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Who Is Jelly Roll Wife Bunnie DeFord? Real Name Family And Net Worth

The public and media are extremely interested in the Jelly Roll Wife story. In this article, we will take a closer look at the life of the rapper and details about his marriage. 

Jelly Roll, the stage name of Jason DeFord, is a well-known American rapper and singer who has worked with Lil Wyte, Struggle Jennings, Yelawolf, Tech N9ne, and Ryan Upchurch.

In his short career, Jelly Roll has attained the attention of many of the public. His influence in the rap world has been immense in the past few years as he continues collaborating with the biggest names in the industry. 

Jelly Roll has two kids from a previous relationship and is married to Bunnie DeFord, sometimes known as Bunnie XO.

Jelly Roll Wife: Learn The Details Of His Married Life

Jerry Roll wife, Bunnie Deford, has been married to the rapper for a long time. Jerry was in a relationship with someone else and had kids from his previous marriage.

Jelly Roll Wife
Jelly Roll’s Wife and the rapper are such a lovely couple.
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Bunnie Xo, formerly known as Bunnie DeFord, has been making her way through the entertainment business for years. She runs Dumb Blonde Productions and is a YouTube sensation, in addition to being a model and podcast host.

A popular podcast that highlights people from many areas of life is called Dumb Blonde. In addition to being available on all streaming services, it is also available on YouTube as a video show. The show’s lone host and owner are Bunnie, and she delves into her guests’ pasts, sheds light on present situations, and even has them participate in bizarre activities.

She also has a very popular YouTube channel where, among many other series, you can find the Dumb Blonde Podcast in between all of that. Meet The DeFords is one of the more popular programs she creates. A program that offers an inside peek into the home lives of two working parents in the entertainment industry.

With her current level of accomplishment, she has no intention of stopping any time soon. She aspires to have her radio program someday. She maintains her eye on the prize and works nonstop while her current shows continue to expand exponentially.

Bunnie Deford Net Worth Details Explored

Bunnie Deford has had a very successful career. The internet personality has seen her career explode in the past few years. Her talent is one to behold, as her confidence and creativity in content creation put her at the top of her game. 

In front of the camera, Bunnie is not one to be timid. Her modeling career has taken her in numerous directions, including music videos, magazines, and Playboy TV. Bunnie, Jelly Roll’s wife, may be seen in his music videos and live performances.

BUNNIE XO is a famous internet personality.
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According to online sources, she has an impressive net worth of about $2 million. The real Bunnie Xo is Bunnie DeFord, a well-known American actress, and model. She enjoys enormous popularity because she is married to Jelly Roll, a famous American rapper.

Bunnie has been making music through the entertainment business for many years. She runs Dumb Blonde Productions and is a model, podcast host, and Instagram sensation.

Bill, Bunnie’s Father, recently appeared on a podcast and talked extensively about parenting her alone. Nearly all of her childhood experiences and other things she had to deal with have been mentioned by him.

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On January 21, 1995, in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States, Bunnie Xo was born. Bunny XO will be 27 years old in 2022. The parents, siblings, and academic background of Bunnie Xo are not currently known.

However, we later learned that Bunnie Xo’s mother was a stripper who left when she was three months old and that her Father was a musician. She grew raised with her Father as a result.


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