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What Happened To Lee Corso- Is He Sick? Illness And Health Update

American sports broadcaster and football analyst Lee Corso was hospitalized for two weeks due to an undisclosed medical condition. Thankfully, he is back of the “College GameDay” in Knoxville for Tennessee-Alabama after ‘hell of a scare.’

 The eighty-seven-year football analyst and former coach have been featured on ESPN‘s College GameDay program since its inception in 1987.

His technique of hosting the show is humorous, while his co-hosts Desmond Howard, Rece Davis, and Kirk Herbstreit cover the major college football games.

What Happened To Lee Corso?

Though the illness of Lee Corso has not been disclosed to the public, he probably had some major health issues. He went to the hospital and had two weeks of medication there.

Lee Corso
Lee Corso is back to the show (Source: Twitter)

His last appearance on the set came in Knoxville before the Vols’ 38-33 win over Florida on the twenty-fourth 0f September.

Talking about his stay in the hospital, he said that a nurse sarcastically told Lee that he became sick due to chanting bad things about Clemson last week.

The nurse thus further added that she did not find any wonder about Corso being in the hospital.

Though Lee jokingly talked about the conversation between him and his nurse, he did not utter about his illness reason to the general public.

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Is Lee Corso Sick? Illness And Health Updates

Lee Corso seems to have recovered mostly from his illness. He has confirmed that his doctor cleared him to return to the program.

He had a hell of a scare for a moment. However, going through medications, he seems to have recovered fully.

He neither has skipped a beat with the rest of the crew after returning from the hospital.

He is all set to join Herbstreit, and ESPN analysts Rece Davis, Desmond Howard, and Pat McAfee on Saturday set ahead of No. 8 Tennessee football’s game against No. 1 Alabama.

The tradition of checking in by analyst Kirk Herbstreit with Corso continued before the show went live. Prioritizing Lee, Herbstreit asked if he was feeling well.

Returning the answer, coach Lee said he feels good after recovering from the illness.

He had suffered a stroke on May 16, 2009, due to which he suffered partial paralysis and could not speak for a month. At the time, the football analyst was kept in intensive care for three days and a week in the hospital.

Details To Lee Corso Family

Lee Corso was born to his Father, Alessandro, and his mother, Irma, in Cicero, Illinois, on August 7, 1935.

Lee Corso Wife
Lee Corso with his wife Betsy (Source: Players bio)

His parents were Italian immigrants, and his Father fled Italy during the first world war at fifteen. 

His Father had a second-grade education, whereas his mother had a fifth-grade education. Thus, Alessandro served as a lifelong laborer, and Irma served in school cafeterias and boarding schools.

Lee has been married to his wife, Betsy, since 1957. The couple is blessed with four children and ten grandchildren.

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