Dietmar Mogenburg: Family, Career & Net Worth

If people doubt how far you can go, go so far that you cannot hear them. That is an exact path, the one and only Dietmar Mogenburg followed.

Who is Dietmar Mogenburg, you may ask? Dietmar Mogenburg is a German Athlete who competed in the high jump category. 

Dietmar is known for winning gold at the 1984 Summer Olympics and 1982 European Championships. The number of achievements under his name is endless. 

Dietmar Mogenburg in recent years.
Dietmar Mogenburg in recent years.

Dietmar could not show the world his true potential from the beginning because Germany boycotted the Olympics in the initial days. But when Germany finally decided to show up at the Olympics, it blew everyone away. 

Dietmar is not into the fame and glory of the sports world. Rather he likes to live a peaceful, serene life. 

Despite his retirement from the world of high jumps, he is still one of the notable figures ever to live. In this article, you will find all that there is to know about Dietmar Mogenburg. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick just in case you did not know about the talented Dietmar Mogenburg. 

Full name Dietmar Mogenburg
Date of birth 15th August 1961
Age [calculate_years datestring=”08/15/1961″] Years Old
Birthplace Leverkusen, West Germany.
Religion Christian
Nationality German
Ethnicity Not Available
Education Not Available
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Leo
Height 6 feet and 7 inches
Weight 80 kg
Spouse Kristin Gussgard Gran
Children One son and one daughter
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Net Worth $12 million
Siblings Not Available
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Profession Professional High Jumper
Current team Retired 
Nickname Dietmar
Salary Not Available
Social Media Not Available
Debut year 1980 AD
Merch of Olympic  Clothing, Flags
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Dietmar Mogenburg: Early Life

Dietmar Mogenburg was born on 15 August 1961 in Leverkusen of West Germany. His parents’ names have not been revealed yet. Neither has any information about their profession or whereabouts ever been detailed.

Dietmar is a single child. So, he got to enjoy all the attention and care of his parents. 

Apart from that, his father was rigid about the rules, while his mother was loving and nurturing.  

When Dietmar was growing up, the economy of Germany was not that well. So, Dietmar’s parents seemed to struggle somewhat. 

Dietmar Moegenburg during 1990.
Dietmar Moegenburg during 1990.

But the parents did not let Dietmar ever feel the lack of anything. On the contrary, they worked hard and made a lot of sacrifices for him. 

Dietmar was an active child in his school and took part in much of the athletics. In addition, he was part of the track and field club. Thus, Dietmar chose to study sports management during his teenage.

Unfortunately, we don’t from where did Dietmar receive his high school degree. 

He trained hard as a teenager to get into the national team. From what it seems, all that hard work and dedication paid off.

Dietmar Mogenburg: Personal Life

Dietmar Mogenburg is a German citizen. When it comes to religious beliefs, he is Christian, and his ethnicity is not known.

Born in August, Dietmar is a Leo in the zodiac charts. Leo is a fire sign, and they are known to be egoistic. 

Leo people have traits such as being loyal, humble, passionate, optimistic, and arrogant. Dietmar is the perfect example of Leos when it comes to their worker-bee side as he puts all his time and effort into something he loves. 

Dietmar is a very patriotic person and was bent on winning all the achievements for his country. However, he does not believe in success coming overnight but results from his many nights of persistence. 

The German athlete wants to embark on the same knowledge to the younger generation, who have it easier. 

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Married Life

During the pinnacle of his success, Dietmar was one of the most eligible bachelors in Germany. But he had his heart set out for someone special already.

Dietmar Mogenburg is married to Kristin Gussgard Gran, who is a Norwegian. The couple met in their twenties and instantly fell in love after dating. 

But despite being from two different nations, the stars seemed to align for them. 

After dating, Dietmar proposed to Kristin, and the two got married in the late 1980s.

The couple is still married happily to this day. There have been no rumors of affair or conflict of any sort.

Surprisingly, Kristin is also an athlete who competes in the long jump category, but she is not an Olympic athlete. 


The couple is blessed with two children. Their firstborn was born on 18 February 1990. 

Their first blessing was a son named Jonas Mogenburg. Then soon after came along the news of a second baby girl named Katarina Mogenburg.

