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BBC TV Reporter Tanya Arnold Husband Derm Tanner; Married Life Age Gap And Family Ethnicity

Derm Tanner is BBC sports presenter/reporter Tanya Arnold husband. They have been happily married since 2012 and are doting parents of two kids.

Tanya Arnold is the perfect example of a strong-headed and consistent person. The BBC sports reporter/presenter is widely recognized for her work in BBC Look North and Super League Show.

Tanya has accumulated immense fame through her glorious career. However, she prefers to keep her life away from media scrutiny. As a result, very little is known about the sports reporter.

Thus, in today’s article, let’s explore some exciting facts about Arnold’s personal life, including her marriage, kids, family, ethnicity, and many more.

Tanya Arnold Married her Husband Derm Tanner: Their Age Gap Revealed 

Is the BBC sports presenter Tanya Arnold married? YES, she has been happily married to Derm Tanner for a decade.

The sports reporter was born on 3 January 1977, which makes her 45 years old as of 2022. On the other hand, Tanya Arnold’s spouse’s exact date of birth is unknown. Thus, we could not calculate the age gap between Tanya and her life partner.

Additionally, due to the BBC presenter’s approach of keeping her personal life under wrap, the media has not gotten the sight of her spouse.

It has been reported that Tanya Arnold’s husband was her long-time boyfriend and school beau. Many sources claim that the couple walked down the aisle in June 2012. Unfortunately, we could not find specific evidence to support the claim.

Regardless, the married duo shares a solid bond. On top of that, they are proud parents of two kids whose names and birth details have not been revealed yet

Tanya Arnold husband
Tanya Arnold is happily married to Derm Tanner. (Source: BBC Yorkshire Facebook)

Tanya is one of those ladies who didn’t sacrifice their career and dream while caring for their families. She has managed to balance her demanding career and a beautiful family.

Tanya Arnold Family And Ethnicity

Tanya was born in the United Kingdom to her parents. Although Arnold has not revealed any details regarding her family members, it is well-known that the BBC professional grew up in the Yorkshire countryside of England.

Arnold has been a big sports fan since she was a little girl. She liked playing and engaging in sports-related activities. Due to this, the sports presenter dressed as a tomboy.

Later she confessed feeling bad for her mom. Tanya Arnold’s mother wanted her to look and dress like other girls. Although the presenter understood her mom’s desire, she would still be happier in a pair of jeans and a sports shirt.

Tanya Arnold Is Not Transgender

Tanya Arnold is one of the few successful female sports reporters in a man-dominated career. She has come a long way and has overcome hurdles in her dream and career journey.

In 2012, a public thread was started in which the British presenter was identified as transsexual. On the thread, several grounds were given for thinking of her as a male.

People assumed that her manliness was why she succeeded as a sports broadcaster.

Tanya Arnold husband
Tanya Arnold is one of the few successful female sports reporters. (Source: Tanya Arnold Twitter)

In response to these allegations, Tanya provided medical proof of her pregnancy/children and disapproved by working with her management team.

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Tanya Arnold Net Worth

Talking about Tanya Arnold’s net worth, she has not disclosed the exact amount to the public.

As reported by Glassdoor, a person working as a Journalist in the United Kingdom earns an average salary of £39,417 (44064.85) per year.

In addition, she has been working as a sports reporter shortly after graduating and is well-experienced in the field. She graduated with honors from the University of Warwick for her tertiary education.

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