Taylan May Assault Video: Is He Arrested? Charge And Suspension

Taylan May assault video has been out via CCTV footage. And he has been receiving a lot of support as well as backlash after the video went viral.

May is a 21 years old football player from Australia. He currently serves as a winger for his team “Penrith Panthers.” He has also been involved in Samoa International Rugby League since 2022. 

Likewise, Taylan was drafted by the National Rugby League (NRL) in the 21st Round of the 2021 NRL Season. He has been a great player for Penrith, and fans absolutely adore him for his fearless playing style. Also, he has 2 brothers, Tyrone and Terell May, and they are also Rugby League Players.

But, while the footballer’s professional career has only begun, he has been getting involved in various controversies, which might be detrimental to his future.

Taylan May Assault Video Explained

Taylan May assault video is now all over the media.

The video is almost a year old, but it became viral as he was recently declared guilty by the court on 31st August 2022. Now talking about the video, the CCTV footage showed Tyler walking up to a man, grabbing him by his color, and then banging him into the floor.

According to Fox News, the man immediately fell to the ground and was reported to have suffered a sprained neck. The incident happened at Sunshine Coact Pub on October 2021, where May went to celebrate his team’s victory.

Taylan May Assault Video
Taylan May has been charged guilty for assault (Source: 7 news)

As of 2022, May has been reported guilty by the court for the assault, and NRL has also punished him.

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Is Taylan May Arrested? Charges

No, Taylan May was not arrested but has been charged.

He has been charged with assault accusation. According to The Daily Mail, the Maroochydore Local Court judge, Matthew McLaughlin, stated May’s actions as “reprehensible” and “cowardly.”

However, in his defense, the footballer claims that he was provoked to do so as the man he assaulted was a supporter of his opposition football league. The victim was constantly harassing him and his teammates throughout the night.

Additionally, as per 7 News, the security personnel of the pub said he heard the victim verbally abusing the footballers despite being warned to stop his harassment.

Taylan May after his recent trial
Taylan May after his recent trial (Source: Journal Break)

Taylan has further been asked to pay a fine of $1000 to the victim. Fortunately, no criminal conviction was charged against Taylan. Nonetheless, the winger apologized to the victim in front of the media during his latest trial.

Taylan May Suspension: What Did He Do?

As per Fox News, Taylan has been suspended from playing 2 games.

The suspension was announced against May by NRL on 6th September 2022. The sanction further included a two-game ban to be served next season and a $7500 fine that was 50% deferred. 

Similarly, Taylan will serve the suspension in the next season, 2023. But, some people have criticized the decision to let May play in this season’s final series. Also, the NRL 360 host Paul labeled NRL’s decision as disgraceful.

However, one of his teammates backed Taylan up by saying, “It’s great (that he’s playing), you want your best players on the park, and he’s been massive for us this year.” He further said that the public is very quick to make assumptions about others, but if only they had known May in real life, they would know how great he is.”

Another teammate said everyone has to be careful about what they do in public, and he is delighted to play alongside Taylan.

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