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Who Is Big Sean New Girlfriend? Who Did He Cheat On Jhene Aiko With? Dating History Explored

Big Sean New Girlfriend, Jhené Aiko, is a topic of massive interest for the fans as they see the two as a new power couple. We will take a closer look into the relationship timeline of the two of them.

Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo, an American singer, began her career by singing with the R&B group B2K and appearing in various music videos. Even though she is unrelated to Lil’ Fizz, a member of the B2K group, she was referred to as his “cousin” at the time.

Reports about their new relationship have been swirling for a few weeks, but neither music star has publicly confirmed it—until now.

 Big Sean finally put the rumors to rest over the weekend by sharing his joy at becoming a Father for the first time on his Instagram stories.

Since both of them specialize in the same career choice, fans see them as a very exciting duo. There have been rumors which say that they have been in love with each other for a long time. 

Big Sean New Girlfriend: Relationship Timeline

Big Sean has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Jhené Aiko, for quite some time. Despite their minor feud, they have continued being in love. 

Aiko was born in Los Angeles. Jhene’s family’s home in South Los Angeles burned down when she was seven years old.

As a result, they moved to a neighborhood near Slauson Avenue that includes View Park-Windsor Hills, Baldwin Hills, and Ladera Heights, where she homeschooled until she graduated high school.

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Aiko’s parents are Christina Yamamoto and Karamo Chilombo, a doctor (born Gregory Wycliff Barnes) who lives in the area around her house.

Her parents have split up. Her mother is of Spanish, Dominican, & Japanese ancestry, and her Father is of Native American, African-American, and German-Jewish ancestry.

Sean and Jhene
Despite the minor feuds, Sean and Jhene continue to be in a relationship.
(Source: The BoomBox)

Her sister is the R&B singer Mila J. Her maternal grandmother is a Creole Dominican of Spanish descent, and her maternal grandfather is Japanese.

Who Did Big Sean Cheat On Jhene Aiko With?

On social media, the well-known American rapper Sean Michael gained popularity. You may have also seen the memes and videos of Big Sean sleeping with Jhene. 

Sean was caught cheating in a video that was released on social media. We can discern from the hazy pictures that Sean had personal relationships with two black women.

A social media post claims that Jhene’s boyfriend, rapper Big Sean Micael, is having extramarital affairs with other women. Sean appears to be having a nice time while holding the woman in his arms. 

Sean and Jhene haven’t commented on this social media post, though. Sean hasn’t addressed or acknowledged the reports about his affairs in any way.

Big Sean was also caught cheating on his partner a few years ago. The singer Nicole Scherzinger got him in the act. 

Later, though, Sean disputed it, claiming that the rumors were simply false and being propagated on social media. His girlfriend, Jhene, also agreed with him and thought the stories were untrue.

Big Sean
Big Sean has a complicated dating history. (Source: Capital FM)

Big Sean, a well-known author, and producer, has a complicated dating history; there is no doubt about that.

Ariana Grande, Ashley Marie, Naya Rivera, and the woman he is dating right now, Aiko, are just a few well-known celebrities he has dated.

Despite a brief argument in the interim, Sean and Aiko reconnected in 2021. We must now wait and see how Sean’s relationship with Jhene Aiko is impacted in the coming days by the recent rumors that he is having an affair.

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