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Is Sam Fender Gay? Partner Girlfriend: What Is His Net Worth?

Is Sam Fender Gay? The question again aired as the young man announced his concert in New Castle St. James’ Park.

Fender, known for the super hit album ” Seventeen Going Under,”  is a young musical artist from the United Kingdom. He began his musical adventure early, but his professional career started when he was 18.

In 2017, he released his single debut, “Play God.” Likewise, he is highly appreciated for his album “Hypersonic Missiles.” The public mostly loves him for his high tenor voice and Geordie accent. And that made him 2 times “Brist Awards Winner.”

Nonetheless, he is also an exceptional songwriter whose wording is usually influenced by his real-life events. However, amid his success, the “Is Sam Fender Gay?” question has not stopped pooping.

Is Sam Fender Gay? Sexuality Explained

No, Sam Fender is not gay. He is straight.

Sam Fender
Sam Fender at Brits Award Source: Instagram

Though his sexuality has raised questions before, it is clear that he is not homosexual. The singer hates this question or any statement focusing on his sexuality. According to BBC, Sam Fender talked about this in an interview.

The singer stated that he was a fat little kid who used to get bullied daily. Fender added that he was always called “Sam Fender, the gay boy bender.” 

The bully continued until he joined a musical band in high school. So, because of this, the man hates hearing the public’s opinion on his sexuality, and these days, he ignores them.

Sam Fender Partner: He Has A Girlfriend?

Recently, Fender does not have a partner. He appears single.

However, he has been linked with various women in the past. The Sun reported that Sam was rumored to be dating a fellow musical artist Raye (Rachel Agatha Keen), on February 2022.

The duo was spotted together multiple times, and Raya was also seen at Sam’s private party. Sources claim that the pair often goes on secret dates. Likewise, they also arrived at the “Brits Award together.”

According to Daily Mail, Sam was then rumored to be dating actress Hannah Dodd in April 2022. Sam’s friend told the reporters that the singer finds Hannah very attractive, and she has also followed him on social media.

However, the duo has not been spotted together. Hence, we can say that Sam Fender has no current girlfriend and is single.

Singer Sam Fender Net Worth 

28 years old, Sam’s net worth in 2022 is in the millions.

As per Popular Bio, the singer’s net worth is $74 million. At the same time, Idol’s Net Worth reports $18 million.

Sam Fender singing (Source: Instagram)

Even though his net worth in 2022 is not revealed, we are sure the man has amassed a comfortable life from his flourishing musical career.

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Sam Fender St. James’ Park Concert” When?

Sam Fender St. James’ Park Concert is on 9th June 2023.

The artist announced 3rd September 2022 via his verified Instagram and Twitter handle. On the post, he wrote an extended caption that said the concert was a childhood dream come true moment for him.

Sam also claimed that he would always joke about doing a concert at St. James’ Park one day, and now he and his band are having a big moment. According to BBC, the concert will be the band’s biggest show. 

Since the news broke, Sam Fender’s fans have been crazily waiting for Friday, 9th September. It is the date when fans can start buying tickets.

Likewise, ticket pre-sale will be available from Wednesday, 7th September. Therefore, if you enjoy music, don’t pass up this wonderful opportunity.

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