Katarina Mogenburg was born on the 16th of July in 1991. 

Dietmar Mogenburg with his son Jonas.
Dietmar Mogenburg with his son Jonas.

Dietmar and Kristin were dedicated to be the best parent. Thus, they were very supportive of their children’s decisions.

Both Jonas and Katrina followed in the footsteps of their parents and became athletes. 

Katarina competes in the high jump category like her father. In 2018 at the German Indoor Championship, she won the gold and made her parents proud. 

Likewise, Jonas is not far behind and competes in the long jump like his mother. In addition, he competes with the Norwegian national team. 

Dietmar Mogenburg: Professional Career

At the age of eighteen, Dietmar had a strong start on the 26th of May in 1980. He jumped 2.35 meters which was considered to be the World Outdoor Junior record.

Mogenburg was supposed to represent Germany in the Moscow Olympics of 1980. Sadly, he could not do so because West Germany boycotted the Olympics.

In the 1981 Indoor Championship, Dietmar took home the bronze medal with a score of 2.25 meters. 

Dietmar had improved a great deal by the next year and was ready to take on the championships. He won the European Indoor Championship and European Championship in the same year.

Again at the 1983 World Championship, Dietmar secured fourth place.

In the 1984 European Indoor Championship held in Gothenburg of Sweden, Dietmar defended his title with 2.33 meters jump.

Correspondingly, Dietmar went on to bring gold for Germany with his 2.35 meters jump at the Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles of USA.

Dietmar claimed it to be the greatest moment in his career. 

Dietmar Mogenburg representing Germany.
Dietmar Mogenburg representing Germany.

Later Years

Dietmar won the European indoor Championship for the third time in a row in 1986. But, in the same year, he got fourth place and missed the podium at the European Championships. 

The 1987 season was not impressive, as Dietmar got fourth place in the World Championship.

He made his record best jump at the European Championships in 1988, where he got the silver medal for his efforts. Then at the Olympics of 1988 in Seoul, South Korea, he could not perform well and got the sixth position.

The next year, he claimed his victory at European Indoor Championship in the Netherlands. The same year he went on to win silver at the World Indoor Championship.

The final medal Dietmar got was at the European Indoor Championship in 1990. Then in the 1992 Olympics, he got 27th position. 

After this, Dietmar decided to retire from his career. But for his excellent performances for his country, he had been awarded the Sports Badge of North-Rhine Westfalia in 1984 and the Rudolf Harbig Gedachtnispreis Memorial Award in 1988.

Dietmar Mogenburg: Net Worth 

After making a name for himself in the sports industry, Dietmar earned quite a fortune for himself. 

Dietmar’s mainly earned from his title rewards and also sponsorship deals from various sports brands.

Dietmar Mogenburg has an estimated net worth of $12 million as of 2021. 

Unfortunately, there is no information about his annual income. 

Dietmar and his wife Kristin moved to a mansion in Norway near Holmenkollen in 2006. And they are not flashy when it comes to their wealth. 

From what it seems, it is pretty clear that the family lives a pretty comfortable life with Dietmar’s earnings. 

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Dietmar Mogenburg: Physical Appearance 

Dietmar is six feet and seven inches tall and weighs around 80 kgs. 

The Olympian used to have an athletic build. But even in his sixties, he still has a healthy body because of his nutritious diet. 

We do not know the exact body measurements of Dietmar. Unfortunately, neither has his shoe size been revealed. 

Dietmar has blonde hair and brown eyes. The most distinct feature of him is his long nose. 

Further, Dietmar has a fair skin complexion. He does not have any facial hair or tattoos.

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Dietmar Mogenburg: Social Media

Maybe it is the fact that he belongs to a different generation, but Dietmar is not active on any social media. And it does not seem like he will be joining any social media platform any time soon.


  • Dietmar owns a beautiful house in Olso, with the scenery of beautiful landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Dietmar Mogenburg still alive?

Yes, Dietmar Mogenburg is still alive and well.

What is the personal best of Dietmar Mogenburg?

The personal best record of Dietmar Mogenburg is 2.27 meters at the European Indoor Championship.

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