Tara Reid eating disorder

Tara Reid Eating Disorder: Weight Loss Before And After Surgery

Tara Reid has been facing body shamer critics for a long time. This article provides insights into Tara Reid’s eating disorder and more on her turbulent life. 

Tara Reid is an American actress. In American Pie, American Pie 2, and American Reunion movies, Reid portrayed Vicky in The Big Lebowski, and she performed Bunny Lebowski.

In addition, Tara played April Wexler in the television movie Sharknado in 2013, and she later appeared in five of its sequels.

In 1987, Tara made her movie debut in A Return to Salem’s Lot. Urban Legend (1998), Dr. T & the Women (2000), Josie and the Pussycats (2001), Van Wilder (2002), My Boss’s Daughter (2003), and Alone in the Dark are a few of the other movies she has appeared in.

In addition to being a housemate on the 2011 season of the British reality series Celebrity Big Brother 8, she hosted her reality travel show on the E! network in 2005 called Taradise.

Tara Reid Eating Disorder: Is She Anorexic?

Tara Reid has received the labels “scary skinny,” “stick thin,” and “super slim,” and it has frequently been implied that she has an eating disorder.

The actress made news after being seen on camera looking emaciated as she exited a car in front of the California restaurant Catch L.A. back in October 2017.

The 41-year-old says she has had enough of people telling her she is too thin in an emotional, exclusive interview with DailyMailTV, and she categorically rejects being anorexic.

Tara Reid eating disorder
Tara Reid denies having any eating disorder and rejects being anorexic as well. (Source: RadarOnline)

Reid, who claims to weigh 95 lb, said to DailyMailTV: “I am not anorexic.” I don’t have an eating disorder and have never been anorexic.

She said, “I’m just slim.” We don’t attack overweight people every time they leave the House.

The actress claims that she is frequently the object of street harassment, with people calling her names and staring at her in restaurants as they wonder what she will eat.

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She claimed that they watch everything I do, especially in restaurants, staring at me constantly. What I eat, if I eat. They are slandering me; I can hear it. I see it.

Reid claims she is not in denial about having a problem even though she was heavier when she was 20 and filming American Pie. Reid says she was overrated at the time and drank a lot of beer, contributing to her weight gain.

Tara Reid Weight Loss Before And After Surgery

A patchwork of tragedies makes up Tara Reid’s background, from botched plastic surgery to failed relationships to alcoholism and rehab stints.

Tara Reid, who starred in “American Pie,” is now 46. She has experienced rehab, and people also claim that she has an eating issue, botched plastic surgery that left her deformed, and a slew of scandals that have damaged her reputation.

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery
Tara Reid’s botched plastic surgery left her deformed. (Source: AmoMama)

Reid’s career, which had a promising beginning when she starred in “The Big Lebowski” with Jeff Bridges and the “American Pie” trilogy, has been harmed by her actions and the occasionally slanted press.

Reid suffered botched stomach liposuction and terrible breast augmentation in 2004, leaving her belly lumpy and uneven.

Reid was rightfully offended when pictures of herself in a swimsuit appeared on the front pages, along with remarks about how she “used to be hot.”

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Reid bravely proclaimed that she wouldn’t stop wearing a bikini while also expressing resentment at the terrible treatment of fans and the media.

Reid said that, despite the criticism from the trolls and haters, she accepted her altered physique as it was.

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