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Who Are Sophie And Wyatt James? Meet Max Muncy Kids

Meet Sophie and Wyatt James, the talented baseball player Max Muncy Kids, who bring joy to his life both on and off the field.

Max Muncy, known for his defensive skills, was born in Watauga, Texas, on August 25, 1990. He is the first baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers in Major League Baseball (MLB). He is a professional baseball player. He played his first game in Major League Baseball in 2015 with the Oakland Athletics.

In 2018 and 2019, Muncy was chosen to the All-Star team twice in his career, Known for his strong hitting. Moreover, he contributed to the Dodgers’ numerous National League championships and 2020 World Series triumph. His valuable asset is that he can hit for power and get on the base consistently.

Besides his professional career, let’s learn about Max Muncy Kids.

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Max Muncy Kids: Sophie And Wyatt James

Max Muncy married his long-term girlfriend Kellie and welcomed their first baby Sophie Muncy in 2021. They recently had their second child named Wyatt James. He often shares his happiness of being a Father for the first time through his social media.

In some interviews, Max even shared his feeling of being a Father for the first time. He mentioned that the experience was life-changing to him. 

Meet Adorable Max Muncy kids Wyatt
Meet Adorable Max Muncy kids Wyatt(Source: Instagram)

For now, Sophie is the only child of Max And Kellie. Max expressed his wish to have a large family in the future. He says, “I always wished to have a big family, so hopefully we can keep adding more in upcoming years.” in an interview.

Kellie Cline seems to be very fond of Max Muncy kids. He is excited to see what the future holds for him and his growing Family of three. A few days before, they were excited to expect their second child soon. Muncy’s Family and friends are happy for them and wish them happy labor.

Meet Max Muncy Wife

Kellie Cline was born in the same state of Texas as Max. Kellie’s parents’ names are Dale and Beverly Cline. She has an adorable Brother named Kevin. She spent her childhood in South Lake happily. Kellie Cline had a fantastic childhood. She graduated from Southlake Carroll Highschool. 

Max Muchy Kids
Max and Kellie are a beautiful couple who has two kids (Source: Instagram)

Kellie Cline is the wife of Max Muncy, who is famous for his defensive skills. In the 2020 World Series championship, he helped lead the Dodgers to multiple National League and has been named an All-star twice. Kellie has always been beside Max Muncy through thick and thin. They both share a beautiful bond. Today, Max Muncy is a professional Baseball by her support. 

Callie Cline And Max Muncy kids are Sophie and Wyatt, and James. Their First child was born in 2021. Kellie and Max just had their second child named Wyatt James. Kellie has been Max’s Biggest supporter since the Initial phase of his Sports Career.

Who Are Max Muncy Parents?

Max Muncy’s parents are Lee Muncy and Midge Muncy. Max was born in 1990 and grew up with two older brothers in Midland, Texas. Both his parents were active in Sports. Max Muncy’s Father, Lee Muncy, was a baseball player at Cuyahoga Community College. He played as an Outfielder throughout high school.

Muncy’s Family migrated to East Clever land when he was very young. He was originally from West Virginia. His Father was his mentor and coached him during his High School times. He always watches his son’s games in MLB. He always supports him and cheers him up at every game.

The Muncy's Family Captured in a single picture(Source: Instagram)
The Muncy Family Captured in a single picture(Source: Instagram)

His mother has always taught him norms and values. She has helped him develop as an individual more beautifully. Muncy often shares pictures of his parents during Father’s, Mother’s Day, and other festivals.

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