Whitney Scott Mathers

Whitney Scott Mathers: Coming Out, Eminem & Net Worth

Whitney Scott Mathers is the biological child of Kimberely Ann Scott, Eminem’s ex. However, Whitney is officially known as Steve Lainie Scott now. 

Furthermore, Whitney came out as bisexual and later as non-binary in 2021. 

She is the youngest daughter of Eminem, with her other sisters being Hailie Jade and Alaina Marie Mathers. 

Whitney Scott Mathers is the adopted daughter of Eminem.
Whitney Scott Mathers is the adopted daughter of the superstar Eminem.

Moreover, she is the adopted daughter of Eminem. 

This article discusses her personal life, her relationship with Eminem, zodiac, height, weight, net worth, and the social media of Whitney Scott Mathers. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Whitney Scott Mathers: 

Full Name Whitney Scott Mathers
Birth Date April 16, 2002
Birth Place St. Joseph, Missouri, United States of America
Residence Michigan, United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity Not Available 
Hobbies Photography and Traveling 
School Not Available
College Not Available
Zodiac Sign Aries
Father’s Name Eminem (adopted)
Mother’s Name Kimberly Ann Scott
Siblings Hailie Jade, Aliana Marie Mathers
Age 22 years old
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Reach Not Available
Weight 55 kgs (121 lbs)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Profession Not Available
Marital Status Single
Children Not Available
Net Worth  $1 million
Social Media Tiktok, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram
Last Update April, 2024

Whitney Scott  Mathers: Age, Height, and Weight

Whitney Scott Mathers is 5’6″ (1.68m) tall. She is currently [calculate years datestring= “04/16/2002”] years old.

In addition, Whitney currently weighs 55 kg or 121 pounds. She also appears to be very fit.

Moreover, Whitney was born under the astrological sign of Aries. Aries’ national flowers are thistle and honeysuckle.

Furthermore, people born under the sign of Aries are charming and generous to others.

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Whitney Scott Mathers: Personal Life

Whitney. is the biological child of Kim (Eminem’s ex) and Eric Hartter. However, her adoptive father is the famous American rapper Eminem. 

Furthermore, shortly after Eminem’s first divorce from Kim, Whitney was born into this world. 

Eminem raised Whitney, along with his other daughters, Hailie and Aliana. Although the siblings do have a good bond, Whitney loves spending time with Hailie. 


Whitney enjoys traveling, and her favorite place to visit is Paris.

She enjoys eating Italian cuisine, and Brad Pitt is her favorite actor. Moreover, she has seen many of his films.

Whitney had a troubled childhood as a result of her parents’ actions and behavior.

She also felt guilty because of her parents’ relationships. Her parents were always in the spotlight, making it difficult for her to attend school.

She is currently in high school and is said to be a brilliant student. Whitney, like her father, Eminem, adores animals.


Eminem was furious with Kim for being pregnant with Eric since Eric Hartter had a long history of drug addiction and legal troubles. 

Furthermore, Eric reportedly died of an overdose. 

Moreover, After Whitney’s tragic childhood, he desired to provide her with a stable environment to grow.

Additionally, Eminem and Whitney Scott Mather’s mother, Kim, have a rocky relationship.

In addition, after their first divorce, Eminem remarried Kim in 2006, but they divorced the following year again. Kim also battled substance abuse issues.

Furthermore, in a 2004 interview with Rolling Stone, the rapper discusses how he had explained these traumatic incidents to Stevie.


Whitney Scott has two younger sisters, Hailie Jade Mathers and Alaina Marie Mathers.

Hailie Jade Scott is Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott’s only biological daughter. Whitney, as previously stated, has a very close relationship with Hallie.

Eminem's three daughters Whitney Scott, Hailie Jade and Alaina Marie Mathers.
Eminem’s three daughters Whitney Scott, Hailie Jade, and Alaina Marie Mathers.

Alaina, who is also her cousin, is her other sister. She is also the daughter of Kim’s sister Dawn Scott, who died due to a drug overdose.

Eminem also raised Alaina Marie Mathers as his daughter. Eminem adores and raises these three daughters.


Whitney Scott Mather’s relationship is also unknown, as is much of her life.

Furthermore, it is difficult for a celebrity child to keep their lives hidden from the prying eyes of the media.

As a result, many people are curious about Scott’s life, including his dating life.

On the other hand, Whitney is already in her adolescence and may have a crush on someone.

However, no such name has been associated with Whitney’s name as of yet.

