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Antonio Brown: Kids, Career, Controversies & Net Worth

Any NFL fan knows the name, Antonio Brown. He is widely famous on and off the pitch for his exceptional skills and controversies.

Antonio Tavaris Brown Sr. is an American Footballer. Currently, he plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League.

He wears jersey number 81 and plays as a wide receiver.

Besides, he is also notorious for different scandals.

Antonio Brown
Work hard, play hard: Antonio Brown during a match practice. Source: Wikipedia

Antonio is still active on the field and winning the hearts of his fans with spectacular performances.

Moreover, even at 32, he is still delivering striking finishes in the area.

This article mentioned everything about Antonio Brown’s personal life, how his career took off, and his scandals and controversies.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts on Antonio Brown:

Full Name Antonio Brown Tavaris Sr.
Birth Date July 10, 1988
Birth Place Miami, Florida, USA
Residence Tampa, Florida, USA
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Hobbies Swimming, Pilates
Food Habit Non-vegetarian
Education Miami Norland Senior High School, Central Michigan University
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Father’s Name Eddie Brown
Mother’s Name Adrianne Moss
Siblings 1: Desmond Brown
Age 32 years
Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters)
Reach Not Available
Weight 84 kg (185 lbs)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Body type Lean
Profession American Footballer
Associated Teams Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Individual Awards Fantasy Player of the Year (2016), NFL Honors- Greatness on the Road (2016), AP NFL All-Pro First Team (2017)
Marital Status Engaged
Ex-girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss
Active Years
Children 5: Autonomy Brown, Antanyiah Brown, Apollo Brown, Ali Brown, Antonio Brown Jr.
Net Worth $20 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook
Merch Action Figure, Rookie Card, Signed Jersey
Last Update May 2024

Antonio Brown: Early life, Childhood, and Family

In Miami, Florida, Antonio was born to parents Eddie Brown and Adrianne Moss on July 10, 1998. He has one brother, Desmond.

The community Antonio grew up in was known for gangs and violence.

Brown did not have an easy childhood. Both of his parents were successful in their respective careers.

Thus, they both did not have enough time for their two children.

His father, Eddie, is one of the greatest Arena Footballers. He played for Albany/Indiana Firebirds.

Meanwhile, he started running and practicing with his father when he was eight years old on the firebirds field.

After a while, his parents separated, and his mother remarried.

However, Antonio did not get along with his stepfather. He hated his stepfather so much that he left home for six months when he was 16.

He stayed with his friends during this period.

Who is Eddie Brown?

Antonio’s father, Eddie (nicknamed ‘Touchdown Eddie’), is one of the most prominent Arena footballers. He was active in the field from 1994 to 2003.

In 2006, Eddie was voted as “Best League Player in History” as Arena Football League (AFL) celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Antonio’s brother Desmond

Desmond Brown, Antonio’s brother, is also a professional footballer.

He played linebacker and running back at Miami Norland Senior.

Likewise, he also played for Pittsburgh Panthers in the 2011 season.

Antonio Brown: Body Measurements, Religion, and Ethnicity

Antonio Brown has a lean and muscular body structure.

Likewise, he is 5 ft 11 inches (178 cms) tall and is about 85 kgs (185 lbs).

Moreover, his arm length is 31 inches, and his hand size is 9 inches. Brown is not the tallest of NFL players.

He follows the Christianity religion and claims his faith is more vital than anything else in his life.

His ethnicity is black, and he holds American citizenship.

Antonio Brown: Personal Life and Children

Children and Baby Mommas

Brown is not married yet. However, he is engaged to Chelsie Kyriss.

The couple has been on and off since 2012.

Antonio and Chelsie are on vacation.

Additionally, she is the mother of Antonio’s three children, but he has five children.

Antaniyah Brown is Antonio’s eldest daughter.

On March 18, 2008, she was born to Wiltrice Jackson’s mother.

Likewise, she also shares a love for basketball and football.

Antonio Brown Jr. was born to Antonio Brown and Shameika Brailsford in 2009.

Brailsford, however, accused Antonio Sr of being an absent father.

Autonomy Brown is the eldest son of Antonio and Chelsie Kyriss.

He was born on April 1, 2014, and he has already developed football skills!

Screenshot 2021 03 18 AB Boomin Himmothy ab • Instagram photos and videos2
The Champion Family: AB with his ex-fiancee and sons after the Buccaneers won the 2021 Super Bowl (via Chelsie’s Instagram)

Ali Brown is the second child of Antonio and Chelsie together.

