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Shaun So: Early Life, Career & Net Worth

Shaun So is an American military veteran and an entrepreneur known for being the husband of famous actress Anna Chlumsky.

But, Shaun is one of the most recognized military veterans in America.

Not only has he served his country and its people, but he also has found a couple of businesses of his own. This hardworking man has come a long way in his life.

Shaun So posing in a white coat.
Shaun So in a white coat.

However, nothing came easily to this 41-year-old. Shaun has gone through lot of struggles and hardships throughout his life.

But as they say, good things come to those who have patience and passion to get where they want. And, this is exactly what happened for Shaun So.

Now, let’s move onto some quick facts about Shaun So.

Quick Facts

Full Name Shaun So
Birth Date 1980
Birth Place United States of America
Nick Name Shaun
Religion Undefined
Nationality American
Ethnicity Asian
Education University of Chicago
Horoscope Unknown
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Age [calculate_years datestring=”00/00/1980″] Years Old
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight Unavailable
Shoe Size Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Body Measurement Unknown
Body Type Fit
Married Yes
Spouse Anna Chlumsky
Net Worth $1 million
Profession Military veteran, Entrepreneur, etc.
Active since 2003
Affiliations Defense Intelligence Agency of the US federal government, McNeil Technologies, United States Army, etc.
Married  2008
Currently works at The So Company
Children Yes ( Clara Elizabeth, Penelope Joan )
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Early Life


Shaun So was born and brought up in Maine, the United States Of America. He was born to an Asian immigrant couple. 

His Chinese origin had caused a little problem to him during his childhood. Whatsoever, Shaun did not let his unique appearance bother him a lot.

Shaun was born and brought up in America, which did not cause him any problem considering the culture and values of the Americans.

Regardless of this, his parents did not let their son get whitewashed and taught him well about Chinese culture and values.

Likewise, Shaun has not been very open about his parents and siblings other than the fact that his ethnicity is Chinese.


Shaun So is indeed a very educated man. He enrolled at the University of Chicago in the year 1999.

Similarly, in 2001 he took a language immersion class to learn Mandarin and to know more about his culture from Tsinghua University.

Moreover, in 2003 he got his BA degree in political science. Then, So joined the City University of New York, from where he obtained an MBA degree.

Shaun So had always been an excellent student since his childhood. His parents prioritized his education more than anything else.

But, it would be wrong to say that So had been pressurized to do what he didn’t like. He was so immersed in his studies that he tried his best to obtain a good grade even until he gained his MBA degree.

Hence, we can most definitely say that So had a good life as a student and got the best education that he could.

Body Measurements

Not much is known or disclosed about the exterior of Shaun So. He has remained secretive about it.

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Net Worth and Lifestyle

Shaun has an estimated net worth of above $1 million as of 2021. He has been earning a decent amount of income from his business at The So Company. Likewise, Shaun So has a few thousand dollars saved up from his previous businesses as well.

Furthermore, he had also earned a good amount of money when he worked for several government services as a US Army.

Shaun has not revealed anything regarding his lifestyle to date. 


Shaun So has had a good many numbers of careers throughout his life. All his careers are explained in detail below:


  • Intelligence Analyst

Shaun started his career in 2003. He started working as an intelligence analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency. So worked as an intelligence analyst for three years.

Shaun So, when he was in the military.
Shaun So, when he was in the military.

This was the kickstart to his journey as this helped him land over various other jobs.

  •  Defense Contractor

After gaining experience as an intelligence analyst for good three years, Shaun So started working at McNeil Technologies as a defense contractor. He has worked in this organization for three years since 2006.

So’s witty nature and intelligence had been a boon to him as he obtained experiences in complex jobs.

Though he was getting enough income and reputation from his jobs as an intelligence analyst and Counterintelligence Special Agent, So decided to step up a little more and became a defense contractor in a reputable organization again.

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  • Counterintelligence Special Agent

So had been working several other jobs as Intelligence Analyst and Defense Contractor even when he was working as a Counterintelligence Special Agent for the U.S. Army.

He started his career in the U.S. Army in the year 2003. Although it had been very hectic and tough for him to work all the places, So was able to do everything he could.

All the while, Shaun So worked hard for all his jobs at different positions, and that helped him gain not just reasonable remuneration but also his reputation as a military veteran.

  • Tactical Intelligence Team Sergeant

After gaining enough experience and reputation from his initial works, Shaun So even served as a Tactical Intelligence Team Sergeant.

Nonetheless, he also guided his team for domestic and international Combat operations at that time.


Shaun So retired from the U.S. Army and decided to begin a start-up of his own in 2011.

His first start-up was called Cubby. Sadly, Cubby dissolved in less than a year. The firm did not last for long as he was able to run it for just 11 months.

After that, Shaun worked for Forbes as a contributor for three years. This helped him gain further recognition as Forbes is one of the most reputable firms in the world.

So gained experiences and ideas for his next business while he was working at Forbes.

In 2012, Shaun So started a company, ‘The So Company’ after his last name on his own. The company began in the year 2012 and had been running successfully to this day.

The So Company is all about growing revenue and building a strategy for improving public service.

He has been using his knowledge and wit to grow his business and even initiates help to those in need of ideas to increase revenue and gain strategic ideas.

Shaun enjoying a game.
Shaun enjoying a game.

This company has succeeded in providing him with a cherishable amount of income for almost a decade now.

So has been working hard in his business and has provided himself with a platform that brings out the best in him and helps him express his ideas and creativity.

Personal Life

Shaun had not been a very romantic person during his school years as he was more focused on his studies. He had not dated anyone besides his present wife, Anna Chlumsky.

So met his beautiful wife, Anna Chlumsky, during his college days. The couple met at a gig by Questlove De La Rose in the year 2000. The couple has been inseparable ever since.

Shaun and Anna had to withstand a long-distance relationship as he had been serving in the military at the time.

Anna confessed she felt lonely when this duo parted, and many people expressed their pity towards her for this. She, however, had always hated the pity that they showed her and stayed strong throughout the journey.

After dating for a few years, Shaun initiated his way of making Anna his fiance. So proposed to Anna in 2006, and this is when their love story officially began.

Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So in an event.
Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So in an event.

Even after getting engaged, there were times when Anna had to stay sad with a braveheart as Shaun still served in the military until they finally got married in 2008. The couple happily tied the knot after So returned from Army Service in Afghanistan.

Anna even talked about how she could not contain her happiness after her lover returned to marry her.

Considering and respecting each other’s culture and background, the couple had two wedding ceremonies. As Shaun belongs to a Chinese background, they got married following Mandarin traditions and rituals.

At their wedding, Anna wore a traditional Chinese attire known as Cheongsam, while Shaun wore a classy suit. Next, they had a Western wedding ceremony where all their friends and relatives were invited.

The couple had two daughters named Penelope Joan So and Clara Elizabeth So.

Social Media

Shaun So is active on Twitter and Instagram.

He joined Twitter in May 2012. Further, he has 339 followers and tweeted 264 times (as of August 2021).

On Instagram, Shaun has 122 Followers with 1164 posts to date (August 2021). Considering the number of posts on his Instagram, Shaun seems to use Instagram often.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Shaun So and Anna Chlumsky have children?

Yes, the couple had their first child Penelope Joan So in 2013. Likewise, they invited their second daughter Clara Elizabeth So, in 2016.

Is Shaun So from America?

No, Shaun So is originally from China. However, he was born in America.

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