What Did Meowbahh Do To Technoblade?

What Did Meowbahh Do To Technoblade? How Old Is He- Twitter Explored

What Did Meowbahh Do To Technoblade? Meowbahh was heavily criticized for posting offensive NSFW artwork following the death of the Technoblade, an American Youtuber.

Australian YouTuber Meowbahh, famed as Meowbah or Meow, rose to immense popularity in a short period, notably for their voice and usage of broken Japanese and Japlish.

According to youtube. fandom, Meowbahh is a Turkey Tom fan and owns a plush of him. He was looking at the profile of Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Based on the details revealed by Meowbahh, she is a doll who talks in the third person and weighs 10 pounds. However, Meow has no specific gender.

Meowbahh created their channel on March 29, 2022, and uploaded their first video on March 30, 2022. Their first upload is a video of a talent show.

Later, Meow uploaded multiple YouTube Shorts, most about Minecraft, and they gained notoriety for mostly speaking in broken Japlish (i.e., a blend of Japanese & English). However, they post more on TikTok than YouTube, gaining more followers.

What Did Meowbahh Do To Technoblade?

Alexander, famed by his online name Technoblade was an American YouTuber and internet personality.

The American Youtuber is famed for his Minecraft videos, live streams on his YouTube channel, and involvement in the Dream SMP.

What Did Meowbahh Do To Technoblade?
Technoblade was an American YouTuber and Minecraft streamer

On August 29, 2022, Meow tweeted, writing I love You Technoblade uwu sharing a censored shot clip that was offensive following his death. 

On July 30, 2022, following the death of Technoblade, a Minecraft YouTuber. Meowbahh posted NSFW artwork of them with Technoblade and another NSFW artwork of Adolf Hitler on Patreon and Twitter, with the censored version uploaded to Twitter and the uncensored version behind a Patreon paywall.

Following the post, Meowbahh received heavy backlash from Technoblade’s fanbase. Meowbahh had not only disrespected his death but had also indirectly attempted to profit off of the NSFW of a deceased person. 

Due to Meowbahh’s actions being deliberately offensive and corresponding with several real-life events simultaneously, such as insulting Muslims on Ramadan and making NSFW art of Technoblade right after he died, many people believe that Meowbahh is a troll.

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How Old Is Meowbahh?

According to various online portals, Meowbahh is 18 years as of 2022. She was on April 15, 2004. 

Meow’s fandom states her nationality is Australian and resides in Brisbane, Australia.

Technoblade was born on June 1, 1999, and resided in San Francisco, California.

On June 30, 2022, a video titled “so long nerds” was uploaded to Technoblade’s YouTube channel, where his Father announced that Technoblade had died from Cancer.

The Youtuber was diagnosed with Cancer after noticing pain in his right arm and a bump on his shoulder in an August 2021 video.

In response, Dream donated US$21,409 to Cancer research. Technoblade never stated the specific type of his Cancer; he had previously raised $500,000 for the Sarcoma Foundation of America through his YouTube streaming.

Meowbahh Twitter Explored

Meow joined Twitter on February 2022 and has 6807 followers on her account @meowbahh.

What Did Meowbahh Do To Technoblade?
JellyBean’s fan posted fanart after blocking Meowbahh on Twitter
Source: Twitter

Meowbahh continued their active Twitter presence only a week later, indirectly confirming her apology for Technoblade as a fake.

On Twitter, on a post of JellyBean stating their discovery that they were pansexual instead of bisexual, Meowbahh replied, “Bi n pan r the same thing. Pan is made up for Lbeeteeqdrs+ people to feel special.”

On March 18, Meowbahh made a Discord server after they reached 10,000 followers on TikTok.Many people then joined the server to troll, spam slurs, and post NSFW pictures, including those of minors, which led to Meowbahh responding on TikTok.

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