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Vanessa Ray Weight Gain Before And After: Measurement Husband And Children

Vanessa Ray’s weight gain has been observed by many people looking at her before and after pictures, and she has claimed it to be true herself. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder causing disbalance in her diet.

As Ray has been popular for being an actress since 2003, her admirers have questioned the drastic change in her body structure, and she disclosed the same in an interview. 

Similarly, she is mostly known for portraying Pretty Little Liars as Charlotte Drake; and acting as Jenny on the legal drama series Suits. Along with her brilliant performance, she was awarded Teens Choice Award under choice TV villain in 2015.

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Vanessa Ray Weight Gain Before And After Measurement 

Vanessa Ray has gained weight when comparing her before and after pictures. She revealed in an interview with The Pink Lemonade Stand podcast that her weight gain was the cause of her being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Says Bikini Pic “Stresses Me Out”
‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Says Bikini Pic “Stresses Me Out” [Source- 2 Paragraphs in Blue Bloods, Culture ]
When she suffered from that issue, she started overeating and had no control over her diet. She used to excessively eat junk and fast foods leading to her weight growth. 

Her not eating healthy foods, drinking, and using drugs caused something one could have never imagined. However, her exact measurement is not available as of now.

She went through a rough patch a couple of years ago and “kind of lost all value in myself,” she said. At the same time, Vanessa felt guilty as she had a successful career and did not want to ruin it.

Now, she is taking care of her mental and physical health well. She exercises daily, has changed her diet to healthy, and is sure to stay in touch with her loved ones. She is also taking her medications properly.

Vanessa Ray Husband And Children

41-year-old Vanessa Ray has been married twice, and as of now, she has no children. She was married to actor Derek James Baynham on January 8, 2003, but their association did not last long.

Sadly, the couple parted ways in 2009. Then, she got engaged to her boyfriend, Landon Beard. Before their engagement, the couple has been together dating for six years!

In March 2015, Ray expressed her happiness on Instagram and Twitter that she was engaged to her boyfriend. When seeing through her social media feed, the duo looks like love birds enjoying themselves together.

Similarly, they married at the Condor’s Nest Ranch in eastern San Diego County, California, on June 14, 2015. The couple is still together, living happily.

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Vanessa Ray Has Had More Good Years than Bad with Husband Landon Beard
Vanessa Ray Has Had More Good Years than Bad with her Husband Landon Beard [Source- Hollywood Mask]

Vanessa Ray Parents: Meet Valrie Liptak And James Liptak

Vanessa Ray was born on June 1981, in Livermore, California, to her parents, Valrie Liptak and James Liptak. Now it makes sense that she got her name similar to her mother. 

Likewise, she belongs to a mixed ethnic group as she is a combination of English, Hungarian, and Sovak. 

She also has a sibling as she shared a post of their childhood when they were small on the occasion of international siblings day. His name is Peter Liptak.

Not only that, she has shared pictures with her mom on the occasion of national daughters day and appreciates being her daughter. Moreover, while scrolling through, more family pictures can be observed.

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