What Is Wrong With Gabbie Hanna’s Nose? Has She Done A Surgery – Family And Net Worth

Gabbie Hanna’s nose is different, and fans wonder if she has done a nose job, but according to what she said publicly, she never has done a nose job; she has probably used Botox injections for her nose to straighten them.  

Hanna is a popular singer, Tik-toktor and Youtuber. She was primarily known for her TikTok account when she started posting videos of her singing songs. 

Gabbie was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania, US, on 7 February 1991. Her full name is Gabbie Haubrich.

She is known for her debut album “Trauma Queen,” released on 22 July 2022, and for her songs like Out Loud and Bad Karma. 

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What Is Wrong With Gabbie Hanna’s Nose? Has She Done A Surgery

Gabbie’s nose has been her largest source of insecurity; she has openly stated that she would have loved to have a nose job in the past, but she has never done so and is now content with what she has. She also stated that she enjoys having a unique and distinctive nose.

Hanna gets trolled by her nose by many online social sites, but she always takes that as a compliment.  

She always wanted a straight nose, but now that she never had one, she started loving what she had. She mentioned that she always filmed her left side only because of her nose. 

According to what she has been sharing with the public, she never had any surgery. But she has used Botox injections in her face and nose to help them “straighten” and to correct perceived imperfections.

Gabbie has mentioned in many interviews that she loves how her nose is and doesn’t care about what the public thinks. 

Gabbie Hanna ( source:alamy.com)
Gabbie Hanna ( source:alamy.com)

This is what is said: “I love having a prominent nose. I love having a different nose. My nose fits my face. This is who I am. My nose sets me apart.

My nose defines me,” “I’ve always liked my nose, and I get so much hate on my nose. And honestly, I don’t get why. I mean, it’s bigger than many people’s noses, but I like my nose.”

She also published a song about it on her YouTube channel, one titled “I GOT A NOSE JOB” and another with “THE REASON I M GETTING A NOSE JOB.” 

Hanna mentioned what she thought and everything about her nose. She has explained how insured she was and how now she doesn’t care about another opinion about her nose. 

So, she has filtered her lips and used injections in the nose but has not done any surgery until 2022. Hanna hasn’t had a nose job or any other surgery. 

Gabbie Hanna Family 

Hanna was born to James Hanna and Michelle Hanna on 7 February 1991 in New Castle, Pennsylvania, US.

She has six siblings altogether, five sisters and a brother. Cherisa Rhae and Monica McCormick are her older sisters, Cecilia Hanna, Genny Hanna, and Madelynn Hanna are younger than Gabbie, and Sam Hanna is her brother. 

Gabbie is single currently but has been dating Payton Saxon for a long time. 

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Gabbie Hanna’s Net Worth

Gabbie Hanna is an American international personality; she writes songs and is also known as a singer, Tik-toker, and Youtuber. 

She has almost 2.4 million on her official Instagram account, more than 2 million on her Tiktok account, and 5.36 million Subscribers on her YouTube.

As per the updated August 2022, her net worth is approximately $2 Million. 

Her income source is from her social media account, Tiktok, YouTube, and her original Albums.

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