Shannon Ray – Instagram Stardom & Being Sommer Ray’s Mother

Shannon Ray is a 56-year-old American fitness model known for maintaining an amazing physique throughout her life. She is also popular as the mother of a fitness and bikini model and an athlete, Sommer Ray.

However, Shannon was the one who introduced her daughter to the world of fitness and exercise.

This model is also one of the trending celebrities popular for being a well known Instagram Star.  Moreover, her rise to stardom happened after her active presence on Instagram.

Shannon Ray Chilling in Her Bathtub with Some Wine
Shannon Ray Chilling in Her Bathtub with Some Wine

Shanon is an interesting woman, and her secretiveness regarding her private life creates a sense of mystery. Below, we will go through what she is doing now. Find her present whereabouts through her social media activity and learn exciting facts about her, her career in modeling, and her relationship with her daughter Shanon Ray.

Quick Facts

We have extensively collected information about Shannon’s life, and we suggest you stay tuned until the end of the article to know more. However, before diving into her life in detail, let’s scan some quick facts about her.


Name Shannon Ray
Nickname Shannon
Birth Date August 21, 1964
Birth Place United States of America
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity British Ancestry
Horoscope Leo
Age 59 Years Old
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 55 kg (approx.)
Body Measurements 36-23-34
Bra Size 34D
Shoe Size 6.5 US
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Hairstyle Wavy
Build Athletic
Marriage Status Concealed
Relationship Status In Relationship
Boyfriend (Name Concealed)
Number of Children 4
Children Names Sommer, Savana, Skylyn, Bronson
Profession Fitness Model, Internet Personality and Bodybuilding Competitor
Net Worth $9 Million (approx.)
Social Media Instagram, Facebook
Last Update March, 2024

Shannon Ray | Age, Height & Ethnicity

Shannon Ray was born on August 21, 1964, in the United States of America. This goes on to show that she is 56 years old, and her zodiac sign is Leo. Despite being an American national, she comes from British ancestry. In terms of religion, she is a Christian.

Body Measurements

She, being a model, we all must be curious to know her body constitution. She has a well built athletic physique, which she keeps maintained no matter what. Complementing it with her perfect wavy hair, hazel eyes, and a beautiful smile, she is an absolute beauty idol for many people embarking on their journey on beauty and fitness.

Shannon Ray's Figure and Looks
Shannon Ray’s Figure and Looks

Talking about her body measurements, she stands tall at the height of 5ft. 5 inches and weighs around 55 kilograms, i.e., 132 pounds. Her chest-waist-hip ratio is 36-23-34 inches, i.e. 91.5-58.5-86 cm. Furthermore, she wears a bra size of 34D, and her shoe size is 6.5 US.

Shannon Ray | Early Life, Family & Relationship

Eary Life

Shannon is very private when it comes to her personal life. Hence, she has unfortunately not revealed much about her parents, siblings, and her family. Though, we know that she showed a close involvement in fitness and athletic since her childhood. She has always been largely inclined towards physical activities.

Shannon Ray With Her Father
Shannon Ray With Her Father

Her father and mother’s name has never been disclosed, but she had once uploaded a photo with her dad on her Instagram handle. This shows that she is in touch with her father and the two still have a good relationship with each other.


Shannon has kept her dating life a secret and has never disclosed any name of her boyfriend. She hasn’t even stated whether she is married or only dating. Nonetheless, she has posted pictures with a man calling him the love of her life, so we can confidently say that she is dating someone.

Shannon Ray with Her Boyfriend
Shannon Ray with Her Boyfriend

The name of the man she is dating, or whether she is married to him or not, is unknown. However, we can find his photos throughout her Instagram account, where she openly states that they are in love with each other. Another thing we know is that he too is into fitness like Shannon herself.


Collage of Shannon Ray with Her Children
Collage of Shannon Ray with Her Children

Shannon Ray has four children- three daughters named Sommer, Savanna, and Skylyn, and a son named Bronson. She is broadly known as the mother of Sommer Ray, a fitness model, and online star.

Savanna is a photographer who shoots for families, engagements, seniors portraits, weddings, and much more. Similarly, her daughter Skylyn is a nature and animal lover who also loves to dwell in nature along with her pet dog.

Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is today’s famous media personality with over 1.87M subscribers on her Youtube Channel and 26.6M followers on her Instagram. With her influence over millions of people, it’s no surprise that she is one of the Ray family’s most famous members. So much so that Shannon is known to more people as being her mother.

Gorgeous Sommer Ray Posing for a Photoshoot
Gorgeous Sommer Ray Posing for a Photoshoot

Sommer Ray is an absolute beauty. With her easy-go, confident, and soft personality adding to her attractiveness, she is extremely likable.

She got into fitness since she was a kid, and just like her mom, she too got into bodybuilding. Apart from bodybuilding, she seems to enjoy being active on social media platforms.

Shannon Ray | Career & Professional Life

Though her stardom through Instagram occurred recently, she had been involved with sports and fitness since her early childhood. She was raised in a family that prioritized health and physical activity, which greatly influenced her career choices.

Her Career in Bodybuilding

Shannon Ray at the Starting of Her Career (25 Years Ago)
Shannon Ray at the Starting of Her Career (25 Years Ago)

Her career started when she first tried out competitive bodybuilding after she finished her education. She was highly dedicated to it, and despite not winning any major competition, it heavily influenced her lifestyle. In fact, how she trained at that time is similar to how she trains now, except in terms of nutrition.

