Susan Guth after divorce

Susan Guth: Career, Divorce, Bill Walton & Net Worth

Susan Guth is a freelance communications consultant based in Italy. However, she is famous as Bill Walton’s ex-wife.

So, she is best known to the media as Susie Balton.

Bill Walton is a former US Basketball player and sportscaster. Although she was famous when she was with her former partner, what is she up to now?

Susan Guth
Susan Guth

Despite being divorced, Susie established herself as an independent lady. She worked through her difficulties and built herself a life.

So, Susan Guth has been a great inspiration for divorced women. After her separation from sports celebrity Bill Walton, she focused on her career.

She is currently a successful Communication Consultant in Italy. She has also introduced herself as an Editor.

Quick Facts about Susan Guth

Here are some quick facts for you to get to know Susan Guth.

Full Name Susan Guth
Popularly known as Susie
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Not disclosed
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Place of birth La Mesa, California, United States of America
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Spouse Bill Walton
Number of children 4
Name of children Adam Walton, Nathan Walton, Luke Walton, and Chris Walton
Gender Female
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Profession Communication Consultant
Years active Not Available
University College of Charleston, University of Maryland
Major Foreign Language Field Studies in Italian
Hair Color Blonde
Eye color Hazel
Father’s Name  Not disclosed
Mother’s Name Not disclosed
Build Curvy
Divorced Year 1989
Horoscope Not disclosed
Net worth $110,000
Bill Walton’s Net Worth $20 Million
Social media Not Available
Bill Walton’s Merch Autographed Basketball, Autographed Magazine, Signed College Photos

Susan Guth: Bio, Childhood, and Parents

Susan Guth was born in La Mesa, California, in the United States of America. Apart from her former partner, Bill Walton, Susan has kept it quiet about her life.

Guth likes to keep her personal life at bay from the media. So, she has not disclosed any information about her parents or siblings.

However, she did disclose that her nickname is Susie.

She was born in America, and her nationality is American. But her ethnicity is presumed to be Caucasian.

Guth graduated from the University of Maryland, majoring in Foreign Language Area Studies in Italian.

Susan Guth: Relationship with Bill Walton


Bill Walton and Susan Guth met each other in the late 1970s. Their meeting soon led to marriage in 1979.

Soon, they had 4 kids together named; Adam Walton, Nathan Walton, Luke Walton, and Chris Walton.

They were together for 10 years. However, their marriage didn’t last forever. They separated in 1989 on February 24.


Although the couple was popular and seen as a power couple, they soon broke up. On February 24 on, 1989, Susan and Bill separated. The reason for their divorce was kept away from the media.

While Susan stayed single, her ex-husband, Bill Walton, remarried soon. So naturally, the divorce was hard on Susan.

Because of the constant rumors surrounding the separation, she had a hard time focusing on herself.

However, Susan built a path away from the limelight. In fact, she has been living a great life with her sons, focusing on her own career and family.

Who is Bill Walton?

Bill Walton is a sportscaster and a former basketball player. He currently serves as the Executive Chairman of SDSI(Connect SD Sports Innovators), a nonprofit organization.

The former American basketball player has also served as a game analyst at ESPN.

Bill Walton: Achievements

Walton’s basketball career started in his elementary school. So, he played basketball all through school and college. He won the national title at the University of California and Los Angeles.

Because of his skills, he obviously landed a spot in the NBA. He played for teams like San Diego Clippers, Portland Trail Blazers, and the Boston Celtics.

However, he suffered a major injury to his ankle. This injury caused him to retire from basketball. So, he started his work as an NBA commentator for NBC.

Divorcing Susan Guth

After being married for a decade, Susan and Bill separated. The divorce was hard on them.

However, the media and the rumors made it harder for Susan. As the reason was kept secret, many speculations arose.

Although their separation was rocky, they have been there for kids. Soon after they separated, Bill remarried Lori Matsuoka in 1991.

