain gained fame after joining Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets; as a freshman redshirted from 2021.

He has just started his career in football, so people are still unknown about him. The Media and news have not covered much information about a young player James BlackStrain. 

James BlackStrain (Source:247sports.com)
James BlackStrain (Source:247sports.com)

Although the coach and the team are impressed by his performance, James has a great future ahead. After playing in tournaments, he will have more experience and knowledge. He still has some time to be in the news and gain some fame. 

NCAA: Who Are Elizabeth Strain And Joe Lee Black?

Elizabeth Strain is the mother, and Joe Lee Black is the father of young football player James BlackStrain. James has a great bond with both his parents. 

In one of the news, he is grateful to his parents, Elizabeth and Joe Lee Black, for everything they have done. 

Elizabeth and Joe Lee Black have always supported him in his career path. They were always okay with what is he doing. He has been great since his school life. James’s parents were always proud of him from an early age.

They provided him with good knowledge and training in football to continue his career in the same field as his interest. They attend his game sometimes to give him motivation and to support him. 

More information on his parents is not given. He has not shared much about his parents. Also, many media and sources about him as a young footballer are unknown. 

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James StrainBlack Age

James StrainBlack started his career as a player just a year ago. He joined Georgia Tech as a freshman in 2021. How old is James StrainBlack?

He is in his late teen, might be 19 or 20, as per the pictures on his social media. The information about his date of birth or birthplace is unknown. Also, he is playing as a freshman in a team. He probably is not more than 22,23. 

James StrainBlack has kept his personal life private, and also, he is a young player media and news have not focused on collecting information about him much. But, indeed, he is a young player trying to experience more, learn about football, and make his career as a football player.

The exact information about his age will be updated soon.

James StrainBlack Wikipedia

James StrainBlack started his career as a player just in 2021 after Covid. He has not gained much fame and following until now, in 2022. 

He is just starting his career as a freshman redshirted with Georgia Tech. 

James StrainBlack does not have Wikipedia. He is just learning and playing, and he is a teenage football player trying to continue his football career. 

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James BlackStrain Family & Ethnicity

James, a young football player, started his football career in 2021. He holds American nationality. 

James was born to Elizabeth Strain And Joe Lee Black. More information about his parents is not mentioned. So, we are not sure which ethnicity is from James BlackStrain.

According to his pictures, we can assume that his ethnicity is White. But we don’t have any precise information. 

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