Sara Donchey: Career, Earthquake & Net Worth

Success comes to those who constantly work hard and is determined. Sara Donchey is a very successful media personality.

Sara Donchey is an American news reporter, anchor, journalist, and TV host famous for her outstanding anchoring performance.

Currently, the anchor is working as a reporter and news anchor for KCAL9 and CBS2 in Los Angeles.

Previously, Sara also has worked as the news anchor for different channels such as KPRC-TV, KRIS-TV, and KZTV.

American Journalist: Sara Donchey

Donchey has also served as a prime anchor of a network affiliated with the top ten Neilson Market.

Similarly, the talented reporter in the US media industry is also a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

In this article, we have mentioned all there is to know about Sara Donchey from her early life to her present career as a media personality.

Quick Facts:

Let’s have a quick look at amazing quick facts about Sara Donchey to get you started.

Full Name Sara Donchey
Date of Birth 8 April 1990
Birth Place Diamond Bar, California
Birth Country United States of America
Current Residence Los Angeles, United States of America
Gender Female
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity/Race Hispanic
Zodiac Sign Aries
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Sister
Sibling’s Name Not Available
Age [calculate_years datestring=”04/08/1990″] years old
Height Measurement 5 feet 9 inches or 1.75m
Weight Measurement 56 kg or 123lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair color Black
Body Measurements 33-25-35
School Diamond Bar High, California, USA
University San Fransisco State University
Education Degree Bachelor’s degree in Online Journalism
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Name Not Available
Children Son
Profession Anchor, Reporter, TV host, Journalist
Net Worth $1 Million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Equipment for news recording Microphone, Headphone, Audio Interface
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Sara Donchey: Early Life and Education

American Journalist Sara was born on 8 April 1990 in Diamond Bar, California, US. She is proud to call South California her home.

The anchor is American by nationality and she is Hispanic.

Despite being a public figure, Sara has revealed very little about her family. She grew up with a sister. However, information about her father, mother, and sister is not available.

Donchey did her schooling at Diamond High, a local high school in California. Then, she did a bachelor’s degree in Online Journalism from San Fransisco State University.

Similarly, Sara also contributed to a student-run- publication called Golden Gate Xpress while she was in College.

She worked as the Editorial Cartoonist for the paper, Online Managing Editor, and penning news and sports reports.

Similarly, Sara has also served as a cashier at a pizza place, where she even helped make garlic knots. Sara got a job as a cashier in a pizza place through the internet.

From the very beginning, her hobbies were sketching and drawing. The anchor was very good at drawing and sketching. So, she also won various awards while she was the leader in Golden Gate Xpress publication.

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Sara Donchey: Age, Height, and Weight

The emerging talented US reporter has an average height of 5 feet and 9 inches (1.75m), and she weighs 56 kg (123 lbs).

Gorgeous reporter Sara has medium black hair with captivating brown eyes. She has a big bright smile and is an amicable and outgoing person.

Similarly, Sara has recently turned [calculate_years datestring=”04/08/1990″] years old.

Her body statistics are 33-25-35.

Her star sign is Aries. As Aries personality trait, she is a bold, confident, and, independent woman.

Sara Donchey: Career

Let’s look at Sara’s journey from Production assistant to leading media personality on the popular network; CBS and KCAL9.

Early Career

Sara grew up with the internet. She was very active on Twitter, and via Twitter, she became friends with Joe Vazquez, a Bay Area Television reporter. Then, they started trading news tips and story ideas.

Further, one day Joe invited Sara to visit his newsroom. And, shortly after that, she was hired as a production assistant.

Moreover, it was her first-ever job in the broadcasting industry. She worked for KPIX-TV, which was owned by CBS station.


However, Sara was not satisfied with her first job, so she quickly switched to KRIS-TV.

She stated that working at the bottom of the totem pole. Further, she noted that it was the part of the totem pole stuck inside the ground.

Therefore, she worked as an anchor and reporter for KRIS-TV.

Working with KRIS-TV was one of the first serious steps of her broadcasting career because Donchey was the one to cover many important stories.

Likewise, she covered important news such as dangerous flooding in Texas, which caused the town’s police chief and three corpus christ family deaths.

                                                               Sara Donchey with Fellow News Reporter

Further, Sara was working for KRIS-TV and KZTV, which is a duopoly in Corpus Christi. She served as a multimedia journalist.

During duopoly, she anchored the weekend evening show as well as reported evening newscasts.


