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What Happened To Kaycee On The Challenge? Girlfriend Nany Gonzalez And Net Worth

Kaycee Clark has exited from The Challenge: Ride or Dies premiere after being tested for COVID-19. The show’s host, TJ, had only said, “Well, stating the obvious, we live in crazy times right now, and already Kaycee and Kenny had to leave the game.”

The audiences were suspicious for various reasons, as Clark had left The Challenge without giving a reason. She was also the winner in the previous season.

What Happened To Kaycee On The Challenge?

Kaycee left The Challenge after being tested positive for COVID-19. Kaycee previously also had tested positive for the virus.

Kaycee The Challenge
Kaycee and Kenny on The Challenge (Source: Instagram)

Interviewing with Entertainment, the Big Brother season 20 winner said she did not go on Big Brother All-Stars as he had COVID. According to Clark, she got contaminated while traveling and visiting Argentina while filming the Challenge.

 Thus she and her younger brother, Kenny, were picked as the favorites to win this season. The strong contender has to go very quickly due to health protocols.

The host word ” crazy times” has become perfect for the situation as the pandemic has made every individual’s living more challenging.

Since the show must go on, the reality show, The Challenge replacing the Clark siblings, has presented two new teams, Horacio Gutierrez and Olivia Kaiser, fighting to try to win The Challenge: Ride or Dies alongside Nam Vo and Emmy Russ.

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Meet Kaycee Girlfriend, Nany Gonzalez

Kaycee and Nany have been in a romantic relationship for more than a year. The lovebirds met each other while filming Total Madness in 2019.

Kaycee with her girlfriend Nany
Kaycee with her girlfriend Nany (Source: Instagram)

Both of them are reality show stars. Nany was on Total Madness for many years; however, Kaycee was the first time in the show.

The show brought the lovers together, and several rumors of them hooking up had come to the media. However, Clark was in a relationship with Tayler Jiminez at the time.

After their last season on The Challenge, they had been traveling the world together. The audiences are happier after listening to their plans about marriage and children. 

Talking with U.S. Weekly, Nany opened up about their plans and said, “The next step would be marriage. And then, of course, there would be children, and that would…come with IVF and all of that.”

The couple is grateful to meet at The Challenge, as the show has provided a strong foundation to understand and experience their lives together.

Kaycee Clark Net Worth Revealed

The net worth of Kaycee Clark is estimated to be around one million dollars. She is the winner of Big Brother 20 and is the first openly gay female contestant in the show since 2015.

She has also played football and has been a player for the San Diego Surge of the Women’s Football Alliance as a wide receiver.

Her principal source of income is her reality television job. She is also a fitness enthusiast who has sponsored several items on Instagram .

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