Are Tom Kim and Si Woo Kim related

Are Tom Kim And Si Woo Kim Related? Family Tree And Net Worth Difference

Are Tom Kim And Si Woo Kim related? No! They are not brothers either. Both of them are talented golfers from South Korea and were teammates at President Cup 2022.

Born Kim Joo-Hyung, Tom Kim is a professional golfer born on 21 June 2002. He has won once on PGA Tour and twice on the Asian Tour. He also bagged two victories on the Korean Tour.

Tom has been Joo-Hyung’s nickname since childhood, after the TV series Thomas & Friends’ character Thomas the Tank Engine.

On the other hand, Kim Si-woo, aka Si Woo Kim, is also a professional golfer from the same country, born on 28 June 1995. He plays on PGA Tour. The Yonsei University graduate won the 2017 Players Championship and became the event’s youngest winner.

Are Tom Kim And Si Woo Kim Related?

As both Si Woo Kim and Si Woo Kim are two talented golfers from South Korea with the same family name, many are keen to know if they are related or not. Some people have also speculated that the golfers are brothers.

Except for their same nationality and family name, Tom Kim and Si Woo Kim don’t have any blood relations. They are not brothers. Instead, we can say that they are teammates. The golfers played on the same team at President’s Cup golf championship in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Are Tom Kim and Si Woo Kim related
Tom Kim, left, runs to teammate Si Woo Kim after he made a birdie putt to win a point for the International team during four-ball match play at the Presidents Cup golf championship on 24 September 2022. (Source: UPI)

Along with Im Sung-Jae and Lee Kyoung-hoon, Tom Kim and Si Woo Kim put a solid performance at the 2022 Presidents Cup. Although the International team lost to the United States by 17.5 to 12.5, they recorded impressive personal results.

Si Woo Kim became the International team’s top scorer at the event, which ended on 25 September. Similarly, Tom Kim stole the show. All his teammates and captains have praised his talent.

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Family Of Si Woo Kim And Tom Kim

Tom Kim hails from a family of golfers. His Father, Kim Chang-ik, is a professional golfer who played on the Tour before starting his golf-teaching profession. Tom Kim’s mother runs a restaurant.

As the son of a professional player, Joo-Hyung has played golf ever since he was six with his dad. At 11, he decided to become a pro as he wanted to be like his hero Tiger Woods. For clarity, Tom Kim is a mega fan of American professional golfer Tiger Woods.

Moreover, the Asian Tour winner lived with his parents in countries like China, Australia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Si Woo Kim was also born in Seoul and completed his high school education at Sinsung High. He considers his Father is the only teacher he has ever had. If not a golfer, the 27 years-old athlete would be a soccer player. He is a massive fan of Christiano Ronaldo.

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Tom Kim Net Worth Vs. Si Woo Kim Net Worth

Si Woo Kim’s net worth must be a massive sum. According to Spotrac, his total career earnings are $17,026,043. In 2021 alone, he has bagged $3,245,928.

The Yonsei Univerisity alum turned professional in 2012. He has established himself as one of the most successful golfers. Likewise, the PGA Tour winner, Tom Kim, turned professional in 2018. But within a short period, he has proved his worth.

Tom Kim’s net worth primarily contributes to his earnings as a golfer. As per PGA Tour, Tom Kim’s total career earnings are $2,922,838.

Hopefully, both athletes will continue to accomplish more successes in the coming days. We wish them Good Luck!

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