Whitney Scott Mathers: Career

Whitney is currently a student and still pursuing her studies. Furthermore, she has not pursued any particular career. 

Reportedly, Whitney is doing very well in school. 

Moreover, she is still supported by her father, Eminem. In addition, she is likely to have a very successful career. 

The 22 years old will probably have a great career in her life, as she will always have the support of his father. 

Whitney Scott Mathers: Coming Out

Whitney does not only like men but also like women, indicating that she is bisexual. Moreover, Whitney also identified herself as non-binary in 2021.

In one of her Instagram posts, Mathers revealed that she is bisexual.

In addition, Whitney posted a photo of herself at Harry Styles’ concert and a caption declaring herself bisexual.

“Congratulations on my big day! I am bisexual”, she wrote in the comment section.

Of course, some made inflammatory comments on her post, but others defended her decision.

Whitney Scott Mathers: Relationship with Eminem

Eminem has spent the majority of his career keeping his children out of the spotlight.

Furthermore, he has rarely commented on Stevie, except in one incident he reportedly said, “I’m in love with that girl, man.”

He continues, “she’s charming and funny.”

On the track “Going Through Changes” from his 2010 album Recovery, Eminem makes a rare mention of all three children.

Moreover, he rapped, “Hailey, this one is for you, Whitney, and Alaina too / I still love your mother, that’ll never change / Think about her every day, we just could never get it together hey.”

Furthermore, all indications point to Em being a wonderful father.

Despite growing up without a father, he has relied on his intuition to determine what is and isn’t essential for a child’s upbringing.

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Whitney Scott Mathers: Net Worth

Whitney Scott Mathers has not entered any business or profession because she is still in her adolescence.

Furthermore, Whitney is also preoccupied with her studies. Mathers gets money from her father to help her with her daily expenses.

As the world knows, Eminem is one of the wealthiest and greatest rappers globally, with a net worth of $230 million.

Whitney Scott Mathers is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.

In addition, she could have inherited this enormous fortune from her father. Mathers is undoubtedly one of the luckiest girls on the planet, born with a silver spoon.

Whitney Scott Mathers: Social Media 

Whitney Scott Mathers, Eminem’s youngest daughter, also came out as genderfluid in a TikTok video.

Despite the rapper’s successful career, he kept his daughters out of the spotlight growing up.

However, in recent years, all three of them, Hailie, Aliana, and Whitney, have become social media stars.

Whitney Scott Mathers with her dad Eminem
Whitney Scott Mathers with her dad Eminem

Whitney also has 39.7K followers and over 600,000 likes on TikTok.

In 2019, she uploaded her first video to the platform, in which she can be seen dancing to Domo Wilson’s Bisexual Anthem.

Furthermore, she has made several other TikTok videos in which she expresses her support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Moreover, Stevie currently has over fifty thousand Instagram followers.

In addition, Whitney’s is also available on Twitter and Twitch; on both platforms, she has the username Stevieonlinee.

Furthermore, 22 years old has about 1K followers on both Twitch and Twitter

Whitney Scott Mathers: Stevie Lainie

Whitney recently revealed in a TikTok video that she now goes by the name Stevie and identifies as a nonbinary person.

Furthermore, she shared a video montage showcasing her physical and emotional growth over the years.

The caption read, “Watch me become more comfortable with Myself.”

Moreover, the first few seconds of the video capture her crying sounds before displaying her pictures alongside her name.

Furthermore, as shown in the video, Whitney has been using she/her, they/she to represent herself.

She announced in the same video that she is genderfluid and will accept all pronouns.

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Frequently Asked Questions? 

What are Whitney Scott Mathers’s hobbies? 

Whitney stated in an interview that “she liked Italian food and her favorite colors are pink, blue, and black, as well as her hobbies are; photography and traveling.”

Has Eminem mentioned Whitney Scott Mathers in his songs? 

Eminem has mentioned Whitney in several of his songs.

Furthermore, the first time was in the 2006 album “When I’m gone.” Following that with “Curtain Call,” and then in 2009 with “Deja Vu.”

Who is Eric Hartter? 

Eric Hartter was a drug dealer and a tattoo artist. He was the biological father of Whitney Scott.

Furthermore, Whitney has never met her biological father, but she receives Eminem’s, fatherly love.

Has Whitney Scott Mathers completed her studies?

Whitney is nearing the end of her high school career.

However, due to COVID-19, she may not have attended a typical high school graduation ceremony. Regardless, she will almost certainly pursue a college education in the future.

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