Taysom Hill Tattoo

New Orleans Saints: How Many Tattoo Does Taysom Hill Have? Their Meaning And Design

Does Taysom Hill Have Tattoo on his body? This article gives insights on New Orleans Saints tight end, Taysom Hill Tattoo, and more. 

In Week 7’s Thursday night game, the New Orleans Saints and Arizona Cardinals will square off. The run-heavy Saints offense will be visiting the pass-first Arizona attack in this game, featuring a clash of two very different offensive philosophies.

The New Orleans Saints’ Taysom Hill will get the start at quarterback against the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday night.

He takes over for Trevor Siemian, who lost all four games he started after Jameis Winston suffered an injury in Week Eight.

Since Taysom Hill joined in 2017, their quarterback room has been one of the most intriguing in the game. Due to Hill’s versatility, the position has always had a sense of surprise.

Jameis Winston, the starting quarterback, has been hurt recently, which is the biggest problem. He suffered four cracked vertebrae in his back this season and tore his ACL the previous season.

Taysom Hill Tattoo: Meaning And Design

There are no tattoos visible on Taysom Hill’s body. In addition, Taysom has never talked about having any tattoos on his body.

So, it’s very likely that Taysom Hill has no tattoo on his body. Even if he does have it, Taysom doesn’t want the public to know about it.

One of the most distinctive players in the history of fantasy football is Hill. He is the epitome of a gadget player, but his positional eligibility intrigues him.

Taysom Hill Tattoo
Taysom Hill does not have a visible tattoo on his body. (Source: Fox 8)

Hill is scoring an average of 12.7 PPR fantasy points per game through six games. He is the TE5 overall. He hasn’t, however, actually been a weekly starter. On the season, Hill has accumulated 63.5 fantasy points.

However, 53% of those points came from a 34.1 total TE1 outburst in Week 5. Hill has recorded 15.3, 1.4, 8.1, and 4.5 in his other four games.

It’s impossible to judge Hill based on who the Saints face since it hardly matters. The Cardinals are horrible at stopping tight ends. Tight ends have accounted for a league-high 33.7% of the receiving yards they have allowed. Hill is not a tight end. Thus this doesn’t matter to him.

Hill’s snap share is at a season-high of 33%. He almost always takes the snap as the quarterback each time he enters the field. Hill has yet to run more than four routes in a single game. Since Week 1, he hasn’t received a pass or seen a target.

Taysom Hill Net Worth In 2024

According to Mediareferee, Taysom Hill has an estimated net worth of $500,000 in total. But given the special contract he just signed, things might soon change. This new agreement may be worth between $40 million and $95 million.

The position he plays will determine how much he is paid. He played a special role in Drew Brees’ offense last year, which he also took over when Brees got hurt and helped the Saints win the NFC South.

Hill now has an opportunity to permanently take over as the starter, which would be very lucrative.

Taysom Hill Net worth
Taysom Hill plays as a tight end for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League. (Source: DraftKings Nation)

According to reports, most of the additional payments stipulated in the deal call for him to take at least 224 passes in a season and play more than 70% of the quarterback’s snaps.

This Thursday night at the Superdome, he plans to start. The Saints and Cowboys played last Thursday night on Thanksgiving and lost at home; they’ll be hoping to turn things around in this one.

There are multiple Ws on the line for Hill. How well he performs against the Dallas defense could determine his future as the starting quarterback.

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