He was born in 2015 and shared a loving relationship with his parents and siblings.

Apollo Brown is Antonio and Chelsie’s youngest son.

Moreover, he has an Instagram account with over 45K followers. He was born in 2017.

Who is Chelsie Kyriss?

Chelsie Kyriss was just an average woman living an everyday life until she met Antonio. She worked as an Assistant Manager in a local store.

Gradually, Kyriss upgraded herself as a social media influencer.

Consequently, she met Brown through a mutual friend.

The couple was attracted to each other at first sight and decided to date.

Later, she gained fame through Antonio’s success and the controversies the duo has faced.

Cheating Rumors

Antonio has faced several cheating allegations.

Likewise, his relationship with his fiancee is not a smooth one. They both are seen accusing each other of cheating time and again.

Brown accused Chelsie of cheating on him multiple times in 2019.

He also accused her of staying in his crib as a “guest,” Even when they were no longer together.

In her defense, Kyriss said, “one thing I don’t do is cheat.”

She backfired shots toward Brown as she continued to bring up his social media habits and scandals Brown creates to stay relevant.

Brown also posted some Instagram posts captioning “#NoWhiteWoman2020”.

He also filed lawsuits against her and called cops against Kyriss in a public fallout.

After some time, the couple got back together, and Antonio apologized to Chelsie via Instagram.

He also thanked Chelsie for being in his life and mother to his “beautiful children.”

Things are pretty smooth between the couple, as they recently shared pictures with lovey-dovey captions on social media.

Antonio Brown: Professional Life and Career

Brown followed in his father’s footsteps and stepped into sports at a young age.

However, his professional journey began in 2010, when he signed a contract with Pittsburg Steelers on June 15.

The fee is estimated to be about $1.28 million.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The contract was a 3-year deal between the club and Antonio.

He made a mark in his first season game in 2011 by catching five passes for 109 yards in a match against Baltimore Ravens.

Later, he was selected as a Punt returner for the 2012 Pro Bowl.

Likewise, he was also ranked 4th on the Top 100 NFL Players list in 2017.

After that, the team extended the contract with him.

The deal contained a contract to provide Antonio with a whopping $68 million with a $17 million annual price tag.

Adding to the list of successes, Antonio was ranked the best player in the Top 100 NFL players in 2018.

It shows Antonio is a lot devoted to his career.

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Oakland Raiders

Antonio moved to the Raiders in 2019. However, he missed several games due to a foot injury.

Before signing Brown off to Raiders, the Steelers had made a deal with Buffalo Bills.

However, the club dropped the contract after Brown protested on social media.

His records in Raiders are not good ones.

He has faced many on-field controversies while in Raiders, causing him to miss a lot of matches.

New England Patriots

Brown then signed a 14 million dollar contract with New England Patriots the same day Raiders released him.

However, after this, Brown faced many sexual allegations. Despite this, the Patriots still allowed him to practice with them.

Thus, he debuted for the Patriots in a match against Miami Dolphins.

He caught an impressive four passes for 56 yards in the game, including a touchdown and a 5-yard rush in a 43–0 road victory.

Nonetheless, one of the accusers posted more screenshots of Brown sending them intimidating messages.

His actions finally made the team cut him off.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brown revealed that he was retiring from NFL in 2020. However, he changed his mind four days later. He visited the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on October 24, 2020.

The team signed a one-year-long contract with him, including $1 million in salary. He was then assigned the #81 jersey.

They targeted him five times in his first game, and he caught three passes for 31 yards.

Recently, the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl, and Antonio was a part of the team.

He has been “booming” in the Buccaneers. Again he is using his talent for good.

The NFL player suffered an ankle injury on January 1, which resulted in him missing the rest of the season.

Furthermore, the injury update is that Brown must undergo surgery on his ankle.

The MRI reports showed some terrific injury updates; he dangerously hurt his ankle.

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Career Statistics

Brown’s NFL career statistics are simple mouth-watering to watch; the records are not impossible to break, but it would take some time for someone to beat these stats.

The following are Antonio’s career stats as of 2024:

  • Receptions: 928
  • Receiving yards: 12291
  • Rushing yards: 128
  • Return yards: 2934
  • Total touchdowns: 88

TV appearances

In March 2016, Brown announced that he was stepping into the world of TV shows.

He competed in season 22 of ‘Dancing with The Stars”.

He was paired up with professional dancer Sharna Burgess. The duo, however, was eliminated in the semi-finals.

In January 2019, he took part in the first season of ‘The Masked Singer.’

But he was eliminated on the first episode itself.


