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I Came By: Who Are Percelle Ascott Parents And Where Are They From?

Percelle Ascott’s parents are initially from Zimbabwe. Though their identity is unknown, we are sure they are proud of their son.

Mr. Ascott is an accomplished actor, producer, and writer in England. He rose to prominence from the Netflix series “The Innocents.” The young actor has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade.

Some of the actor’s famous works include; “Wizard vs. Aliens,” “Youngers,” “Doctor Who,” “Sunroof,” “The Dare,” and many more.

Recently Percelle Ascott’s parents have been all over the limelight since a new Netflix thriller movie, “I Came By,” was released on Friday, 19th August 2022. The actor credited his success to his parents’ support during the movie promotions.

Stay with us to learn more about your favorite actor and his family.

Percelle Ascott Parents: Who Are They?

Percelle Ascott’s parents’ identity is yet to be disclosed.

However, the actor credits his entire success to his beloved parents.

Mr. Ascott and his parents are initially from Zimbabwe. He was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, in the year 1993. And he migrated to England at the age of 3 with his family.

The actor said that when he was 14 years his father asked him what he wanted to do in life, and that is when he realized he wanted to be an actor. Also, he stated that his mother had worked hard and made a lot of sacrifices for him. 

Hence, he says he is always grateful for supportive parents and friends who pushed him and motivated him to work hard.

According to Famous Birthdays, the actor is now 29 years old. His birthday is on 10th June.

In one of the interviews, Parcelle said it took him a long time to accept his identity; the actor added he used to straighten his hair frequently because he was scared that people would judge him after knowing where he was from.

However, he learned to cherish his birthplace and originality with time, and now he flaunts his Zimbabwean culture with pride.

Nonetheless, Percelle has a younger sister too.

Parcelle Ascott Girlfriend

Mr. Ascott does not seem to have a girlfriend. He is single.

The actor seems so indulged in his acting career that he has no time to involve himself in a romantic relationship.

There is no doubt that Parcelle has thousands of female fans, but the actor has not been romantically linked with any woman lately.

Also, the actor has not been spotted with anyone, and his social media posts suggest he is a young single actor.

However, some of his fans doubt he is dating fellow actress Mandip Gill because she is the only lady he posts about. But to clarify, Mandip Gill and Parcelle Ascott are nothing more than friends.

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I Came By Actor Net Worth Explored

Parcelle Ascott’s net worth is reported to be $8 million as of 2022.

The actor started acting when he was in school. However, he professionally made his acting debut in 2010 in the short movie “Percy.”  

Ever since then, the English entertainment world has wholly embraced his acting skills and has provided him with name fame and prosperity.

Along with being an actor, he is also an aspiring producer and writer. He is the co-writer of a web comedy show, “Mandem on the Wall.”

He is also the Co-founder of “The Wall of Comedy.”

Parcelle Ascott in "Doctor Who"
Parcelle Ascott in “Doctor Who” (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, the actor claimed that his life is proof that one can dream and achieve the goals we set.

Nonetheless, Ascott is a great football fan and has dedicated an Instagram page, @thewallfc, for it.

Meet The Actor On Instagram

Parcelle is on Instagram as @percelleascott.

He has been posting regularly on the platform for a long time and has amassed 89.7k followers.

His handle is verified with a blue tick.  

Additionally, he is equally active on other social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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