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AGT: Aneeshwar Kunchala Parents: Who Are Anil Kunchala And Sneha Kunchala , Family And Siblings

Aneeshwar Kunchala Parents is a topic of everyone’s interest at the moment. He has won the hearts of many at such a young age.

On America’s Got Talent: All-Stars, 7-year-old Aneeshwar Kunchala will perform and dazzle the audience with his literary prowess. Aneeshwar finds inspiration in nature frequently and was most recently seen on stage during Britain’s Got Talent season 15 in June, where he placed seventh.

On January 2, 2023, a brand-new spinoff series called America’s Got Talent: All-Stars will premiere. It will feature 60 prior winners, finalists, and internet sensations from the franchise.

The All-Stars trophy and an undisclosed amount of money are up for grabs, and Aneeshwar Kunchala is competing against other competitors for them.

AGT: Aneeshwar Kunchala Parents: Who Are Anil Kunchala And Sneha Kunchala?

The parents of Aneeshwar Kunchala are Anil and Sneha Kunchala.

Aneeshwar’s Father is from Andhra Pradesh, while his mother is from Hyderabad. Young Aneeshwar responded that he wanted to go bird watching when his Father asked him what he wanted to do when he was four.

Aneeshwar Kunchala
Aneeshwar Kunchala with his parents. (Source: The News Minute)

He had been profoundly touched by a movie about the harm caused by plastic waste that a teacher had shown him. This, according to his Father, motivated him to support environmental preservation.

During the lockdown, Aneeshwar gained notoriety for his nature and wildlife movies.

This captured the attention of the British media and propelled him to fame. He soon began appearing on UK national television, notably the BBC. He and his Father, Anil, appeared on the BBC Breakfast show in 2021.

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Aneeshwar Kunchala Family And Siblings

There are not many details on his family and siblings. 

Aneeshwar Kunchala, from Warrington, is a St. Philip Westbrook CE Primary School student. The youngster was four years old when his teacher showed him a picture of a whale that had died from plastic pollution.

Since then, the little child has used his creations—including drawings, poems, and videos—to promote animal preservation.

Aneeshwar Kunchala
Aneeshwar Kunchala in Britain’s got talent. (Source: ITV)

He has also constructed nests in his garden to protect birds. Regee The Robin, Kunchala’s first environmental film, debuted in 2020 and won the Lockdown Hero 2021 prize a year later.

The BBC North West has frequently highlighted the “Youngest Conservationist” in the country.

In March 2021, Steve Backshall, a hero and expert on wildlife, spoke with Aneeshwar Kunchala over BBC Breakfast.

Various other awards, including the Blue Peter Gold Badge, the World Curlew Day Art and Poetry Competition, the Environmental Hero 2021 Award, the Scientific Exploration Society Honorary Award, the Primary School Pupil of the Year Award, and many others, have also been given to him.

The young environmentalist is now representing the “All About Soil” program. During his Britain’s Got Talent audition, Kunchala showed off a variety of student artwork and read a poem he had written about climate change.

He received all four nods for his performance. The young poet discussed related subjects in the semifinals and finals, such as the disappearance of several species from Earth.

He finished sixth in the challenging series, which included 40 semifinal performances and 11 final performances.

The Guinness Book of World Records has acknowledged the young naturalist as the youngest documentary presenter.

He presented the documentary’s main segments, acted as a guest co-host for BBC Blue Peter, and gave a keynote speech at the Children’s Media Conference.

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