Before joining KPRC team 2, she worked for KRIS-TV for two years. In KPRC team 2, she served as anchor and reporter for the 11 am and 4 pm broadcast stations.

While serving for KPRC, she covered news such as the Dallas Polic shooting of 2016, two super bowls, and, a terror attack in San Bernardino.

Sara flew to Mexico to cover the National Football League.

Moreover, the Reporter also flew with Carlos Correa to his hometown Puerto Rico.

During Hurricane Harvey, she reported wall-to-wall breaking stories to the world.

However, she left KPRC 2 as soon as she was blessed with a son.

Donchey is currently working as an anchor and reporter for KCAL9 and CBS2.

She has a good relationship with other news reporters and anchors of her team.

Sara Donchey: Earthquake Incident

Los Angeles felt an earthquake that hit South California in July 2019.

When the earthquake of magnitude 7.5 occurred, Sara and fellow reporters were live telecasting.

Therefore, the camera captured the terrifying ongoing moment where Sara grabbed the hand of Juan, a fellow reporter, and told him to duck under the desk.

The video captured in live telecast then became viral all over the internet.

Later, Sara shared the post on her social media, expressing what she thought when she felt the earthquake.

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Sara Donchey: Personal Life

Despite being a public figure, Donchey likes to keep her personal life very private.

Therefore, there is very little information about her parents, siblings, husband, and child.

The [calculate_years datestring=”04/08/1990″] years old American reporter was married to a mystery man in 2016. Being the private person Sara is, she has not yet revealed many things about her husband yet.

For instance, we don’t have the exact information about when the couple first met, when they started dating, when they got engaged and he became her fiance, and how their wedding ceremony went.

Back in 2016, she posted the picture of her mystery husband on Facebook, which gave a hint that her husband belongs to a military background.

Sara Donchey and her husband.
                                                In Frame: Sara Donchey with her husband.

However, she shares affectionate photos with her husband from a romantic dinner date and travels. They are blessed with a baby boy.

Further, the duo welcomed their first child in 2018. She also shares a cute picture of her son on social media, but she hasn’t revealed his name yet.

Donchey currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and a two-year-old son. She seems to have a happy and peaceful married life.

Donchey is a big-time food lover. Her favorite is double-doubles from an in- n-out burger place.

Besides anchoring and reporting, Sara has many other hobbies. One of them is sketching and drawing. Sara also likes competing in jeopardy quiz shows.

Moreover, the anchor is a pet lover. She has two Dobermans Pinscher called Sula and Hiwa.

She stated that her dogs are the sweetest and most loving. Her pet is usually seen in her social media post. She loves spending time playing with her pets.

Sara Donchey: Net Worth

Serving as an anchor and reporter, Sara has been able to accumulate a vast net worth. Her annual salary ranges from $20,000 to-100,000.

Sara’S estimated net worth is approximately $1 million, which is likely to increase as the average SALARY IS $85,600.

Therefore, she earns enough money to live a happy and comfortable life with her husband, a two-year-old son.

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Sara Donchey: Social Media

Even though Sara is a secretive person, she is very active on social media platforms. She uses social media mainly to share news-related updates.

Sara also shares different posts related to her personal life without disclosing much information about her family and friends.

Sara’s Instagram handle has over 10k followers. She mostly shares pictures of her family, friends, and travel photos.

As mentioned earlier, food lovers and pet-lover journalists have shared many pictures of her Dobermans and many other animals.

Similarly, she also shares different foods in her Instagram feed.

Sara joined Twitter in 2009. She is more popular on Twitter than on Instagram.

She has over 11.4k followers on Twitter. Unlike, Instagram she usually tweets or retweets news-related posts on Twitter.

Journalist Sara has a Facebook page as well. On her verified Facebook page, she has 25k followers.

Unlike, Instagram she doesn’t share any updates on her personal life. Sara mostly shares news-related posts.


Does Sara Donchey have tattoos?

Yes, Sara Donchey has tattoos.

How old is Sara Donchey’s son?

Sara Donchey’s son was born in 2018. So, he is two years old now.

How did Sara enter into Broadcasting Industry?

Sara entered into broadcasting industry as a production assistant on KPIX-TV.

What is “The Benefits of Float Therapy” about?

The Benefits of Float Therapy is a TV program that aired about six years ago. Here, Sara showcased the benefits of Float Therapy where she went in the water, in her bathing suit, herself.

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