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Somizi Mhlongo Illness And Health Update: Is South African Media Personality Sick?

Popular South African Celebrity Somizi Mhlongo claims he suffers from an incurable illness. Let us know more about Somizi Mhlongo’s condition and his health update. 

Somizi Mhlongo is the most entertaining and hilarious judge of Idols South Africa (SA). He is also considered one of the richest radio and Tv personalities in South Africa. In 2015, Somizi was added to the judging panel at the start of season 11. 

Besides being a judge, he is also an actor, writer, published author, choreographer, entrepreneur, singer, and renowned TV personality. 

Somizi Mhlongo Illness And Health Update

Despite living a luxurious life and affording everything he needs, Somizi spends every day knowing God can take away his life any day.

These were nothing in contrast to the life-threatening issues Somizi is faced over the past decennary. In an interview in 2017, Somizi claimed he was diagnosed with an incurable disease in 1999.

The condition could take his life within six months. He also said he was uncomfortable sharing the name of the illness for personal reasons.

 Somizi Mhlongo | The Citizen
Somizi Mhlongo | The Citizen

Somizi allegedly debated whether it was worth searching for treatment and living with the terminal illness. The wealthy celebrity maintains that he’s never felt the need to tell people about his condition.

He also revealed that he didn’t have the bravery or need to say the name of his illness, whether it was Cancer, diabetes, or HIV. 

However, six years ago, the doctor told him that he had no more than a month to live, but due to god grace, he is still alive and is among us. 

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Moreover, Somizi described that by developing a positive mindset, he could incline above his illness despite multiple days when it all felt like too much.

Similarly, Somizi’s only daughter, actress Bahumi Madisakwane disclosed that she is suffering from lymphedema, a type of swelling disease, in an episode of her Father’s reality TV show, Living the Dream.

Is South African Media Personality Sick?


After suffering from an incurable illness, While he did not dare to face the world some days, Somizi determined to maintain a cheerful attitude. As a result, he went to therapy and believed that he was stronger than Cancer; he is still in good health today.

Besides that, he had also cleared his name from the sexual assault that his husband claimed. 

Moreover, Just days after World Mental Health Day, Somizi Mhlongo opened up about his struggles with mental health on social media.

Somizi with his daughter Bahumi | Celebs Now
Somizi with his daughter Bahumi | Celebs Now

In the video, Mhlongo said he was talking about the different episodes of hopelessness, wanting to give up, depression, sadness, anxiety, and “everything negative,” which crept up on people and affected their mental health. 

He added that struggles with mental health did not choose status, financial standing, race, gender, or sexuality.

The Idols SA judge further said that when he was done talking about it, he was going to pray about it so he could take himself out of it as “it is trying to steal my joy, my shine, my glory, and it’s trying to make me want to throw in the towel in whatever that I want to do.”

“Always recognize it and look at it in the eye and say no,” he said. “It’s an eternal battle that I will tell you for free. It’s an eternal battle, but it conquers you when you hide it.”

He advised people going through similar struggles to share what they were going through with people they trust and love or with a counselor.

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