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Herbert Kohler Wife Natalie Ann Black: Children And Net Worth Update

Herbert Kohler wife Natalie Ann Black, has been on the keen list of people lately following the recent death of Herbert. Find out about her here.

Herbert Kohler, the founder of Kohler Company which manufactures plumbing products, ranked #365 in The World’s Richest People and #235 in The World’s Billionaires List on Forbes’ list of the 400 wealthiest Americans. 

Herbert graduated in 1957 from The Choate School, now known as Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut. He graduated from Yale University in 1965. He studied Industrial Administration at University and graduated, after which he went to work for the company. 

The billionaire did not want to work for Kohler Company until his father called and offered him a job. Before he began working, his father agreed to a few conditions regarding his work and position at the company.

Herbert Kohler Wife Natalie Anna Black

In 1988, Herbert married Natalie Black, and together they built a life focused on global business growth.

Herbert Kohler wife Natalie Black Kohler, has retired as Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer at Kohler Co. She also serves as President of the Kohler Foundation. She is a member of the company’s Board of Directors.

Herbert Kohler Wife Natalie Anna Black
Natalie Anna Black, Herbert Kohler’s Wife (Source:campdenfb)

Natalie was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and raised in Hudson, Ohio. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, receiving a bachelor’s degree in biology.

After graduating college, Black taught high school science for two years before moving to the Chicago area with her husband, Herbert Kohler Jr. The couple has three children together and currently lives in Kohler’s hometown of Kohler, Wisconsin. 

Herb was devoted to his family and frequently took them on exciting vacations. According to close friends, his ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren can instantly calm his rambunctious personality.

Herbert Kohler Natile Anna Black Age: Their Married Life Explored 

Now 67, Herbert married his wife, Natalie Ann, in 1998. Together they had two children, Brett and Kiersten. 

Natalie black is age 62. Herbert was a titan of industry who believed he could forge business success out of anything–and that’s what he did! 

His namesake company is responsible for some of the most famous toilets on earth and was recently recognized as the number one plumbing fixture maker by sales volume in America. 

He sold the company to American Standard in 1994 but remained its chairperson.

Herbert Kohler Net Worth (Updated)

Herbert Kohler’s net worth is $7.6 billion, and he owns the family-owned business, The Kohler Company. His wife, Natalie Ann Black, was also an heiress to a company called Rhone Poulenc, where she served as director from 1991-2000. 

After her father died in 2000, she inherited a 12% stake in his company. 

The couple shares one son, and the combined family net worth is $11 billion. They reside in the historic Georgian Mansion on Fox Hill overlooking Lake Michigan. In January 2018, they announced they were donating $10 million to their alma mater, the University of Wisconsin, for scholarships and future research on environmental sustainability at Lake Mendota.

David, his son, is the CEO. Herb Kohler’s grandfather established the business in 1873 to produce hitching posts and farm tools. The company earns $6 billion in revenue from selling furniture, tile, engines and generators, and the toilets and faucets for which it is best known. Kohler owns two golf resorts in Kohler, Wisconsin, and the Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews, Scotland.

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Herbert Kohler Wife Natalie Ann Black Children & Family

Herb Kohler had three children from his first marriage. His daughters name Laura Elizabeth Kohler and Rachel DeYoung Kohler, and one son was named K. David Kohler.

Karger David Kohler (born June 9, 1966) is an American businessman who is the president and CEO of Kohler Company and the fourth generation of the Kohler family of Wisconsin to lead the company since its founding in 1873. Kohler serves on the board of directors of the Green Bay Packers.

Kohlers bathtub
Herbert Kohler Children Image Source: (camdenFB)

Laura Kohler was born on February 14, 1962, in Chicago, Illinois, to Herbert Kohler, Jr. and Linda Kohler (née Karger). David Karger Kohler and Rachel DeYoung Kohler are her siblings.

Kohler earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Duke University and a master’s degree in fine arts from the Catholic University of America.

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