Transition into Fitness Modelling

After making her break from competitive bodybuilding, Shannon transitioned her career path into fitness modeling. However, her modeling career actually took-off only after she decided to open an Instagram account.

She started on Instagram by posting pictures showcasing her everyday life, often featuring her children and other fun activities she loved doing. She regularly posted pictures of herself on a motorbike and was thus known as “Biker Lady” by her fans.

Shannon Ray as 'Biker-Lady
Shannon Ray as “Biker Lady”

With time, her followers on Instagram started noticing that she had an amazing physique despite being in her 50s. She started gaining popularity as her followers increased. In just a few years, she became one of the best-known fitness model and an Internet star among her age group. As a result, she started doing more and more modeling gigs with notable magazines. She featured in “Maxim” and “FHM” among many other magazines.

She is also known to play in two feature movies- Sweethearts (2002) and the Father of the Pride (2004).


Shannon works out similarly to her daughter Sommer, which means that she focuses mainly on her lower body and abs during her training. She trains at a higher rep range, somewhere in between 12-16. This helps her in getting the muscle plump, alongside improving the overall tone of her body.

In regards to cardio, Shannon isn’t too much of its fan. Instead, she prefers sticking to a healthy and balanced meal plan, enabling her to stay in great shape throughout the year.


As a former bodybuilding competitor, Shannon knows how important diet is in maintaining a lean physique. When she was competing, she mainly ate lean proteins, healthy fats, and lots of fruits and vegetables and limited her carb intake to a bare minimum.

Shannon Ray Eating Fresh and Clean Food for Her Fitness
Shannon Ray Eating Fresh and Clean Food for Her Fitness

However, Shannon’s diet looks a lot different now. She still mostly eats clean and healthy foods, but she’s less confined in her overall diet. She considers her craving and treats herself accordingly without feeling guilty about it.

Idols and  Influences

Shannon and Sommer are the biggest influencers for each other on their fitness journey.

Shannon Ray with Sommer Ray
Shannon Ray with Sommer Ray

Initially, the mother introduced the daughter to the world of fitness. She showed her how to train and diet correctly. As time followed, they both started influencing and motivating each other to become the best version of themselves.

Shannon Ray | Net Worth

When it comes to our inspiring model’s overall wealth, authoritative sources have estimated that her net worth is around $9 million. It is acquired largely from her long-running career in fitness and modeling.

She earns as an Instagram model as well. Shannon also makes her earnings from selling online products like T-shirts, swimwear, shoes, etc. Regardless of her age, Shannon shows no sign of slowing down.

Shannon Ray | Instagram

Already having discussed how Shannon Ray went to stardom after being active on Instagram, it is natural to want to know what her account is all about. So let’s have a peek into the main things Shannon showcases through her account.

Shannon Ray Flaunting Her Sizzling Body on Instagram
Shannon Ray Flaunting Her Sizzling Body on Instagram

We can find that her profile is filled with pictures of her flaunting her perfect body. And why not? It is inspiring to be able to maintain that body even into her late 50s. Plus, let’s be real- she doesn’t even have to be flaunting her figure for us to notice how perfect it is.

Shannon Ray in the Gym with Her Lover
Shannon Ray in the Gym with Her Lover

Equally often, she posts pictures of herself in the gym. Above, we can find a post where it’s not her alone that is working out. It turns out, her lover is as much a fitness freak like her, and they enjoy enough quality time together that way.

She also posts pictures that reflect her hobbies, excluding fitness.

Shannon Ray Loves Horse Riding
Shannon Ray Loves Horse Riding

Along with being a “Biker Lady,” we can also see that she is equally a horse-lady. Shannon Loves horse riding, and throughout her Instagram, she has multiple pictures of her either with a horse or riding a horse.

An aging woman with a perfect body who takes care of her health, rides a bike, and goes horse riding for recreation- Isn’t she just perfect?

What We Can Learn From Shannon Ray

Perfection is an outcome of focus, persistence, and clarity. Seeing a picture of someone we find to be perfect and thinking they are ‘just lucky’ is foolish. Shannon is an icon for anyone wanting a fit life, and it is because of how consistent and open she is about her journey.


It is obvious to us that she is a mother of 4 children. Maintaining her body even after childbirth, that too multiple times, is in itself encouraging. Not only the childbirth but like in all of our lives, she too has faced multiple obstacles.

She has had different injuries that had compelled her into bed rest for weeks.

Around the end of 2018, Shannon went through an injury that led her to hospitalization. She had to get six screws in her lower back and a lot of titanium in her neck from two neck surgeries.  By the time she was able to work out again after 12 weeks, she had already lost 25 pounds of muscle.

But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, in 9 months, she went back to where she was before the surgery.

Setting an Example


In the above post, she states the importance of taking overall care of yourself- mind, body, and soul. She provides insight into how important it is to focus not only on the goal but also on enjoying the journey. These things aren’t hard to tell, and we all know about it. However, we barely implement what we know into our life.

On the other hand, she matches her ideology with her actions and sets an example before preaching. This is what we all can and should learn from the influential woman we look up to.

Social Media Handle

Instagram: 754K followers

Facebook: 6.5K followers

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