Bill Walton and his new wife, Lori Matsuoka
Bill Walton and his new wife, Lori Matsuoka

Lori and Bill are now married for over 3 decades. So, their relationship is praised by many for lasting for so long.

Bill and Lori Walton do not have any kids together. However, they are happy with their marriage.

Susan Guth: Children

Bill Walton and Susan Guth may be separated now. But they definitely shared a decade-long marriage and 4 children.

Despite the hurdles in their relationship, they provided and cared for their children together.

Bill Walton with his kids
Bill Walton playing basketball with his kids

For the kids, Bill was a role model. He inspired his kids to try their hand at Basketball like him. So, it is safe to say that he has been a great part of their lives.

Luke Walton

The eldest of the four, Luke Walton, has followed in his father’s footsteps in life.

Also, he was named after Bill’s former teammate, the late Maurice Lucas. So, it sounds like fate for him to carry on in this field.

Similarly, Walton started his basketball career playing at Arizona under Coach Lute Olsen. Soon, he entered professional NBA plays.

Because he won the NBA finals twice in a row, he and Bill have become the first father-son pair to have achieved this title. Luke is currently the head coach for the Sacramento Kings.

Chris Walton

Susan’s second son, Chris Walton, also played basketball during college. Chris played for San Diego State.

However, Chris had different plans for his future. Soon, he entered the real estate business. Now, Chris is a real estate executive.

Nate Walton

Nate Walton is Susan and Bill Walton’s third child. While he was studying at Princeton, Nate also gave basketball a shot. He was good and played at Princeton.

However, he soon left basketball for his MBA at Stanford University. He entered the corporate world and also joined Stanford Law School.

But sadly, he did not graduate from law school.

Nate Walton currently owns an oil business. As per the reports, his oil business is going great, and he is living a good life.

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Adam Walton

As for Bill and Susan Walton’s youngest child, Adam Walton follows his eldest brother’s footsteps.

Adam played for Pomona College, Louisiana College, and the College of Notre Dame.

Currently, Adam is pursuing his career in the sports field. He is working at San Diego Mesa College as an assistant coach.

Susan Guth: Career

Having a divorce from a top player in the NBA was definitely hard on Susan. However, despite all the rumors and hardships she had to face, she rose and built herself and her career up.

So, where did she start? Well, after her divorce, she took some time off.

In 2004, Guth started working for McLean High School. Because of her decision, she gained enough experience and finally landed a position as editor in CofC Miscellany Literature Magazine.

After serving for around 3 years and six months, she was offered the account executive position at Iris Worldwide.

Soon, she left the service to work as a freelancer. She has been working as a freelance consultant at the moment. She specializes in communications and relationships.

Susan Guth: Net Worth

Despite Susan Guth’s popularity, she is a very private person. So, it’s obvious that Susie likes to keep her financial and personal information private.

However, Susan’s estimated net worth is around $110,000.

Susan has been working as a consultant, So that definitely contributes to her net worth.

Also, her divorce from millionaire sportsman Bill Walton is not to be forgotten. She gained a substantial amount and estates in the separation agreement and child support.

Bill Walton: Net Worth

Bill Walton had a lot of success with his basketball career and his current job as a sportscaster. So it is no secret the former player got some enormous money.

Bill Walton is estimated to be worth $20 million.

Well, it is no surprise Susan’s ex-husband, Bill is still on top of his game. Although Susan’s net worth is not as much as Walton’s, she lives her best life.

Susan Guth: Social Media

Apart from when Susan Guth was with former basketball player Bill Walton, Susan has not been in the limelight.

It seems that she enjoys minding her own business away from the media. Thus she isn’t active on any social media.


Is Susan Guth single?

After her divorce from Bill Walton, Guth has remained single and focused on her career.

Do Bill and Lori have children together?

Although Lori and Bill are married for over 3 decades now, they do not have a kid together.

What is Susan Guth’s net worth?

Susan Guth’s net worth is roughly estimated at $110,000.

What is Bill Walton’s net worth?

Bill Walton’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million, including his earnings from his former American Basketball player days.

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