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No, Jacqueline Wilson Is Not Trish Johnson Partner: Marriage And Relationship

After wild speculations that Trish Johnson partner is Jacqueline Wilson, sources have confirmed whether the two are involved romantically with each other or not.

English professional golfer Patricia Mary ‘Trish’ Johnson was born on 17 January 1966 to a family who loved sports.

In addition to Patricia, all three of her brothers are golf enthusiasts, and one even plays the sport professionally.

The self-taught golfer got into sports from a young age and loved playing badminton, tennis, and soccer other than golf.

After debuting as a professional player in 1987, Johnson earned her name and won many competitions.

After bagging the South Western Championship twice in 1983 and 1984, she was also the England Under-23 and Under-21 Champion in 1984.

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Is Jacqueline Wilson Trish Johnson Partner?

Born on 17 December 1945, Dame Jacqueline Wilson is a successful English novelist. She is widely known for her work in literature for children.

She has written over 100 books after publishing her debut novel in 1969. Fans of the beloved author were left stunned when the 74-year-old author revealed the truth about her sexuality.

Wilson made headlines when she came out as gay in April 2020.

She was also transparent about the hardships she had to face as a queer woman.

Despite receiving support and love from friends and being in a fulfilling relationship, Wilson was not completely happy because her mother did not accept her true identity.

Wilson’s mother had never been a fan of her ex-husband, nor had she liked any of her friends. So when she disapproved of her relationship with her partner, Trish, the author was devastated.

Jacqueline Wilson
Jacqueline Wilson has been in a relationship with her partner, Trish Johnson, for 18 years. (Source: Instagram)

Confusion has risen as Wilson’s partner has the same name as the professional English golfer. Though Wilson is in a loving relationship, she is not a professional golfer, Trish Johnson partner.

Not much is known about Trish Johnson partner or relationship status. It is, however, known that she has never been married or engaged to anyone.

Despite people’s interest in the talented golfer’s personal life, there is no information, not just about Trish Johnson partner or any of her past involvements.

Trish Johnson is a career-oriented woman who is not focused on dating and relationships.

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Jacqueline Wilson Came Out As Gay At 74

When Jacqueline Wilson came out as gay in 2020, her statement became a huge sensation and inspired readers and people of the LGBT community greatly.

Wilson’s novels are a huge hit among both parents and children. Unlike the majority of children’s books, her novels discuss important and realistic topics such as divorce and adoption in simple ways.

The best-selling children’s novelist was often questioned why her characters are not queer.

To this, she remarked that her writing had always been about children’s problems. She expressed that she had never seen being gay as a problem.

She further expressed that she never saw herself becoming an inspiration for young lesbians. Wilson believes there are more glamorous examples for teenage girls to look up to.

Wilson’s coming out was well-timed with the launch of her book, Love Frankie, about gay love.

Jacqueline Wilson's book Love Frankie
The story in Love Frankie reflects personal experiences as a queer woman. (Source: Instagram)

Trish Johnson partner said that she had always wanted to write a story about a girl falling in love with another girl.

According to Wilson, Love Frankie is an honest and truthful book about precisely that.

Other than the story of two girls in love, the book also features a sick mother, break-ups, bullies, and sibling rivalry.

Despite being centered around two gay teenagers, the book is aimed at all teenagers regardless of their sexuality.

It is safe to say that the book is one of Wilson’s pride possessions among all her best sellers. She proudly admitted to putting great effort, heart, and soul into Love Frankie.

She confessed to taking inspiration from her experiences as a queer woman.

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