Antonio is also an artist and makes songs. Below is a music video that he has starred in and produced.

He indeed is a multi-talented person. We hope his music career blooms like his football career.

Antonio Brown: Controversies


Antonio Brown’s personal life is full of controversies.

In April 2018, he tossed a piece of furniture out of his 14th-floor apartment, hitting a 22-month-old. Consequently, he was sued.

He was also charged for speeding more than 100 mph along a Pittsburgh highway.

In 2019, Brown’s former trainer Britney Tailor filed a lawsuit against him. She accused him of exposing himself, raping her, and ejaculating on her back.

He denied the allegations and was not arrested for several reasons.

Fans and the general public also criticized him for vandalizing Buccaneer’s cameras and throwing a chair at a security guard.

Likewise, he once attacked a moving truck driver on his way home.

Later, Brown was charged with burglary of a vehicle, misdemeanor battery, and criminal mischief in March 2020.

After that, he went anger management therapy for 13 weeks.

He also underwent 100 hours of community service and psychological evaluation.

Similarly, Brown quit mid-game on January 1, 2022, against the Jets.

Furthermore, there was a piece of colossal news online that “Brown quits the game.”

Moreover, he claims that he didn’t quit, her was instead cut and taken out of the game!

The NFL fans criticized the legendary NFL player for leaving the field mid-game despite announcing his part of the story.

On January 7, 2022, Onlyfans model Ava Louise claimed Brown snuck her into his hotel room.

The sexy model also claimed that the two had sex right before the game.

Furthermore, it was an act of violation of the COVID protocol set by the Buccanneers’.

Despite the allegations, Brown completely denied the rumors.

Controversies at Raiders

In August 2019, Brown suffered from frostbite on his feet from wearing inappropriate footwear during the Cryotherapy session.

He also insisted on wearing his old helmet, although the NFL had banned it.

Moreover, he threatened to retire from football if they forced him to wear a new one.

He could not continue with the same helmet and had to get a new one as it did not meet the standards.

On September 4, Raiders’ Manager Mayock fined Brown $54K for unexcused absences and missing training sessions.

Likewise, Mayock accused Brown of verbally abusing and calling him a “cracker.”

He even threatened to hit Mayock. Consequently, the Raiders had to release Brown after many inexcusable behaviors.

Before this, he was fined $215K.

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Antonio Brown: Salary and Net Worth

As of 2024, Antonio Brown’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $20 million.

According to the contract he signed with the Buccaneers, his base salary is $1.5 million.

His wealth comes from his NFL career, sponsorships, advertisements, etc.

He has bought mansions and cars with his millions and goes on regular vacations.

Currently, he drives a Rolls Royce Wraith that costs around $315K. He custom-designed the car for himself.

Likewise, he owns a 6.6 million MTV-Cribs-style mansion at 3600 Estate Oak Circle. He custom-designed his home as well.

He recently sold his Pittsburgh mansion for more than $2 million.

Also, in 2017, Antonio got his youngest son a gold Rolex on his birthday.

Antonio Brown: Social Media Presence

Antonio is quite active on social media. On Instagram, he has over 8 million followers.

On Twitter, Antonio has over 1.6 million followers.

Likewise, he can also be found on Facebook as Antonio Brown. His Facebook page has over 737K followers.

Similarly, he is also on Snapchat, with around 1.53 million subscribers

Moreover, he posts videos regularly on Youtube. He has over 162K subscribers on the platform.

Antonio Brown: Fun facts

  • Antonio is basically “besties” with Dwyane Johnson, ‘The Rock.’
  • The duo sometimes workout together. Moreover, Brown mentioned that he “looks up to” The Rock.
  • He also regularly hangs out and works out with his childhood friend, Kayvon Webster. Webster also happens to be an NFL player.
  • Brown’s favorite workout is swimming during the off-season, and he avoids heavy lifting during that period.
  • As a typical Cancer, Antonio loves being around water bodies and swimming.
  • He also avoids drinking alcohol and maintains a healthy dietary habit.
  • Apart from lifting and swimming, Antonio loves Pilates.

Antonio Brown: FAQs

What’s the status of Antonio Brown?

Brown is currently an unrestricted free agent.

Is Antonio Brown retired?

No, Antonio is not retired yet. However, he once announced his retirement but came back to create havoc on the field.

Are Antonio and Chelsie Kyriss still together?

Yes, the couple is still together despite being on and off for years. Recently, they went on a family vacation together.

Is Antonio Brown featured in God’s Plan?

Yes, Brown appears in Drake’s music video for God’s Plan.

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