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Matthew Amroliwala Illness: Health Updates, Wife & Net Worth

Matthew Amroliwala, a British presenter and anchor of the BBC World News, came to this world on October 3, 1962, in Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire, England. He is available at his work every weekday at 1500 GMT. 

In addition, he is involved as a relief presenter for BBC News at One and on BBC one. He presents the show Crimewatch with his co-host, Kirsty young.

When he opened his eyes, he came to the family of an Indian father. His father worked in the Royal Air Force. The bloodline of his parents comes from Amroli in Surat District in the state of Gujarat.

At the moment, he has not stated his height and weight. Considering the figure from the picture, he has average size and a slim figure.

Also, he has academic knowledge of different dimensions. In 1984, he received a degree in politics and law from St Chads College, Durham University. He got his primary education from Kings School, Ely Cambridgeshire.

After that, he went on to take a job as a charted accountant in 1990 at BBC. Later there was a shift in his position to a presenter at BBC in 1997 for evening programs. 

Since then, he has been a member of the BBC. 

How is Matthew Amroliwala?

At the moment, Matthew Amroliwals is fine. But frequent travel on his job has health effects on him.

He covers new stories from different geographical regions. This nature of job needs to travel by air. 

Among many, the 7/7 London bombings are one the major news. He has done his duties as a foreign correspondent in Bosnia, New York, and Washington. 

For his courageous step in Ireland, the New Industry chose him as Reporter of the Year in 1993. 

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Again, he presented the IRA ceasefire in 1997 around the world. Plus, he was actively involved in delivering Good Friday Agreement. 

There is no surprise in getting the news about Matthew Amroliwala’s health.

A few years earlier, In 2015, he commented about jet lag. 

Although he took many preventative measures from napping, staying awake, timing sleep patterns,s and using vitamin C, it always made him take bed rest at last.

Apart from that, there is no news about his health. He has also not shared about it on social media. 

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Matthew Amroliwala Health 

Family members and friends do not disclose Matthew Amroliwasla’s health. He uses social media like Twitter and goes by @AmroliwalaBBC and has not shared his health on social media too. 

Matthew Amroliwala (@AmroliwalaBBC) / Twitter
Matthew Amroliwala (@AmroliwalaBBC) / Twitter

Therefore, he may not have health problems as of now. Alon with that, the News columnist has not mentioned any ill-health effects accounts.

Matthew Amroliwala Wife

In 1999, Matthew Amroliwals tied the knot with Jackie Long. Jackie Long is also a presenter and editor. Currently, she is busy on Channel 4 news which discusses Social affairs.

Before working on Channel 4, her duties are of correspondent at The World at One, PM, Five Live, and Newsnight. 

Altogether they have five children of which are three daughters and two sons. They have named their children as Milo Amroliwala, Louis Amroliwala, Mary Amroliwala, and Mabel Amroliwala. 

Matthew Amroliwala Net Worth

As of 2022, Matthew has reached 60 years. He blows the candle on October 3. In his life course, he has worked within different dimensions of journalism and related jobs.

We have seen him as a charter accountant, presenter, foreign correspondent, political correspondent, and news reporter. 

Even though the average wage of a news anchor is $83,00 annually, looking at his achievements and including his assets collected from different roles has made enough fortune to live their life satisfied.

He prefers a modest lifestyle and has a net worth of $1 to $5 million. 

And his birth sign is Libra. 

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