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Robert Telles Wife And Family: Salary | Why Was He Arrested?

Robert Telles wife is facing a lot of hate for her husband’s wrongdoings. What did he do?

Telles is a lawyer and public official based in the United States. He was elected as the Public Administrator for Clark Country in 2018. However, he joined his office on January 2019.

Also, he was elected for 4 years, and his service was supposed to end after a few months on January 2023. Moreover, he stood for the same position in March 2022 but lost the election to Rita Reid.

Robert Telles Wife And Family

Robert Telles wife is Mae Ismael.

The couple has been together for more than a decade. They got married on 13th November 2010 and are blessed with 3 children; a son and 2 daughters.

Robert Telles and his wife Mae
Robert Telles and his wife Mae (Source: Instagram)

They welcomed their firstborn, Jacob Telles, in November 2005. The second child, Meesa Telles, was born in 2008. And the couple was expecting their third child Marrisa Telles when they married in late- 2010. Marisa was born in 2011.

Robert seemed to be a family man. Both Robert and his wife adored their small family. The pair often posted cute family photos on their social media.

However, the beautiful family is scattered amid Robert’s controversy and arrest. Their social media is covered with negative comments from the angry public. The incident has negatively impacted the lives of his innocent children and wife. 

Robert Telles Arrest: What Did He Do?

Telles was arrested on Wednesday, 7th September 2022.

According to CNN, the man has been imprisoned for murdering investigative Journalist Jeff German. Jeff, 69, was found dead by the police at his residence on Saturday morning, 3rd September. His murder is suspected of having happened a day earlier.

The reason for the murder is believed to be Robert’s rage toward the Journalist. So to clarify, Robert stood for re-election for his Public Administration position earlier this year. However, he lost the election because Jeff publicized Robert’s wrongdoing. 

According to Jeff’s reports, Telles was in an unprofessional relationship with his colleague, Roberta Lee. Also, one of Robert’s colleagues secretly recorded a video of Roberta and Robert going to the car’s back seat.

In his defense, the politician said that he was being framed for an uncommitted crime and the reporter wanted to destroy his married life. Also, Robert posted a series of sarcastic tweets targeting Jeff after he lost the election in June.

Moreover, Jeff was found dead outside his house and had multiple stabbed wounds on his body. According to Daily Mail, the cops searched for Robert’s house on 7th September, and he was stretchered out of the house and placed into an ambulance.

The additional details about the matter are supposed to be made public on 8th September.

Late Jeff German, the reporter who was murdered by Robert Telles
Late Jeff German, the reporter who was murdered by Robert Telles (Source: HuffPost)

According to the source, Jeff German was an experienced Journalist known for reporting the death of a casino executive, Ten Binion. He has also publicized a book regarding the matter. Additionally, his colleagues remembered him as a fearless reporter.

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How Much Is Robert Telles Salary: His Bio

Per the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports, Robert’s salary as a Public Administrator was $120,000 per year.

Before becoming the Public Administrator of Clark County in 2018, he served at Accolade Law, assisting people with estate planning. The politician was named the “Pro Bono Attorney of the Year” in 2014.

Apart from law and politics, Robert was also involved in charitable works. He is a member of the Las Vegas Rotary Club and the Calrk Country Bar Association.

Additionally, he is 45 years old as of 2022 and was born and raised in Mississippi. His friends and family call him Rob.

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  1. Terribly sad events. A journalist, doing reporting, on things he believed to be important to the public. A public administrator and by all accounts a giving person willing to do a lot of pro bono work, had just enough for a reporter to report, and it was the undoing of his future, opportunities, and family. I love journalists. I believe they do God’s work getting the truths out to us. But is the ruination of someone’s life, future, and family what we really wanted in journalism? Justice will see to the issue of guilt for murder but no justice will ever be had for the family that lost its ability to survive in this world because we all “needed” to know about a back seat dalliance or worksite grievances. We ALL need to take responsibility for this.

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