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UFC: Does Rodolfo Bellato Have Girlfriend? Wikipedia Age Family And Net Worth

Who is Rodolfo Bellato girlfriend? The public is unknown, yet they believe a woman is behind his success.

Mr. Bellato, aka Trator, is a rising name in the Brazilian MMA world. He is a light-heavyweight division Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) who is seeking to enter the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2022.

As of now, the ongoing Dana White Contender Series has gathered the public’s attention on Rodolfo. The MMA fighter will fight against Vitor Petrino on Tuesday, 6th September 2022. 

Fans are excited to witness the fight between Rofoldo and Victor again after 2019.

Rodolfo Bellato Girlfriend: Is He Dating?

Rodolfo Bellato girlfriend is away from the limelight.

The MMA fighter appears to be someone who prefers privacy over his personal life, so his dating life has remained under the wrap. Further, he is yet to speak about his romantic life, and his social media platforms also show no trace of his involvement with any woman.

So we assume Rodolfo does not have a girlfriend as of present. He is single and has prioritized his career the most.

Rodolfo with Paulo Bau
Rodolfo with Paulo Bau (Source: Instagram)

Nonetheless, the young man is only in his 20s, and there is plenty of time for him to fall in love.

Rodolfo Bellatio Wikipedia: Age And Family

Bellatio’s bio on Wikipedia is yet to be published. However, here we have presented you with a brief bio of the MMA fighter.

Rodolfo Bellatio’s age is 26 years old as of 2022.

According to ESPN, he was born in the year 1996, and his birthday is celebrated on 2nd May every year.

Likewise, he was born to a Brazilian family in Sao Paulo. Moreover, his father’s name is Wilson Bellatio, while we are not sure about his mother’s name. Also, he is not the only child of his parents and has a sister named Stephaine Bellatio.

Additionally, in one of the interviews, Rodolfo revealed that he was fat as a child and was badly bullied. And as he was not fit, he was also the last one to be chosen for the school’s football team. Nonetheless, he said he never felt pity for himself but decided to work hard.

So, as per the source, Rodolfo entered the fighting world as a young teenager who wanted to lose weight. Under the influence of his friend, he joined a jiu-jitsu class and loved it. The MMA fighter stated that he asked his dad to register him for only 6 months as an experiment; however, he has not felt like leaving the fighting world since.

Hence after attending the Jiu-Jitsu class for 4 years, Rodolfo made his MMA debut at the age of 18. Later he moved to Rio to acquire better training and had to give personal and wrestling classes at the gym to make money.

Hence as of now, with all his hard work and determination, he has been one of the best MMA in Brazil.

Rodolfo Bellato Vs. Victor Petrino
Rodolfo Bellato Vs. Victor Petrino (Source: MMA Junkie)

As of September 2022, Rodolfo is fighting on 6th September in Las Vegas against Victor Petrino. The fight is extraordinary for Bellato because he had fought with Victor in 2019 and lost. That is the only loss he has faced in his MMA career.

So winning this fight will not only increase his possibility of achieving the UFC contract, but he will also be able to make up for his only loss.

UFC Aspiring Fighter Rodolfo Net Worth

Rodolfo Bellato’s net worth can be estimated to be in the millions.

Though the exact sum of his income is yet to be revealed, a Brazilian UFC-based MMA fighter has a net worth of $9 million, reported Wealthy Gorilla.

Hence we believe that Rodolfo is aspiring for UFC; he is an excellent MMA fighter, so he is making considerable earnings from his fighting career.

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