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Who Are Angela Hill’s Grandparents? Meet Barney and Betty Hill Who Were Victims To An Alleged Alien Abduction

Angela Hill’s Grandparents, Barney Hills, and Betty Hills, were entangled in One of the most notorious cases of Alines Abduction.

Angela Hill is a whole of aggregate talents. The First black woman in UFC, Angela, is also an artist, animator, cosplayer, and mixed martial artist. She is a former World Kickboxing Association Champion. Likewise, she is also a Champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In 2014 Angela debuted as a professional MMA by winning a fight over Fighter Stephanie Skinner. As for 2022, on April 25, Angela was ranked 13 in the UFC Ladies’ Strawweight Rankings.

Who Are Angela Hill’s Grandparents?

Angela’s Grandfather’s name is Barney Hill, and her Grandmother’s name is Betty Hill.

Barney Hill was born in Newport News, Virginia, on July 22, 1922. He was a Postal Specialist and a Civil Rights leader. 

Betty Hill was born in Newton, Northern Hampshire, on June 28, 1919. She was a Social Rights Advocate and also used to work as a social worker.

Meet Barney and Betty Hill, who were victims of an alleged Alien Abduction.

The Hills Couple were all over the news after the case of Aliene’s Abduction. The couple covered headlines of all the breaking news due to the Abduction Incident.

On September 19-20, The Hills Couple re-visited their New Hampshire home. During their visit, the couple experienced an unusual light from the sky. Nonetheless, they thought it was a light of satellites. 

However, when the light came nearer, they felt a bit curious, so Barney left his car along the edge of the vehicle. Barney took out his optics to see it. He was confounded after he saw a metal plate revolving in the air. Barney was shocked when he saw a creature with a black dress looking right at him.

Angela Hill
Angela Hill

He immediately took the handgun from his car to shoot it but couldn’t do it. He and his wife got into the car and took off from the spot. They felt like a UFO-like thing was chasing and attacking them.

The couple only remained driving fast away from the light and heard loud, musical beeps from the vehicle’s trunk. Barney and Betty soon after felt drowsy and lost consciousness; they had come only 35 miles down the road.

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This news popularly took over all the headlines. This incident is also believed or supposed to be outsider snapping. Hill Abduction and the Zeta Retuculi incident is another name given to this incident.

This incident was the first ever experience to be of UFO in American History. In 1996, a book entitled The Interrupted Journey was published following this incident. Many audiences believed this story of Betty and Barney, while some individuals criticized it for being a fictional story.

Angela’s Grandfather Barney died on February 25, 1969, at the age of 46. And her Grandmother Betty died on October 23, 2004, at the age of 85, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 

Angela talked about this incident in her recent podcast named Hard Times Podcast with Joe Rogan. Regarding the incident, Angela said, “When I was in art school, I did a whole documentary about it. I went to Philly, where all my dad’s family is, and talked to all the close relatives about my grandfather. They kind of recall when it happened; they all believe it.”

Angela Hill’s Origin. Where is She From?

Angela Hill was born on January 12, 1985, in Prince George’s Country land, Maryland, United States of America. As she is from the USA, she belongs to American Nationality and holds White Ethnicity. Her parent’s detail is behind the curtains and yet to be unwrapped.

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Angela pursued her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Cooper Union School Of Arts. She is a video gamer and also a cosplayer. She previously worked as an illustrator in an animation studio.

Angela Hill got married in 2008 at NYC’s City Hall to her loving spouse Adam Pryd.

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